Bucharest reaches for European aid to unlock hellish traffic European Commission have arrived in Bucharest to share their solutions to improve the hellish road traffic the Romanian capital. According to RFI, the solutions presented are already applied in other EU countries that faced the same problems after EU accession. Meanwhile, a Transportation Ministry report claims that the average number of cars in Bucharest fell in the last six years, which openly contradicts reality. 
Bucharest district 1 roads to turn one-way starting 2008 Local authorities will turn most roads in Bucharest District 1, the main gate to the north that also hosts a majority of embassies and business corps, into one-way roads starting 2008. The move is aimed at making the nightmarish traffic in the area more fluid, a town hall press release says.
Bucharest: new traffic restrictions Official warning: avoid the Bucur Obor area between December 7 and 10. According to a City Hall release, the tramway rails will close for repairing between December 7 and 10 in the Calea Mosilor - Colentina crossroad. In the area, the traffic will pass through only one lane in each direction. During the same period, the surface traffic will be completely closed in the same crossroad for lanes connecting Mihai Bravu and Stefan cel Mare. The decision came after the traffic turned into chaos during the past few days and 100 more traffic Police agents were called from other cities to assist, but with no result.
New traffic restrictions in Bucharest The central traffic lanes of the Kiseleff Boulevard in Bucharest will be closed Between the Press Plaza and the Triumph Arch on Thursday, between 6:00h and 13:00h, military units rehearsing for the December 1 parade. The traffic will be completely closed between the Triumph Arch and the Victory Plaza, on the Averescu blvd. and several neighboring streets.
Hooligans Derby: Football game stopped three times, torches slipped onto the stadium, conflicts with gendarmes The football game between two of the most important Bucharest teams, Steaua and Dinamo, became on Saturday night the stage of a violent confrontation between groups of hooligans from both galleries. During the first half of the game, Professional Football League officials seriously considered to evacuate the stadium, due to a thick curtain of smoke that covered the field. The smoke came from illegally slipped torches that Police forces seemed to be unaware of. 
Legendary Stradivarius finds Romania owner at last A Stradivarius violin bought by the Romanian state for some 70,000 Swiss francs in 1956 especially for artist Ion Voicu, was handed to its new owner in a ceremony on Friday. Alexandru Tomescu, winner of a contest within the "George Enescu" International Festival in Bucharest, received the 1.2 million euro worth instrument and intends to hold a concert using it next week.
Bucharest district mayor under criminal investigation A criminal investigation was opened against Andrei Chiliman, mayor of Bucharest's 1st district, after evacuating without a court order commercial workers in one of his district's marketplaces, Piata Amzei, NewsIn informs. The investigation also refers to the former chief of the Community Police of the 1st district, Tudorica Marius Nell, and some of his subordinates.
Police draws Bucharest traffic virtual map Bucharest Police published on its Internet webpage, a virtual map describing the metropolitan traffic. The map allows drivers to check for information at any moment of the day, finding details about the traffic conditions in crowded areas.According to an official press release, “the data is supplied by officers in the field, but citizens are also able to signal traffic problems, calling 9544”.
Romania flagship stadium awaits last event as it is to be replaced with a National Arena The Romania - Albania football match scheduled for Wednesday evening is the last event hosted by the National Stadium Lia Manoliu, one of the best known sports edifices in Romania which has been the preferred site for major international matches, historical music gigs such as Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode or Michael Jackson, but also for the Communist-era mass events celebrating dictator Ceausescu.


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