What the newspapers say: May 9, 2011 In an interview for a daily newspaper, PM Boc talks about all current political and economic themes. Other newspapers read about what Romania signed up for the next two years with the IMF agreement. Prices of food prices will increase by 10-12% in the upcoming months. Over 50 persons wanted in Schengen states were discovered this week in Romania. Tourism might be blocked in the Danube Delta.
What the newspapers say: May 6, 2011 
Romania’s National Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu does not endorse a price freeze for petrol and gasoline even though the measure will benefit Romanian drivers. Vasile Blaga fears that if re-elected, incumbent Boc will crash the party in surveys. Romania is pressured to reopen the program for adoptions by foreign citizens. Almost half of the seaside resorts in Romania are a wreck. Theater festivals at Sibiu, Central Romania and at Timisoara, West Romania start. 
What the newspaper say: May 5, 2011 Romanians trust most the institution of marriage, church and eco organizations, a recent survey reveals. Liberal leader Crin Antonescu strengthens his position in the party by eliminating those who do not sustain him from the party management. The IMF has no solution for the anomalies of CFR, the national railway company. Portuguese company Martifer made a 93 million euro investment in a factory in Lehliu, a 7000 people city. Foreign tourists seem more interested by Romania.
What the newspapers say: May 4, 2011 All newspapers today read about the placement of the American anti-missile shield at Deveselu, South Romania, what the region and the country has to gain out of it. Ten days before the Democratic Liberal congress and there is still debate on the voting procedures but they already fight on the positions available. Bulgarian Ambassador to Romania recalled accused of being part of the former Communist secret services. Elsewhere in the news, France Telecom might sell Orange Romania. The European Film Festival across Romania presents Oscar movies.
What the newspapers say: May 3, 2011 
Romania can finance on its own, it does not need the IMF or World Bank money. Romanians in Syria requested details to the Romanian Embassy in Damascus regarding the travelling alert announced by the Romanian Foreign Affairs ministry. Romanians are ready for Eurovision.  Over 40 institutions across Romania open their gates all night for visitors, part of the Museums Night event.
What the newspapers say: May 2, 2011 
All newspapers on Monday announce the death of Osama bin Laden, leader of al Qaida, the terrorist network that organized the 9/11 attacks in the US who was killed by an American operation in Pakistan. Businessman Elan Schwartzenbergh took over the administration of Realitatea TV from media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu’s children. Bucharest city hall spent illegal money from the budget. Last but not least, two Romanian families who started fighting at a picnic in Vienna on Easter day shocked Austrians. 
What the newspapers say: April 29, 2011 Most newspapers on Friday read about the royal wedding in London between Prince William and Kate Middleton which they will text live today. The royal wedding has increased revenues of tourism agencies in Romania. PM Boc announced that he is consulting with the President on the nomination for the Labour ministry. Also in politics, the law on the statute of minorities expected by the Hungarian Democrats has been blocked to the dissatisfaction of the Hungarian Democrats. Charlie Chaplin’s nephew to host a show in Bucharest.
What the newspapers say: April 28, 2011 Boc’s government judged in terms of meters of highway built made 62 meters/day he still needs to govern 35 years to honor his electoral promises. For the first time in Romania, the National Statistics Institute will organize a trial census to ensure the success of the census in autumn. In three years, about 100 million euro worth of EU funds were offered for young people to set up farms in the countryside but the newspaper reveals that in certain cases, the young men were just a façade. The biggest danger to the continuation of reforms in Romania, for the international institutions are the 2012 elections, one newspaper reads.
What the newspapers say: April 27, 2011 Democratic Liberals might set up a new political organization to cut off the ground gained by the alliance of the Social Democrats and Liberals. The National Integrity Agency urges anti graft prosecutors to investigate former Labour minister Ioan Botis for conflict of interest. A Romanian party stands, for the first time, in the local elections in Spain in five cities where many Romanians live. Last but not least, two Romanians in Italy returned a wallet containing 600 euro.
What the newspapers say: April 26, 2011 Romania’s government gives up plans to join the euro zone in 2015 because euro zone member states do not want a non competitive partner and Romanian authorities do not wish to give up the force of the exchange rate and the reference interest rate. The National Lottery did not pay taxes worth 313 million euro since June 2009. A cooperation agreement between Constanta and Rotterdam ports has been signed. Eastern Europeans migrating in Great Britain could request 1.130 euro/month aid plus a house.
