Romanian President Iohannis accepts PSD nomination and designates Viorica Dancila as prime minister

de Editorial Staff
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday that he decided to accept Social Democratic Party's (PSD) nomination for prime minister, MEP Viorica Dancila. He said he made the decision considering the Constitution, the decisions of the Constitutional Court and the fact that the PSD and their allies held a majority in the Parliament.

​​OPINION The hardest moment of Romanian President Iohannis's career: The "Dancila test"

de Cristian Pantazi, transl. Editorial Staff
Any move made by Romania's President Klaus Iohannis must be judged by two filters: 1) public interest; 2) his political interest in being re-elected in 2019. Faced with the test put up by the governing Social Democrats led by House speaker Liviu Dragnea, after their nomination of MEP Viorica Dancila for the seat of prime minister, Iohannis knows perfectly well that the public interest is for him to refuse the proposal. Electorally speaking, however, the interests of the president are different: he wants the PSD not to give a prime minister that can become a strong counter-candidate in 2019 and, moreover, he wants the PSD to settle the critical situation in public finances.
Viorica Dancila
Foto: Facebook - Viorica Dancila

Romania's ruling Social Democrats nominate MEP Viorica Dancila for prime minister

de Editorial Staff
The leadership of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) on Tuesday nominated Viorica Dancila, a MEP since 2009, for the seat of prime minister, in the wake of PM Mihai Tudose's withdrawal on Monday. Dancila is a politician who has grown in local politics in an area long ruled by current PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.
Mihai Fifor
Foto: Agerpres

Romanian President names Defense minister Mihai Fifor interim prime minister in wake of PM Mihai Tudose's resignation

de Editorial Staff
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis named Mihai Fifor, who has served as Defense minister in Mihai Tudose's government until now, as interime prime minister on Tuesday. Iohannis said in a press statement that he would start consultations with parliamentary parties for the nomination of a prime minister starting Wednesday.
Mihai Tudose
Foto: Captura Facebook

BREAKING Romanian PM Mihai Tudose resigns

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 15 Ian 2018 English | Top News
Romanian PM Mihai Tudose informed the leadership of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Monday evening that he would resign, according to Agriculture minister Petre Daea. Political sources quoted by TV news channels had previously said a resignation was submitted at a party leadership meeting. Sources have also told that several of his ministers would also resign.
UPDATE PM Tudose has confirmed his resignation, saying he would not serve as interim head of government until a replacement was found.

OPINION Conflict on repeat at the leadership of Romania's governing PSD party. What are the assets of rivals Dragnea and Tudose and who is the third way

de Cristian Pantazi, transl. Editorial Staff
The second conflict between Liviu Dragnea, the leader of Romania's governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), and PSD's PM Mihai Tudose comes in less than a year and throws PSD back into the crisis. The confrontation between the two has a new episode today, under the eyes of the so-called barons - influential local PSD leaders across the country - who want more power. The discussion is based on a different reality from the previous conflict with Tudose's deposed predecessor, Sorin Grindeanu: now, Liviu Dragnea no longer has the parliamentary majority to beat the Government, nor is it certain that Iohannis will appoint a new PSD prime minister. TOP PSD figures such as Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea and minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu, allied so far with Dragnea, also see the opportunity of the moment.

THURSDAY ROUNDUP Romanian justice laws: President, ambassadors, investors speak out against governing coalition attempts to subdue the judiciary

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 21 Dec 2017 English | Top News
European ​Ambassadors, international investors, President Iohannis are among those who have risen their voice for the past two days against attempts by the Romanian governing coalition to bring down the Romanian judiciary and the fight against corruption. Meanwhile, the coalition gives no sign of slowing down or stepping back in face of criticism. Here is the latest roundup.

​ROUNDUP Parliamentary offensive against Romanian criminal law and Justice laws continues amid protest, criticism - latest news

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 20 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romanian MPs of the governing coalition continue their offensive for changing the laws of the Romanian justice on Wednesday, despite fierce criticism of their amendments and accusations that they destroy Romanian criminal law and the fight against corruption. Here are the latest news on their activity.

