What the newspapers say: June 6, 2011 Politicians and former intelligence officers involved in fuel trafficking. Romania’s President to meet British PM David Cameron during his visit in Great Britain. Romanian cucumber producers complain that they are losing 9 million euro due to E.coli bacteria. A BBC coverage claims Romanians living in rural areas even though poor know how to enjoy life. Europeans discover Romania on their bikes.
What the newspapers say: June 3, 2011 Bulgaria plans to build a radioactive spills deposit at the border with Romania. Sulfina Barbu might be proposed today for the Labour ministry by the Prime Minister. National Fiscal Administration officials will start hunting untaxed wealth. Asian mob, the official cover of smugglers in Constanta.
What the newspapers say: June 2, 2011 Romania’s Prime Minister and President react to the opening of the representation of the Romanian region dominated by the Hungarian minority at Brussels. Italy celebrates the Day of the Republic and events are organized in Bucharest as well. Italian Ambassador Mario Cospito talks in an interview about relations between Romanians and Italians and the Italians in Romania. Romanian Ionut Dan Cristea, the Romanian who was congratulated by the US President after graduating the US Coast Guard returns to Romania to work at the customs police.
What the newspapers say: June 1, 2011 Businessman Dinu Patriciu, who is known for financing the Liberal Party was invited by PNL leader Crin Antonescu to leave the party. Germans changed their minds: the killer cucumbers come from Netherlands or Denmark. Mamaia is the first Romanian seaside resort with an online reservation system. Sting, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Tiesto are just a few names to appear on the Bucharest stage in June.
What the newspapers say: May 31, 2011 E.coli bacteria hides in Romania as well, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Next year’s local elections seem to have influenced the inter-ethnic peace in Transylvania, central Romania in politics. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads that just one part of the containers arriving in Romania are checked in Constanta, the rest are checked nearby Bucharest. Interior ministry informs its employees that they will receive 30% cut salaries if there will be no lay offs. Dolphins in the Black Sea are on the verge of extinction.
What the newspapers say: May 30, 2011 Czech Republic and Austria remove suspect cucumbers that affected over 200 people and killed 10 people in Germany. Romania was avoided by killer cucumbers, according to officials. Traffic police officers cash in daily 20,000 euro in fines. European Commission investigates Timisoara Airport, West Romania and its contracts with Wizz Air.
What the newspapers say: May 27, 2011 What happens to Romania if Greece cracks now that the IMF decided not to give Greece more money? Hundreds of millions of euro worth of investments in oil explorations are blocked by the state. In an interview for one newspaper Interior minister Traian Igas talks about the Interior ministry intelligence service and the effects after the corruption scandal. Romania, the country with most illiterate people in Eastern Europe. Romanian film director Radu Muntean, appreciated by American critics.
What the newspapers say: May 26, 2011 All newspapers on Thursday read about Romania’s President boycott of the Central European Summit in Poland. Elsewhere in the news, PDL Senator Banias involved in the corruption scandal at the Port of Constanta claims he has used smuggled merchandise to give to the poor. The scandal might be the end of the Interior ministry intelligence service, one newspaper reads. United Arab Emirates sheik plans to invest in Constanta. Romanians in Berlin can enjoy a series of concerts at the Romanian Music Nights. In Bucharest, those passionate about books have a wide array of offers at this year’s edition of Bookfest.
What the newspapers say: May 25, 2011 One newspaper reads that Interior minister Traian Igas was well aware of the involvement of the Interior Ministry general secretary Laurentiu Mironescu in the fiscal evasion case since January. The fiscal evasion in the port of Constanta and customs across the seaside was orchestrated by a very well structured group. Another newspaper reads that there might be evidence that someone up the social ladder was coordinated the business. Elsewhere in the news, Italian PM Berlusconi is expected in Bucharest next week for talks with PM Boc.
What the newspapers say: May 24, 2011 The scandal around the Port of Constanta, South East Romania continues today with officials of the state, Romanian and Asian businessmen involved in fiscal evasion with merchandise from China and Hong Kong. Over 47 million tons of merchandised passed through the Port in 2010 but fiscal evasion is the word of the day. Opposition parties claim that PDL maintains its Parliamentary majority through blackmail. Railway transports company CFR Marfa plans to lay off 3,000 positions and cut working days by 2 to reduce costs. Romanians in Spain, voted at the municipal elections.
