Social Democratic opinion leader Viorel Hrebenciuc gives up his position as chief of the PSD group within the Chamber of Deputies 
Leader of the Social Democratic party (PSD) Viorel Hrebenciuc announced on Thursday that he will give up the leadership of the PSD group within the Chamber of Deputies. Hrebenciuc confirmed that he will give up the position after PSD President Victor Ponta announced it at the Antena 3 news television. HotNews.ro sources claim that the withdrawal is directly connected with the PSD failure regaring the Constitutional Court judges.
Romanian Senator rejects president's accusations of acting against national interests in National Integrity Agency case Romanian Senator Gyorgy Frunda of the Hungarian Democrats group (UDMR) rejected in an interview for Radio France Internationale Romania on Friday the accusations made by President Traian Basescu on Thursday that he acted against the interests of Romania when he supported changes to a law on the functioning of the National Integrity Agency (ANI). The Senate recently adopted the changes supported by Frunda, which have been criticized for stripping ANI - a key body in the fight against corruption, charged with keeping in check the wealth of public officials - of most of its powers.
Opposition senators' notice on 25% cut in public sector salaries, rejected by Romanian Constitutional Court The Romanian Constitutional Court rejected today a new notice put together by 40 opposition senators against an article featured by the new Law addressing the achieve of balance in the state budget, which entails a 25% cut in salaries in the public sector
Eurostat: Romania granted 6,000 citizenships in 2008. 5,000 went to Moldavians 5,590 foreigners became Romania citizens in 2008, according to latest Eurostat statistics. Most citizenships went to Moldavians, namely 4,967. It's worth mentioning that the period of time included in the European statistics is before Romania passed the new citizenship law and setting up the centres for receiving citizenship request files, opened especially for Moldavians. At the same time, 2,857 Romanians gave up their original citizenship in favour of becoming Italian and 5,535 Romanians gave it up for the Hungarian citizenship.
The fifth IMF instalment goes today to the National Central Bank The fifth instalment from Romania's stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund (worth of 913) will be send today, July 7, to the Romanian Central Bank's reserve. BNR representatives this will make foreign investors trust more the Romanian economy​
Trichet opposes Romanian Finance proposal. Central Bank cannot be forced to donate 25% of their income for Budget recovery The European Central Bank (ECB) rejected, as expected, the proposal coming from the Romanian Finance Ministry addressing the 25% cut in salary for the Central Bank employees. The Finance Ministry's request sparkled discussions in the Romanian Central Bank (BNR), where employees were expecting to be forced "to donate: 25% of their incomes to hell the recovery of the state Budget. "On June 18 2010, the ECB received from the Romanian Public Finance Ministry a request to issue a note addressing a law regarding certain necessary measures for the budget balance. The ECB was not consulted and, on June 9 2010, the ECB sent a letter to the Romanian Government, drawing attention on the duty to consult the ECB", the European Central Bank document shows.
IMF raised the inflation target for Romania after authorities increased the VAT The IMF managing Council approved the rectification of the inflation rate for 2010 set by the stand-by agreement with Romania, namely from 3.5% to 7.9%, after Romanian authorities raised the VAT from 19 to 24%, IMF chief of mission to Romania Jeffrey Franks told Romanian news agency Mediafax.
Nine Romanian NGOs protest Senator's position stripping National Agency Integrity of its powers Nine Romanian nongovernmental organisations issued a harsh attack on Thursday on the position of Hungarian Democrat (UDMR) Senator Gyorgy Frunda, who had proposed a set of amendments on the law for the functioning of the National Agency for Integrity (ANI), a key body supervising the wealth of public officials and an instrument in Romania's fight against corruption. The amendments stripped ANI of much of its powers.
US Ambassador to Romania: I am disappointed with ANI law. Senator Frunda failed to convice me that the President was wrong US Ambassador to Bucharest Mark Gitenstein says he is disappointed with how the Romanian Senate changed a law on the National Integrity Agency (ANI), the main body keeping in check the wealth of public officials in Romania. The recent changes stripped ANI of much of its powers to provide transparency and contribute to the fight against corruption.
Romanian Constitutional Court publishes the reasons on austerity measures decisions The pension's ratio, set by the contribution principle, is a won right. Therefore, reducing the pension cannot be accepted, not even temporary. This is how the Romanian Constitutional Court motivates its decision to declare the law draft addressing the 15% cut in pension unconstitutional. This cut in pensions was part of the austerity measures' package for which the Boc Cabinet took responsibility in the Parliament.
Opposition leader: We'll submit a censorship motion the moment we've raised 236 signatures Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta declared that the social-democrats are going to submit "another type of censorship motion - a popular motion" the moment they will have raised 236 signatures, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.
CCR judge on why cutting pensions is unconstitutional: pension is a past phenomenon The cut in pensions is unconstitutional because it regards a past phenomenon, bearing in mind that the current retired have already paid their share while they were still employed, Romanian Constitutional Court judge Ion Predescu.
Romanian Government cuts massively local councils' funds The Romanian Government intends to reduce drastically the quotas reserved for local councils from the revenues brought by the tax on salaries and to axe a large percentage of civil servants roles, as indicated by a Finance Ministry ordinance project to be debated today with local administration representatives.
Parliament gave green light to Proprietatea Fund The Deputy Chamber plenum has approved on June 23 an emergency ordinance for the Government to accelerate the procedures of granting compensations for the residences taken abusively by the ex-communist regime. 264 deputies voted in favour and one against. Following this vote, the Proprietatea Fund will be free to distribute the remaining dividends and could list its shares at the Bucharest stock exchange (BVB).
Opposition leader on National Defence Strategy: Press is, alongside opposition and unions, enemy of the power Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta commented on Wednesday, June 23, on the conclusions of the recent Romanian National Defence Strategy: "Just in case there was still someone left who thought it wasn't true, here's the confirmation. One of the enemies of this power, alongside opposition and unions, is the press, which fails to understand how it should praise the power".
Finance Minister: Pensions and salaries next year will not see the 2010 level Pensions and salaries in Romania will not be reach their 2010 level next year, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared today, June 23. This did not want to explain his statement, leaving room for interpretations. "They will definitely not reach the 2010 level. I mean their level after cuts", the Finance minister said.
UPDATE: The law regulating the National Integrity Agency was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies  / Wealth investigation committee will be reinstated The Chamber of Deputies modified on Tuesday the law regulating the well functioning of the National Integrity Agency in accordance with the re-examination request sent by President Traian Basescu. The final vote on the normative act will be cast on Thursday, at 12:30 AM, Agerpres informs. UPDATE: The law regulating the National Integrity Agency was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Tuesday the law regulating the National Integrity Agency at 5PM with 201 votes for, 1 against and 11 abstains. The law will move forward to the Senate, which is the decisive chamber.
Government and Central Bank to introduce bank tax. Banks say tax affects clients The Romanian Government is to discuss with the Central Bank (BNR) reps a plan for economic recovery early next week. One of the alleged measures is an additional tax for banks and a new crediting product for SMEs, Romanian Environment and Forests minister Laszlo Borbely declared on Monday, June 17, quoted by Mediafax.
Fitch analyst to Romanian authorities: "Don't let the crisis go to waste!" Restructuring the public sector is an important step to recover to fiscal sustainability, says Fitch manager Douglas Renwick, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.
Hungarian PM: Hungary says "No" to Rosia Montana Hungarian Prime-Minister Semjen Zsolt declared on Sunday during his visit to Alba-Iulia (Central-West) that Hungary wouldn't want to see the mining project from the gold mine in Rosia Montana happening because there is no guarantee for the safety of the environment, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.


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