Romanian MPs in fast forward actions to change the laws of Justice. The latest events

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 19 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romanian MPs of the governing PSD-ALDE coalition have been moving fast to change the laws of Justice, despite massive criticism, in process started several weeks ago. Here are the lastest events.
Dan Tapalaga
Photo: Hotnews

OPINION. The toughest winter for Romania. What's next in govt coalition efforts to subdue Justice

de Dan Tapalaga, transl. Editorial Staff
Marţi, 19 Dec 2017 English | Top News
The governing PSD and ALDE parties seem determined to pass the laws changing the rules of Romanian justice by Christmas, despite hundreds of magistrates coming out in several cities across the country on Monday in a silent protest on court stairs, in an unprecedented move after the fall of communism. Street manifestations have lost their energy and mobilization, somehow naturally after months and weeks of admirable civic efforts. From now on, we will enter a more tight calendar of actions. What are we heading for?
Protestul magistratilor in Cluj
Photo: Actual de Cluj

​A first for Romanian judiciary: Magistrates in Cluj, Constanta protest changes to laws of justice

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 18 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Dozens of magistrates in the Romanian cities of Cluj and Constanta convened outside courts on Monday in protest to a series of changes to the laws of justice currently taking place in the Parliament, according to local media.
Pancarta la protest: Noi in frig, hotii la racoare!
Photo: Facebook / Radu Popescu

Renewed major protests in Bucharest, other cities against Romanian govt coalition plans to destroy justice system

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 18 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Some 10,000 people faced rain, snow and low temperatures in Bucharest on Sunday evening and many thousands more in Cluj, Iasi and other major cities across Romania for a new round of protests against governing coalition plans to change the laws of Justice in the Parliament.

Another blow to Romanian Justice: PSD deputies submit bill to block incrimination of acts of corruption if not self-interested

de Editorial Staff
Luni, 18 Dec 2017 English | Top News
If a person would commit acts of corruption but not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others, the incrimination of such acts would no longer be possible, according to a new bill submitted by a group of 15 deputies of the Romanian governing PSD party, newspaper Adevarul has reported.

Main Romanian body dealing with organised crime, DIICOT, says planned changes to criminal codes would block  the institution

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
DIICOT, the prosecutor's office dealing with organised creime in Romania, says in a press release issued on Thursday that it is "surprised" and "concerned" about a series of planned changes to the criminal codes of the country, which are due to be discussed in the Parliament. It warned that the activity of DIICOT, which runs some 1,200 anti-drugs cases monthly, would be blocked from the very beginning, should the changes come into effect.

Romanian President says planned changes of criminal codes in Parliament "too big, too speedy"

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in Brussels on Thursday that a series of planned changes to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, currently on agenda of the Romanian Parliament, are "too big and too speedy".

National Anti-corruption Division: Decriminalizing the offense of false testimony, with effect on all the cases in progress / Who would be among the great beneficiaries

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romania's National Anti-corruption Division (DNA) says in a press release that one of the amendments to the Criminal Code actually decriminalizes the offense of false testimony and draws attention to the fact that this has the effect of "including all the pending cases".

Another lethal amendment for Romanian criminal law says suspect must first be warned before the prosecutors can begin to collect evidence

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News has identified another fatal amendment for the investigators, in a long series of amendments aimed at changing the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. PSD and ALDE, the governing coalition parties, propose to amend the article of the Criminal Procedure Code which refers to „Bringing to  knowledge of the quality of suspect”.

Disaster at Romania's motorway company: 0 km of motorways, 0 km of by-pass variants, 0 km of national road completed in 2017, says association

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
​The end of the year balance sheet of Romania's National Road Infrastructure Administration Company (CNAIR) shows a disaster on all levels, says Pro Infrastructure Association, which asks the CNAIR director to resign. The NGO that tracks  the infrastructure projects is accusing the motorway company management of not finding solutions to launch public "new, perfectly circulating road segments."