What the newspapers say: May 23, 2011 All newspapers today read about massive raids organized by anti graft prosecutors in customs in Constanta, South East Romania and in Bucharest in a file of counterfeit and fiscal evasion. Newspapers claim that Democratic Liberal politicians are involved including an Interior ministry official. Local officials in Alba, central Romania returned in the last years 1.8 million euro representing the car tax which car owners had paid. Several ads at Dacia Duster stirred controversy in Germany.
What the newspapers say: May 20, 2011 Anti graft prosecutors are working on one of the most complex files targeting the activity of the state owned company Oltchim and the illicit wealth gained by its general director. Almost 80% of the hospitals in Romania were currently evaluated and those that do not comply with minimum standards will have to disappear. A Romanian doctor commutes to Belgium every two months for work. American investors are interested in the hydro plant at Tarnita Lapusesti, West Romania. The most important offshore yachting competition is organized by Yacht Club Romania and LZ Yachting Bulgaria.
What the newspapers say: May 19, 2011 All newspapers today read about Dominique Strauss Kahn’s resignation as head of the IMF following his arrest in the US. One newspaper reads that the state might pile up 7 billion euro by selling some minority shares at state owned companies. Seven Romanian companies attend the most important international exhibition Interpack 2011 in Germany. Several Romanian artists exposed their work at Washington and presented to the public the evolution of contemporary art in Romania. Romanians will have 10,000 places at the boxing match where Bute will defend his world title at affordable prices.
What the newspapers say: May 18, 2011 Romania is slowly becoming an attractive investment for foreign investors after 2010 was the worst year since 2004 from this point of view. Investments worth hundreds of millions of euro have been blocked for several years as authorities argue on the infrastructure of ports at the Danube. Journalist Stelian Negrea submitted to the audiovisual authority evidence that the general director of Intact Media Group made editorial recommendations. Elsewhere in the news, Prince Charles talks about Romania’s best export product, Transylvania. Last but not least, two “manele”songs will be on Goran Bregovic’s new album Gipsy Champagne.
What the newspapers say: May 17, 2011 Sources claim that PM Boc will remain Prime Minister after a meeting last night with the President despite rumours regarding a possible replacement with an independent prime minister. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian hospitals could be modernized with funds offered by EU, Norway or Switzerland but managers fail to set up viable projects. Under IMF pressures the government committed to set up a mechanism to verify the rich. Romanian IT programmers dominated the Yahoo! Open Hack Europe.
What the newspapers say: May 16, 2011 All newspapers on Monday about the new President of the Democratic Liberals, Emil Boc and his future plans with the party. Boc’s supporters have also been appointed in key positions in the party. Elsewhere in the news, the question on everybody’s mind is whether Boc will give up its seat as Prime Minister in exchange of a technocrat, as the President wishes. Last but not least, Romania’s agreement with the IMF and EC sees at least 7,000 lay offs.
What the newspapers say: May 13, 2011 All newspapers today read about tomorrow’s Democratic Liberal Congress and the last chance of the two main counter candidates for the presidency of the party to make their moves. Elsewhere in the news, Romania qualified in the Eurovision’s finals. Hungary assures that talks on reforming Schengen have no influence on Romania’s adhesion. Transylvania Tourism Fair starts today at Brasov with early booking offers for internal and external destinations.
What the newspapers say: May 12, 2011 We find out we are out of recession but what do we do with the crisis, one newspaper reads on Thursday. To get money, Romania’s Interior ministry rents out helicopters. Schengen space is threatened by Paris and Rome who want to sacrifice freedom of movement to stop immigration. Denmark also joins in by reintroducing customs controls at its border with Germany and Sweden. While European strategies made them a priority in the development of intermodal transports, Romania’s ports at the Danube confront an acute crisis.
What the newspapers say: May 11, 2011 Last year in Romania there were 603 public tenders annulled worth 2.72 billion euro. After two years of delays, the trial involving journalist Cornel Nistorescu for injuring two motorcycle drivers starts today. Romania is dependent on Turkey for its main vegetables despite its agricultural potential.
What the newspapers say: May 10, 2011 Part of the precautionary agreement Romania signed with the IMF is that state owned companies should be managed by foreign managers, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Romania might return up to 1.5 billion euro of EU pre-accession funds if it does not finish projects by the end of the year. In politics today, an expensive contract with a survey institute dissatisfied PSD members across the country. The former European Capital of Culture, Sibiu is the only city in Romania to benefit from a study of the tourism phenomenon in the last ten years. Last but not least, the number of questions at the Bucharest referendum will drop to three or four.


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