Radu Berceanu loses again in the Senate / Cristian Radulescu the new leader of PDL Senators 
Democrat Liberal Senators designated a new group leader to replace Traian Igas, named Interior Minister. Therefore, Senator Cristian Radulescu was voted, in the detriment of PDL informal leader Radu Berceanu. This is the second battle lost by Berceanu who, lost not only the Transports ministry but also the function of deputy President of the Senate. Sources within the party declared for HotNews.ro that Radulescu is a close friend with Vasile Blaga, former Interior minister. 
New ministers sworn in on Friday following Romania government reshuffling ​All six new ministers selected in government reshuffling talks on Thursday were sworn in at noon on Friday: Ion Ariton (Economy minister), Gheorghe Ialomitianu (Finance minister), Ioan Botis (Labor minister), Anca Boagiu (Transport minister), Valeriu Tabara (Agriculture minister) and Valerian Vreme (Communications ministers). The ceremony took place at the presidential palace, where President Traian Basescu urged them to prove the capacity to explain Romanians another year of austerity lays ahead.
Sources: Democratic Liberal MPs voted for the government reshuffling with Emil Boc as Prime Minister  A group of MPs from the governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) were planning on Thursday to call for the resignation of prime minister Emil Boc during a party leadership meeting during the afternoon, political sources told HotNews.ro. They said that the push was led by minister Elena Udrea and their stand was decided following PM Boc's decision to reshuffle top PDL leaders now serving as ministers, such as Sebastian Vladescu (Finance minister) and Mihail Dumitru (Agriculture minister). That is seen as a soft reshuffling of the government, while many call for a strong reshuffle which should include top PDL ministers including Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu and Gabriel Sandu. Later in the afteroon, Boc is said to have give in to pressure by accepting to replace ministers Videanu, Berceanu and Sandu, thus saving his position as prime minister.UPDATE 20:23 Those who asked for PM Boc's resignation: Elena Udrea, Raluca Turcan, Sever Voinescu, William Branza, Sulfina Barbu and Roberta Anastase. Raluca Turcan admitted that she requested the resignation of the Boc government. UPDATE 20:35 The College voted for the government re-shuffle with Emil Boc as Prime Minister: 40 votes for re-shuffling, 9 against and 10 abstains.
Romanian PM Boc met President Basescu to discuss government reshuffling. Basescu: Do whatever you want, I'm not getting involved any longer Romanian PM Emil Boc met President Traian basescu on Thursday morning to share with him a black list of ministers included in a government reshuffling plan. The list contained several ministers including Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and Labor minister Mihai Seitan and Agriculture minister Mihail Dumitru. Instead, President Basescu called for a "serious reshuffling", sources close to the talks told HotNews.ro.
Ilie Sarbu is the new leader of the Social Democratic Party Senators: my winning of the position has nothing to do that Ponta is leader of the party 
​Ilie Sarbu was elected on Tuesday, leader of the Social Democratic Party group in the Senate, with 24 votes for and 14 against, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. PSD Senator Ilie Sarbu declared, after he was elected that his win has nothing to do with the fact that he is related with Ponta.
The Liberal Party submits a simple motion against Labor minister Mihai Seitan following the humiliating situation of hundreds of thousands of people, compelled to pay contributions 
The Liberal party, PNL, will submit a simple motion against Labour minister Mihai Seitan, following the humiliating situation of hundreds of thousands of people compelled to pay contributions for copyright contracts, Liberal Party spokesperson Mihai Voicu declared on Friday. 
Sources: Difficult negotiations taking place between Romania's governing Democratic Liberals and opposition Liberals Representatives of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) have been negotiating since early August with second-tier leaders of the governing Democratic Liberals (PDL) a possible accession to government, sources close to the talks told HotNews.ro. A first term of the Liberals would be the exclusion of heavyweight PDL ministers such as Radu Berceanu, Adriean Videanu and Vasile Blaga from the government, according to the sources. For their part, the PDL negotiators demanded proof of loyalty from the Liberals. PNL senators voted on Tuesday a series key bills pushed by the parties supporting PDL leader Emil Boc's government.
National Agency for Integrity-ANI head says he expects ANI law be challenged at Constitutional Court Romanian Senate's passage on Tuesday of a new law regulating the functioning of the National Agency for Integrity (ANI) - a key body supervising the wealth of public officials in Romania - was "a victory of wit over passion", ANI president Catalin Macovei said on Wednesday. But he said he expected the law to be challenged at the Constitutional Court.
