Anti-graft prosecutors search controversial aunt’s house Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors searched Tuesday morning a villa in downtown Bucharest that belonged to Tamara Cernasov, the deceased aunt of Dana Nastase, wife to ex-PM Adrian Nastase. The hause, close to the French Embassy in the Romanian capital, was listed as a target for possible searches by prosecutors in their high profile graft case against the Nastases.
Snow storm hits Bucharest, much of Romania Heavy snow storms paralyzed Romania and its capital Bucharest on Tuesday. Bad weather warnings said the snow falls started at noon and would not slow down in much of the country before March 1 in the evening. In Bucharest, deputy mayor Razvan Murgeanu told machines would not be sent to the streets to clean up the snow and ease traffic james unless the wind stopped.
Renewed warning for Romanian football clubs A top fiscal authority warned Romanian football clubs to pay their dues to the state budget, claiming they failed to do so despite repeated requests in this regard and were threatened they would have their assets blocked.
President challenges law on statute of MPs at Constitutional Court Romanian President Traian Basescu submitted a complaint at the Constitutional Court on Tuesday against law on the statute of parliamentarians, claiming it was unconstitutional as long as it guarantees certain "excessive" privileges to current and former MPs.
Finance ministry justifies Lottery director's high wage The Romanian Finance Ministry announced Tuesday that the Romanian Lottery’s director Nicolae Cristea earned 5.13 bln ROL last year ($18 mln), in salaries of almost 417,000 ROL justified by the Lottery’s good performances, writes a Ministry press release. Nicolae Cristea and deputy PM George Copos are accused of tax evasion amounting to some 40 billion ROL ($ 1,33 million).
McDonald’s likely to be dragged into lawsuits McDonald’s failed to provide ingredient information regarding its products, the French fries in particular, annoying customers and exposing itself to what might turn into a long series of trials.
What the newspapers say: March 1, 2006 For the first time in many days, the two major criminal cases of the period – those against House speaker Adrian Nastase and businessman Dinu Patriciu – vanished from the front pages on Wednesday. The newspapers distribute their attention on many other issues instead, from other potential political abuses to financial deals to judicial death threats.
House speaker's wife hospitalized House speaker Adrian Nastase's wife Dana Nastase was hospitalised at the Floreasca medical center on Tuesday night. She accused chest pains and was placed under medical care in the cardiology wing of the hospital.
Snow storm leaves its mark on Bucharest, south Romania The snow storm that hit Bucharest yesterday led to a record number of 340 traffic accidents and 15 people wounded within hours. Across Romania, dozens of national roads were paralyzed for much of the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, while dozens of townships were left without electricity.
Industry, Construction Works, Retail and Services to increase activity The Romanian industry, construction works, retail and services activities will intensify in the next three months, according to a survey by the National Statistics Institute that forecasts a growth in the manufacturing industry of 18 per cent, and 23 per cent for small enterprises.
Renewed debate on draft law to control dignitaries’ wealth A draft law that has sparked a lot of controversies in the past returns to haunt Romanian dignitaries that made their wealth though illegal means. The executive head of the Democratic Party offered details on Wednesday about the draft legislation to check the wealth of dignitaries, which has been initiated by the top financial control authority.
Bulgarian office space offer exceeds demand by far The Sofia City Hall authorized construction works for some 1 million square meters of residential and office areas in 2005, with most of the land going for big projects aimed at accomodating businesses, a new study by Colliers International says. While the Bulgarian real estate offer comes to exceed demand, the situation differs deeply in Romania.
New rejection of former PM's house search The Romanian parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) rejected Wednesday the justice ministry’s request to search two houses belonging to former PM and current House of Deputies' speaker Adrian Nastase, following the same decision taken by the Judicial Commission of the House on February 22.
Romania population to shrink by 2051 to 17 mln Romania’s population will shrink to 17 million by 2051 compared to the last figure recorded in 2004 of 21.7 million, and half million Romanians will leave the country, forecasts a Eurostat survey. The projection is based on assumptions of fertility, mortality and migration.
Gallaher cigarettes sales soar on Romanian market The British tobacco maker Gallaher reported a 34 per cent sales increase in Romania in 2005, a 3.2 per cent market share achievement based on the good performance of St George, Ronson si LD cigarettes on the local market, according to the company’s financial release.
Raiffeisen opens brokerage insurance company Raiffeisen Bank Romania launched Wednesday a brokerage insurance company "Raiffeisen Insurance –Reassurance Broker," informs a press release of the bank. The new unit targets the corporate clients, foreign and Romanian companies and will first broker products for Reiffeisen entities.
Housing loans most wanted Housing loans represent the most desired funding for Romanians, writes the electronic publication BankingNews. The website surveyed 1803 visitors asking what type of loan raises the best interest.
What the media say: March 2, 2006 What the new Logan Steppe can and can’t do, how two priests shot a porn movie and how much a public servant earns in Romania draw considerable interest from Romanian newspapers today, while House speaker returns to the spotlight with a controversial vote in Parliament and the hospitalization of his wife.
National Bank international reserves up by 420 mln euro in February The currency reserves of the Romanian National Bank – BNR rose to 17,688.4 million euro by the end of February 2006, due mainly to a massive currency inflow of over half a billion euro. According to BNR, its currency reserve rose by 422.2 million euro last month, with 585.3 million in incomes resulting from the administration of the international reserves, changes to the minimal currency reserves of commercial banks and other operations.
"Classified Information Fair" in Bucharest Dozens of journalists staged an unusual demonstration in Bucharest on Wednesday to protest against judicial moves against two of their colleagues currently investigated for possessing state secrets. The protesters organized what they called "an ad-hoc Classified Information Fair" where they shared with each other secret data accessible on the Internet.


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