What the newspapers say: April 22, 2011 All newspapers read about the arrival of Romanian fugitive Nicolae Popa, the man that caused the arrest of media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu in September last year. Newspapers wonder whether Nicolae Popa will release the information he holds against Vantu and who is going to pay for his repatriation. Another hot topic today, is the release of media mogul Vantu in the case involving news television Realitatea TV manager Sebastian Ghita, who accused Vantu of blackmail and threats against his life. Elsewhere in the news, Hungary is ready to link Romania to the European highway but Romanians are just starting. Romanian frigate sets sail towards the Mediterranean to block naval traffic against Libya.
What the newspaper say: April 21, 2011 All newspapers on Thursday read about the prosecutor’s decisions to arrest media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu for life threatening statements against news television Realitatea TV manager Sebastian Ghita. After a 7 year trial, one of the richest men in Romania, was sentenced to four years of prison. A man attempted to blackmail Dacia after he found a stick with the fabrication plans of Duster. Hospitals will be classified on competence levels. Last but not least, a 3 million euro park will be built downtown Baia Mare, North West Romania.
What the newspapers say: April 20, 2011 Romanian fugitive Mihai Necolaiciuc arrives in Romania today, after five years since he fled the country to escape indictment by anti-graft prosecutors. Elsewhere in the news, Romania risks losing 360 million euro from the EU Social European Fund. A Romanian is on Playboy Italia’s cover. Romania is on third, globally, as the country with most new retail brands in 2010. A humanitarian expedition in Romania donates 18 tons of food to an isolated village in the Danube Delta.
What the newspapers say: 19 April 2011 All newspapers read on Tuesday about the Labour minister Ioan Botis who admitted his wife is a counselor to a company that received 500,000 euro of governmental and EU funds. Romania is implementing a system to signal the kidnapping of minors. More and more Romanians want Philippino babysitters. Romanian magistrates, detached to Paris to cease felonies committed by Romanians. An American of Romanian origin initiated an exhibition with the traditional objects of her family. Last but not least, Romanian artists are considered for Guggenheim.
What the newspapers say: April 18, 2011 Government takes responsibility for the twelve time in the Parliament: today, it is the social code and the salary of professors. Why Russian and Turkey fear Romania, one newspaper wonders. Budgetary personnel have to bear another three years of austerity. Five Romanians received a royal invitation to the British Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Dutch farmers, dissatisfied by restrictions imposed to Romanian workers. Museums are out on the street in Sibiu, central Romania.
What the newspapers say: April 15, 2011 The biggest ten investment projects that would restart Romania’s local economy are doable without spending the state’s budget and will generate budget revenues worth 8.9 billion euro and almost half a million working places in the next five years. Bucharest citizens are called at a referendum on June 19 to decide the administration’s organization. Another newspaper reads about the stakes of the referendum. A citizen teaches the government a lesson: he received 15,000 euro from three EU member states to signal with informative tags the most important historical monuments in Bucharest, including the government’s headquarters.
What the newspapers say: April 14, 2011 Sources within the Democratic Liberal Party claim that the party plans to reconfigure the National Convention and triple the number of delegates. A painting signed Nicolae Grigorescu was sold at 270,000 euro, a premiere in Romania. The immunity of Romanian MEP Adrian Severin, involved in the laws for money scandal revealed by The Sunday Times might be lifted by the EP. Romanian workers in Cyprus are on strike, dissatisfied of being treated as slaves.
What the newspapers say: April 13, 2011 IMF experts estimate Romania’s debt will increase this year. OMV Petrom, ArcelorMittal Galati and Rompetrol Rafinare Constanta are among the most powerful companies in Romania. Prime Minister’s hometown is one of the priorities in terms of public investments. Last but not least, two Italian girls were saved by a dog attacking them by a Romanian.
What the newspapers say: April 12, 2011 The two Democratic Liberal candidates for the highest position in the party announced their decision to run, presenting their platforms. However, a third candidate can decide the results of the internal struggle. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads about the Romanian inventors who won the golden medals at the Geneva inventions expo and their inventions. Another Romanian was awarded in the US for a solution that might save the Earth from the danger of asteroids. Last but not least, the Bucharest International Film Festival starts tonight.
What the newspapers say: April 11, 2011 All newspapers on Monday read about Romania’s performance at the European Championships, placed on second in the general ranking of medals. Incumbent PDL President Emil Boc and his main counter candidate Vasile Blaga for the highest position in the party in pole position. 1,000 pensioners who filed complaints against their pensions cut received favorable sentences of which 70 are final. The Princess, Alexandru Bunescu’s work is the biggest paining ever auctioned and might enter in the Guiness World Records.


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