Romanian anti-graft body DNA blasts governing coalition proposals to change criminal procedure code / DNA head Kovesi: If applied, the changes would close down anti-corruption directorate

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romania's National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) reacted on Thursday to proposals submitted by the governing PSD-ALDE coalition to change the criminal procedure code. The planned changes "would have a devastating effect on criminal inquiries as they eliminate indispensablelegal means by which investigating bodies can pursue criminal inquiries", a DNA press release says. It says a EU directive  aimed at strengthening the rules on presumption of innocence, which is used as an argument to introduce the changes, is "just a pretense to eliminate the ability of criminal inquiry bodies to uncover and prove crimes and the purpose of the changes has nothing to do with the presumption of innocence".
  • DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi warned in a statement for Digi 24 channel on Thursday that if applied, the planned changes would leade to the closure of the DNA. "They wouldn't allow us to investigate corruption", she said.

Romanian parliamentary parties about to deal destructive blow to justice with amendments imposing censorship, witness intimidation and others

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
A special commission of the Romanian Parliament on Thursday is expected to discuss a series of amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, which if adopted will deliver a massive blow to Romanian justice. They argue changes to the codes are needed because of a EU directive. But the amendments appear to be conceived specifically to save whole categories of culprits, while others impose heavy limits to inquiries or are aimed at intimidating investigators.
  • UPDATE The head of the special commission said on Thursday morning that the talks on the amendments to the criminal codes would take place on Monday
Dan Tapalaga
Photo: Hotnews

OPINION ​Why is the governing PSD in such a rush to destroy Romanian justice?

Joi, 14 Dec 2017 English | Top News
That’s how it started in Hungary eight years ago. It's true, Victor Orban's Fidesz won a majority of two-thirds in Parliament in 2010. With this support he slaughtered not only the laws and institutions but also the Constitution. It would be the only specific difference to what happens in Romania these days. Still, we find a striking resemblance to the actions of Romania's PSD-ALDE-UDMR coalition in recent days. Like Orban, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has not lost time in parliamentary debates and has changed key laws without consultation, transparency and other minimum conditions of dialogue in a rule of law.

​Romania governing coalition MPs force new rule preventing debate of opposition-submitted amendments

de Editorial Staff
Miercuri, 13 Dec 2017 English | Top News
MPs of Romania's governing coalition voted on a new parliamentary rule on Wednesday morning, which leaves the opposition without the possibility to argue in support of its amendments. The move, which prompted criticism that it establishes a dictatorship of parliamentary majority, comes as the coalition forces a fast forward vote on a series of changes to the laws of the judiciary, seen as an attempt to subdue it politically.

The state of ongoing changes to Romanian Justice laws that the governing PSD-led coalition wants to adopt by Christmas

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 12 Dec 2017 English | Top News
The three drafts for amending the Romanian laws of justice are at different stages in the parliamentary circuit at the moment, with only one adopted by the plenum of the House of Deputies, the first notified room. The Senate is the deciding chamber on all three bills aimed at changes the rules of the Judiciary, in defiance with massive criticism that they are an attempt to subdue it politically.

Controversial Romanian company Tel Drum and two of its representatives prosecuted for fraud with European funds

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 12 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romanian company Tel Drum and two of its representatives, Petre Pitis and Mircea Visan, are being prosecuted by DNA, the anti-graft body, for fraud with European funds leading to a prejudice of over Eur 1 million. Tel Drum, a bearer shares company, has been linked by the media to House speaker, governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea, an association he denies.

Changes to ​​Justice laws catch speed in Romanian Parliament

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 12 Dec 2017 English | Top News
The PSD-ALDE draft law amending Law 303/2004 on the Statute for Judges and Prosecutors, the amendments to which were voted by the House of Deputies on Wednesday, was adopted by the plenum of the House on Monday afternoon a solemn session in the memory of late King Michael. The bill is one of the key changes pushed by the governing coalition to Romanian laws on the Judiciary, which have sparked huge criticism as an attempt to subdue it politically.

