Madonna is in Bucharest. The traffic around Izvor Park is temporarily closed on Wednesday Madonna arrived in Romania on Tuesday evening, around 7pm. Her aircraft landed on Baneasa airport. The artist will perform on Wednesday evening, after 9pm, on the stage set up in Izvor Park, during her "Sticky & Sweet" tour. She made reservations with four hotels in Bucharest: Novotel, Radisson, Mariott and Hilton, for her and her staff. She stayed at Radisson, eventually.
PepsiAmericas will open in Ilfov its biggest Europe plant PepsiAmericas, one of the world's most important fizzy drinks production companies, will open a new plant in Romania in September, after having previously invested 150 million dollars, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn. The plant in Dragomiresti, Ilfov county (South-East) will be the company's biggest production unit in Europe, stretching over 30,000 square meters. 
Record contract: 47 million euro for green areas in Bucharest District 1 The financial crisis seems to have ended for the Bucharest District 1 city hall. It will pay 200 million lei - some 47 million euro - for the improvement and maintenance of green areas in the District. The money would go to an association of firms which won a tender organized by the District 1 Public Administration.
Madonna's concert in Romania causes traffic restrictions To improve access to Madonna's concert next Wednesday, the local authorities decided to restrict traffic on certain routes in Bucharest, the concert organisers inform. The fans are recommended to use public transport, especially the tube, because the area around Izvor Park does not have available parking space. Madonna will perform on August 26 in Bucharest in Izvor Park, with her Sticky & Sweet Tour, the artist's eight world tour. 
Romanian minister of Interior: The Ministry of Interior will receive sufficient money to pay up salaries Romanian minister of Interior Dan Nica declared that the department he heads will receive sufficient money to pay up salaries. The statement was made after he met to discuss with policemen union representatives. Nica said that the issue of the unique salary scheme for Interior staff has also been tackled. The union representatives said they are not completely satisfied with the results of today's discussion and are going to take the matter further with Romania's president Traian Basescu later this morning.  
Bucharest District 4 City Hall to contract 100 million lei loan for infrastructure investments The Bucharest District 4 City Hall plans to contract a long-term loan amounting to 100 million RON to fund emergency investment objectives of local public interest, a public tender announcement in this regard says. Given the emergency of the plans, the procedure to negotiate contracts will be an accelerated one.
PHOTO GALLERY Romanians dance in memory of Michael Jackson Over 1,000 people from Bucharest paid homage to Michael Jackson, dancing on the hit Beat It. The event took place on Saturday, August 8, in three sites from Romania's Capital.
Ex-Romanian National Transplant Agency chief, investigated in the human-eggs traffic Ex-head of the National Transplant Agency Victor Zota is under penal investigation regarding the human-egg traffic dossier opened in the case of Sabyc clinic in Bucharest, Romanian TV channel Antena 3 informs. He is accused for accrediting the clinic illegally, three months after a control identified several disorders at the clinic. 
The US Ambassador in Bucharest: His mission is to help Romania get out of the crisis and to strengthen the Romanian-American partnership Mark Gitenstein has been named the US ambassador in Romania, according to a US Embassy report. The US diplomat's mission has four objectives: to strengthen the alliance with Romania, to help Romanian get of recession through intensifying the commercial relationship and American investment, but also through better transparency, administrative reform and regulation. It also aims to continue supporting its commitment for tolerance and minority rights, "a commitment that we already see in courageous leaders such as President Basescu". 
Chief of clinic involved in human eggs traffic scandal requests to be released from jail, as he cannot stand the detention regime Harry Mironescu, chief of Sabyc clinic from Bucharest, currently under temporary arrest following the scandal of the human eggs traffic, requested that the prosecutors start his legal-medical investigation. He claims he cannot stand the detention regime because of his illnesses. His appeal has been submitted by his lawyer and is due to be considered by the prosecutors, according to sources informing Romanian press agency Mediafax.
