Sleepiest Romanian MEPs In the first year, Romania had a mediocre presence in Brussels. Out of 35 Romanian members of the European Parliament (MEPs), only 8 may boast on their rich activity, 10 had a mediocre activity and 17 slept just as well as they do back home. Despite their poor participation, some intend to run for a new mandate.
President's last speech before the uninominal vote referendum In a press conference on Friday evening, president Traian Basescu once again called Romanians to participate in the referendum this weekend, organized in order to change the electoral system from voting parties' lists to two-ballots uninominal voting. The referendum is organized during the same day as the elections for the European Parliament. Basescu argued that, through voting, Romanians will elect their legitimate representatives in the European Parliament (EP) and thus contribute to improving the poor image Romania has abroad.
Bucharest district mayor under criminal investigation A criminal investigation was opened against Andrei Chiliman, mayor of Bucharest's 1st district, after evacuating without a court order commercial workers in one of his district's marketplaces, Piata Amzei, NewsIn informs.The investigation also refers to the former chief of the Community Police of the 1st district, Tudorica Marius Nell, and some of his subordinates.
Only two TV stations allowed to present exit polls on Sunday The Realitatea TV and the Antena 1 TV stations, both specialized in news broadcasting, are the only stations which will present exit poll results on Sunday, when the elections for the European Parliament and the uninominal vote referendum take place. Specialists from several social science institutes explained for that there were no demands for polls, given the low interest of the populace towards the elections on Sunday.


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