​ANALYSIS Why the proposed changes to the Romanian laws on judiciary are dangerous

de Dan Tapalaga
Sâmbătă, 9 Dec 2017 English | Top News
The governing coalition in Romania, which holds a majority in the Parliament, has been pushing for massive changes to three key pieces of legislation regarding the functioning of the Judiciary. The attempts to change the current legislation have been fiercely criticised as attempts to subdue the judiciary politically. They should be taken into consideration as a whole, not in separation. See the proposed changes below, step by step, then connect the dots to see the big picture.
Protest 6 decembrie, Parlament
Photo: Hotnews

Romanian Parliament votes late into the night over controversial changes to laws of the Judiciary despite opposition protests, street demonstrations and intl pressure

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 7 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romanian governing coalition deputies voted on a series of changes to the laws of the judiciary late into the night on Wednesday, despite opposition protests in the House of Deputies, street demonstrations outside of the Parliament HQ and earlier talks on the issue held by key Ambassadors to Romania. The political situation escalated throughout the day, despite a mourning period announced following the death of King Michael, a former, respected ruler of Romania, which was announced a day before.

Romanian Government approved draft budget for 2018

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 7 Dec 2017 English | Top News
The government approved on Wednesday the draft budget for 2018, which is based on 5.5% economic growth, annual average inflation of 3.1%, an average exchange rate of 4.55 lei / euro and net average earning monthly of 2,614 lei. The budget deficit in cash is estimated at 2.97% of GDP, while the ESA deficit is 2.96% of GDP, with a budget deficit target below 3% of GDP.

OPINION Romania's King has died and with him the idea of monarchy is fading

de Cristian Pantazi, adapt. editorial staff
Joi, 7 Dec 2017 English | Top News
Romania's King Michael I, who ruled Romania before communists took over in mid-20th century, has died, taking with him the answers to some of the questions we all ask ourselves: what would have happened if he had refused to abdicate in 1947 and would he have faced the communists?? Why did he remove his nephew, former prince Nicholas, from the succession order? The passing of the last king of Romania, a heavily tried monarch, basically cancels out the possibility of restoring the monarchy and leaves behind a Royal House that seems unworthy of his memory.
Regele Mihai
Photo: Casa Regala

Romania's King Michael dies age 96

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 5 Dec 2017 English | Top News
King Michael of Romania, 96, has died at his residence in Switzerland, the national television has announced, quoting a Royal House press release. King Michael was the living monarch who had survived the second world war.
Cristian Pantazi
Photo: Hotnews

OPINION US warns, Romania's governing PSD accelerates

de Cristian Pantazi
Joi, 30 Nov 2017 English | Top News
The US has sent three signals for the past two days to Romania's PSD-ALDE governing coalition, warning it cannot rule against its own people. Their answer? Their  foot pressed on the throttle to the bottom for the rapid passage of the laws of Justice, plus misinformation and an attempt to stop the protests.

​Romanian Opposition in united front in Parliament against US State Dept-related statement by governing coalition leaders

de Editorial Staff
Joi, 30 Nov 2017 English | Politics
Representatives of Romanian opposition parties PNL, PMP and USR took the floor in the House of Deputies on Wednesday to challenge the statement made Tuesday by House speaker Liviu Dragnea and Senate speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, the leaders of the governing PSD-ALDE coalition, dismissing the US State Department urge that the Romanian Parliament drop planned changes to the laws of the judiciary.
Liviu Dragnea si Tariceanu
Photo: Agerpres

​Romania's governing coalition leaders react harshly to US Department of State stand on planned changes to Justice laws

de Editorial Staff
Marţi, 28 Nov 2017 English | Top News
The leaders of Romania's governing PSD-ALDE coalition reacted harshly on Tuesday to a US Department of State statement issued on Monday evening, which blasted planned changes to the laws regulating the Romanian justice system and which have been criticized as undermining the independence of Justice. The leaders of the coalition said they were "unpleasantly surprised" by the statement and rejected "any pressure" on the Parliament.







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