Romania's National Central Bank will issue 500 silver anniversary coins to mark 140 years since the first railway Romania's National Central Bank will issue on Wednesday, a silver coin to mark 140 years since Romania inaugurated the first railway linking Bucharest capital city - Giurgiu, south Romania, a press release of the central bank informs.
Parking your car in Bucharest is more expensive than to park it in Berlin, Lisbon or Warsaw The price Bucharest residents pay monthly for parking spaces has increased this year by 33% - 205 dollars - against its 2008 value. Thus, parking in Bucharest is more expensive than in Berlin, Warsaw or Lisbon, but cheaper than in Sofia and Budapest, according to real estate company Colliers International, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.
President of Romanian Medical Council: Elementary ethics have been broken at Sabyc clinic. Doctors here can be compared with Auschwitz doctors Following the investigation in the case of in vitro fertilising Sabyc clinic in Bucharest, the Medical Council informed that it requested for the clinic to be closed down in 2008. MC President prof. dr. Vasile Astarastoaie told Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV that "elementary medical ethics have been broken at Sabyc clinic. They bought body parts from poor, vulnerable people, without informing them on the risks and without telling them they were part of a research programme".
UPDATE Traffic with ovules at Sabyc clinic in Bucharest. Three persons have been detained. Israeli Foreign Affairs minister tries to have them released UPDATE 2 Bucharest Tribunal issued three preventive arrest mandates in the case of ovules traffic. Sabyc clinic owner Harry Mironescu, his son Yair Miron, medical resident, and Cecilia Borzea - responsible for the relationship with the clients - are the tree to momentarily face jail. Tens of persons are currently heard by the DIICOT prosecutors in a case regarding traffic with ovules. It's been ten years now since the clinic fertilises in vitro, without the authorisation of the National Agency for Transplant. Three persons have been detained and 30 more are currently investigated. 
Yellow code for high temperatures set for Bucharest and 19 Romanian counties Romanian weather experts have issued a yellow code warning for high temperatures in Bucharest and 19 counties in West, South and East Romania starting Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. Temperatures are expected to exceed 35 degrees at noon during the next two days.
Catalin Predoiu: I have taken tough measures. For a while, Justice Ministry staff will have to put up with them Some of the courts in Bucharest suspended their activity on Wednesday, as a sign of protesting against the administrative measure of redrawing magistrates' stress benefit, 50% of their income. This is the second day of protests. On Tuesday, the Appeal Court in Bucharest suspended the ordinance that cancelled the benefit.
UPDATE First Home sets off: BRD awarded a credit for a two-room apartment BRD Societe Generale awarded the starting First Home credit on Wednesday. A couple from Bucharest requested the money to buy a two-room apartment in Colentina. The credit counts 54,500 euros. The couple engaged to pay a 307 euros monthly rate for 30 years. 
Michael Jackson could have an alley in Herastrau Park (Bucharest) named after him Romanian radio station ProFM launched Michael's Way campaign on June 6. The fans are urged to fill in a petition that asks for an alley in Herastrau Park in Romania's capital to be named after the King of pop. 
Carlos Santana, The Charlatans and The Ting Tings performed at B'ESTFEST – Day 3: The world is round, so we can all be in the centre stage A full 4th of July for B'ESTFEST 2009 in Bucharest. The Ting Tings showed just what a band needs to do during an economic crisis, The Charlatans played in Romania for the second time and legendary Carlos Santana brought 20,000 people together at Romexpo. For over two hours' time, Santana performed and talked about compassion, forgiveness, love, fear and George Bush. The same day saw bands like Persona, Gravity CO., Looptroop Rockers and The MOOod on the stage. 
VIDEO God Dethroned on the Romanian liberal who cancelled their concert: "He ruined it for many people. He's a very said man" "He ruined for many people, he ruined their pleasure to see a show. I think he only cares about himself. He's a very sad man." This is the message God Dethroned sent to the liberal councilor who demanded for their concert to be cancelled in Oradea (West Romania). In an interview for HotNews.ro, Henri Sattler - the voice of the death metal Netherlanders band - spoke about a world premiere in Oradea: the cancellation of one of their shows.


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