Social Democratic Party President Victor Ponta discussed online with HotNews.ro readers What is the Social Democratic strategy in opposition and how does the arrest of ex- PSD member, Senator Voicu affects the image of the party? What is Ponta's take on the fact that more and more people are leaving the party? PSD President Victor Ponta discussed online with HotNews.ro readers.
PM: I asked governing partners to de-politicize the public TV and radio  Romanian Liberal-Democrat party (PDL) president, PM Emil Boc, declared on Friday that he had discussed with coalition partners to modify the current law, so that the political umbrella is removed from the public radio station and TV channel, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
AP: Basescu came with a special dinner present for Obama — more troops for Afghanistan "One of the leaders hosted by Obama came with a special dinner present" at the dinner in Prague, the Czech Republic — "more troops for Afghanistan", Associated Press comments. 
US Ambassador to Romania: We strongly advice rejected applicants to not ask for a new entry visa The USA Embassy in Bucharest recommends Romanians who have failed to get an entry visa to not try for a second time, unless their situation has recorded considerable and positive changes. The statement was made by the American ambassador Mark Gitenstein, when launching an information campaign on obtaining the temporary US visa. 
MPs rejected Romanian public TV channel 2008 activity report. Dismissed manager accuses PM of political pressures Romania's Parliament rejected the Public Television (TVR) 2008 activity report on Tuesday, March 30, with 195 votes in favour of rejecting he report, 78 against and 3 abstentions. The Administration Council (CA) led by president - general manager Alexandru Sassu, is dismissed by law.
IMF Chief: Romania's got a tough fiscal situation, but things are brighter on monetary policy side Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF chief, said Romania's got a difficult financial situation, but things looked brighter in the monetary policy side, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
IMF chief recommended Romania to delay joining the euro zone Dominique Strauss Kahn is straightforward in recommending Romania to delay its intention to join the euro zone. "If you adopted the euro one or even two years later, it would be for the better. The objective reality is to have good economic figures to respect the requirements of joining the euro zone and then to realise that what has been done has been done in haste", IMF chief told Incont.ro. The economists interviewed by HotNews.ro on the issue agree: instead of joining the euro zone like the Greeks did, it's better to solve the economy's problems first and only later to think about it.
Moldavian Interior minister gave Romanian Foreign Affairs minister a piece of barbed wire that used to be part of the border fence between the two countries Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi received a piece of barbed wire from the Moldavian Interior minister Victor Catan. The piece used to be part of the fence stretched along the border of the two countries on the Prut river. Moldova removed the barbed wire fence in February during a ceremony. Moldavian Prime-Minister Vlad Filat and Romanian Administration and Interior minister Vasile Blaga cut the first pieces. 
President Traian Basescu and PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero seal strategic partnership Romanian president Traian Basescu and Spanish Government head Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero agreed to seal a Romanian - Spanish strategic partnership. The agreement will be signed this year, the Romanian Presidential Administration informs, without mentioning a specific date.  
Intelligence Services chief: Chances for threat remains low in Romania, but risk shouldn't be neglected "The chance for a threat remains low, but we don't have to neglect such risks. Prevention remains our fundamental target", Romanian Intelligence Services (SRI) head George Maior declared on Wednesday, during the annual report, according to Mediafax. Maior talked about the fact that Romania will host missile shield elements. He said SRI was preparing to respond to espionage. As for terrorism, he claims there are accentuated forms of radicalism and proselytes. 
Romanian president: SRI and SIE cannot be politically influenced, in contrast to department intelligence services President Traian Basescu has suggested that intelligence services structures assigned to departments can be influenced by the political environment, as opposed to SRI (Romanian Intelligence Services) and SIE (Foreign Intelligence Services). "I'm convinced that nobody can politically influence SRI and SIE anymore. But I'm not saying this about the department services. I'm talking about the two big services controlled but the CSAT (the Country's Supreme Defence Council)", the President underlined. 
Social-democrats submit a simple motion against Transport minister Social-Democrats (PSD) announced they would submit a simple motion against Romanian Transports minister, according to Agerpres. PSD leader Victor Ponta announced in the beginning of March that his party is considering the measures due to the staff cuts at Romanian Railways (CFR). 
Romanian president called meeting with Country's Supreme Defence Council Romanian President Traian Basescu called a meeting with the Country's Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Monday, March 22, at the Cotroceni Palace, the Presidential Administration informs.
Romanian Senate Speaker on PD-L attempts to revoke him from his role: It's Star Wars, episode II "My colleagues' persistence in their obsession to replace me is proof of minimum political decency. Is Star Wars, episode II", Mircea Geoana declared on Tuesday, March 16, the day the Senate's permanent Office rejected, for the second time, PDL's request that PDL's appeal to revoke the Senate's speaker from his role be included on the day's agenda.
Social-democrats: We're not taking part in consultations with traitors and deserters PSD members are going to Cotroceni Palace today to take part in the debates regarding the alteration of the Constitution, but the party members will not engage in discussions with the group of independents, who PSD vice-president Constantin Nita called "traitors" and "deserters" for RFI reporters. Nita added that he wants a mix uninominal vote for the Deputies Chamber. The Liberals and Social-Democrats are invited again today at 6 pm for consultations addressing the reduction of the number of MPs and the single-chambered Parliament. On Monday, the leaders of the two parties have left discussions with President Traian Basescu, blaming the presence of the independent MPs group. 
Romanian Justice Ministry: We've taken all necessary actions in Omar Hayssam case, but Syria didn't reply to our request The Romanian Justice Ministry announced on Friday, March 12, that it has taken "all the necessary actions" in Omar Hayssam's case, requesting Syria to answer the commission request made by the Romanian court in May 2009. The exchange of information between the Romanian Justice Ministry and the Syrian Arab Republic Justice Ministry were both tête-à-tête and through diplomatic channels, but so far the assistance request has not been answer, the Romanian Justice Ministry informs. The statements follow press items addressing Romania's actions in the Omar Hayssam file.
Romania's Presidents hopes for the Japanese Emperor's visit Romania hopes that the Japanese Emperor Akihito will visit Romania in the period to come, President Traian Basescu declared on Wednesday, March 10, during discussions with the Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama.
PDL and UDMR want Senate Speaker resignation. Speaker: I have been confirmed and reconfirmed in this role PDL and UDMR have decided in the governing coalition's Monday session to back the request to dismiss the Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana (PSD) from his role, a petition signed last week by 57 Lib Dem senators. Also today, Mircea Geoana was quoted by Romanian press agency Agerpress to express his conviction that the law and Constitution will win against the dismissal request proposed by PD-L and independent senators. 
Romanian ambassador in Chisinau: "I will always oppose the trivialisation of Romanian citizenship, its transformation into a mere instrument granting freedom of movement" Moldavians citizens getting the Romanian citizenship is an undisputed right, but it cannot be trivialised and transformed in a mere tool of granting freedom of movement, the new Romanian ambassador in Chisinau, Marius Lazurca, believes. "It is not sufficient to wish to travel in order to be a potential Romanian citizen", the diplomat said in an interview for HotNews.ro reporter Anne-Marie Blajan. 
Interior minister: We're ready to join Schengen, but infrastructure is vulnerable Romania is ready to join Schengen space, but the main vulnerable pints are related to infrastructure and a "serious" effort is needed from the Government to solve the issues, Romanian Interior and Administration minister Vasile Blaga said on Thursday, March 4, during the 2009 activity analysis. 


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