Dianne Reeves, winner of 4 Grammys to perform in Romania After a concert in Romania two years ago, at the first edition of the Bucharest Masters of Jazz Festival, jazz singer Dianne Reeves will perform another concert in Romania on May 9, at Sala Palatului, Kompas Events reads.
Bob Dylan to perform in Romania on June 2 American singer Bob Dylan will perform in Romania, on June 2, the official website of the singer announces. His Bucharest concert is part of his European tour. Dylan will sing in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic.
Aerosmith to perform in Romania Aerosmith will perform in Romania on June 18, part of their European tour, Cocked, Loaded, Ready to Rock Tour, the band's website reads. However, the location of the concert was not yet decided.
Jean Michel Jarre will perform in Bucharest Jean Michel Jarre will perofrm in Romania, Bucharest, on June 3. Although the concert was initially planned to take part at Sala Palatului, it was moved to Sala Polivalenta due to the grandiose production, concert organiser Phoenix Foundation announced.  
Rod Stewart will perform in Romania British singer Rod Stewart will perform in Romania on the Iolanda Balas-Soter stadium in June 29, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. Tickets will be sold starting with January 26.
Elton John to perform in Bucharest Sir Elton John will perform in Romania on June 5, 2010 in the Constitutiei Square, in Bucharest, the capital city, metalhead.ro informs. Tickets will be available shortly. 
Metallica to perform in Romania in 2010 After two concerts in Romania in 1999 and 2008, Metallica will come to Bucharest next year as part of the Sonisphere festival, scheduled for 25 to 27 June, 2010, sonispherefestivals.com reads. The first show will be held at Warsaw, in Poland.
Eric Clapton will perform In Bucharest in June Eric Clapton will perform in Bucharest in June, on the Iolanda Balas Soter national rugby field, according to The Eric Clapton Fan Club Magazine. The concert is part of the artist's 2010 European tour. Eric Clapton announced on December 7 the European tour date, which will start in May next year. The first concert is scheduled for Birmingham, Great Britain, on May 18 and the last performance will take place on June 13 in Istanbul.
Military parade in Bucharest on Romania's National Day Over 1.3000 militaries from the Defence and the Interior ministries and from The Romanian Intelligence Service and the Romanian Guard and Protection Service will march on the Streets of Bucharest today, starting 11 a.m., for Romania's National Day.
Baneasa passageway to be inaugurated on Friday, November 27 Baneasa passageway in Bucharest will be opened to traffic on Friday, November 27, Interim Transports minister Berceanu declared, quoted by Romanian  news agency NewsIn. Traffic restrictions in the area lasted for more than a month.
334 persons become Romanian citizens this Friday On Friday, 344 people, future Romanian citizens, will be the main subjects of the faith oath ceremony, according to a Justice and Citizen Liberties Ministry communiqué. The event will take place starting with 2:45 pm (local time) in the National Institute of Magistrates hall.
Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden) performs in Bucharest Paul Di'Anno, the first iron Maiden vocal, will perform in Bucharest, in the Club Silver Church on November 19, starting 8 pm (local time), the organisers inform. The show is part of a world tour that lists almost 30 countries. The Thunderbolt Norwegians and the R.U.S.T. Romanians will take care of the opening.
Grammy award winner Eve to perform in Bucharest Grammy award winner, actress and TV host, hip hop singer Eve will perform in Bucharest on November 6 in the Bamboo club in Bucharest, King Size Entertainment informs. The even will start at 11pm and a ticket costs about 50 RON.
The government allowed the Finance Ministry to borrow European money for constructing the Drumul Taberei - Universitate section The Government allowed the Finance Ministry to borrow 370 million euros from the European Investment Bank to build the tube section from Drumul Taberei to Universitate, the PM in exercise Emil Boc declared on Wednesday, quoted by NewsIn.
Free access to night theatres in Bucharest on Wednesday Theatre lovers in Bucharest have been granted free access to theatre plays and to the National Centre for Dance on Wednesday night, after 10 p.m. The Night Theatre is organised by the local council through ArCuB centre for cultural projects.
Romanian Tourism Ministry allocated 218,500 euros to hold the monopole over the Romanian Tourism Fair The Romanian Tourism Ministry allocated 218,500 euros for its participation to the autumn edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair. Out of this sum, 172,600 euros represent the cost for renting the stand. The rest of 45,900 euros has been reserved for decorations and a salsa band show. 
The most expensive world film technology comes to Romania, following a 10 million euros investment Bucharest will soon host a megaplex of 21 cinema theatres plus an IMAX (Image Maximum) starting November 20, the most modern and expensive film technology worldwide, with the promise of an experience topping 3D, following an investment worth of 10 million euros. Even if several malls have seen their construction delayed, Cinema City International executive manager Moshe Greidinger claims that the film market thrived during financial crisis and that another such megaplex might be opened in Romania within the next 18 months. 
Traffic restricted in north Bucharest between October 10 - November 10 Crossing the National Road 1 (DN1), which links Bucharest with Central Romania and the International Otopeni Airport, at key crossroads in Baneasa, north of the city, will be restricted for a month starting October 10 at midnight, a press release of the national road company CNADR reads on Wednesday.
8,000 state employees protest in Bucharest. Traffic restricted downtown About 8,000 state employees affiliated to several Romanian trade unions gathered in Victoria Square downtown Bucharest to demand a higher minimum salary at national level, restored salaries, new jobs and employee protection. Some 20,000 protesters had been initially announced by organizers, as Romanian news agency Mediafax reported. The protest started at 11.00 a.m. and is due to end at 2.30 p.m.. 
Traffic restricted 18 hours at Victoriei due to protests  Traffic will be restricted on Wednesday starting at 12am around the Government's building so that police officers can set up the area for the protest of the unions where 20,000 people are expected, police officers inform, quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn.


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