Former miners' leader says he collected almost half of signatures needed to launch Romanian Workers Party Miron Cozma, former trade union leaders of miners in Jiul Valley and best known for leading violent miners' "crusades" to Bucharest in the nineties, says he has already collected over 11,000 signatures of support for the establishment of a Romanian Workers Party, news agency Agerpres reports.
Romanian Senate approves National Integrity Agency bill A new law on the functioning of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) - a key body supervising the wealth of public officials - was approved by the Romanian Senate convened in extraordinary session on Tuesday. The document was adopted with 78 votes in favor, one abstention.
Romanian minister: Budget apparatus and public spending are an elephant crushing us for two years Romanian PM Emil Boc and Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu made a series of statements before the Senate on Tuesday explaining the austerity measures pushed by the government, including an emergency ordinance increasing VAT from 19% to 24%. Minister Vladescu compared the budget apparatus and public spending with an elephant "overfed" by previous governments and which "is crushing us for two years".
Sources: Tensions high within governing Democratic Liberal Party prior to reshuffling The leadership of Romania's governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) faces increasing tensions before September 1, the deadline set for a government reshuffling. A new scandal broke during a party leadership meeting on Monday night, where two top representatives got involved in a tense argument on the issue of state-owned shares in Petrom oil company. According to HotNews.ro sources, the subject of a government reshuffle was discussed quickly as PM Emil Boc promised a meeting on the issue with PDL MPs before September 1.
PM Boc: National Agency for Integrity law does not belong to a party, but to country Romanian PM Emil Boc defended the need for a new law on the functioning of the National Agency for Integrity (ANI) - a key body responsible with keeping in check the wealth of public officials - to be transparent. He said before the Senate on Tuesday that the ANI Law is a law for Romania and in favor of transparency when it comes to the wealth of officials, as it did not belong to a party or to the government, but to the country.
How the wealth of Senators from governing Democratic Liberal party rose during crisis Senators are returning from summer holiday on Tuesday to vote in an extraordinary session on the controversial law on the functioning of the National Agency for Integrity, so far a key body keeping in check the wealth of elected officials. The law would come into force soon, should it be approved by the Senate. To prove their transparency, a group of 36 Senators from the governing Democratic Liberal Party have posted their wealth statements publicly.
Ten Democratic Liberal senators expected to resign and form new independent group. Party dismisses allegations Ten Romanian senators representing the governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) allegedly plan to resign from the group and form, in a first step, a new group of independent senators, parliamentary sources quoted said on Friday, as quoted by news agency Mediafax.
Traian Basescu warns the opposition: your motion might pass and I might call you to form the government 
President Traian Basescu declared on Friday, in an interview for HotNews.ro that he will not have any trouble offering the government to the opposition if they come up with a credible program and if the motion of censure passes. The President declared that leaders of the party that endorse the idea to suspend the President risk to have another surprise, just like in 2007 when the President was suspended but was re-instanted by the people through referendum. 
PSD, PNL, PC leaders decided to align against the Basescu - Boc governance 
Leaders of the opposition met on Monday in the Parliament to discuss the opposition's strategy for the extraordinary session called by President Basescu. Social Democratic Party President Victor Ponta announced that he will meet other opposition leaders to set up a strategy for the extraordinary session of the Parliament. The meeting was called by the Conservatives honor president, Dan Voiculescu. They declared after the meeting that they have common point of views regarding the agenda of the extraordinary session. They claim that they will elaborate a common strategy to remove the Basescu - Boc government. 
Economy minister Adriean Videanu: the government, overall, is perfect 
Romania's Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared in an interview for the weekly Revista 22 that the government, overall is perfect and a reshuffle is necessary but at the right moment. He said that the reshuffle of the government is called for only when a new economic relaunch program is called for. 
IPP survey: 65% of the Romanians might vote a referendum to dismiss Traian Basescu 
A survey set up by the IPP Data Research, the sociological research department of the Institute of Public Policy reveals that 65% of the Romanians would vote to dismiss President Traian Basescu if a referendum is organized. The decision to suspend the President can be decided by the Parliament through a majority vote of the Parliamentarians. Following, in 30 days, a referendum is organized to decide whether the President remains in function or not. In the last month there were several declarations from the Opposition about the possibility to initate new procedures to suspend the President. 
Elena Udrea named interim President of PDL Bucharest 
Tourism and Regional Development minister, Elena Udra was named Interim President of the Bucharest Democrat Liberal branch, the deputy President of the party, Gheorghe Flutur declared, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. The decision was taken after Liviu Negoita announced that he will not run for President of the Bucharest branch. 


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