What the newspapers say: April 8, 2011 Annually, 200,000 Europeans are killed by dust and Romania does not respect the quality of air standards in 15 of the 21 areas across the country. Emil Cioran’s manuscripts, bought by George Brailoiu, who says he plans to donate them to the state. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister proposed UMP’s general secretary a collaboration protocol with PDL. At the European Championships, three Romanians gymnasts managed to secure 6 chances for medals. Last but not least Romanian authorities lost Dinel Staicu, former SIF Oltenia tycoon who fled one day before entering prison.
What the newspapers say: April 7, 2011 To avoid a possible split of the party, Democratic Liberal contenders for the highest position in the party, incumbent Boc and Vasile Blaga are getting ready to negotiate. Romania will receive a 25 million euro aid from the European Parliament to resolve damages caused by floods in June – May 2010. Italian expert Claudio Modena recommends authorities to privatize historical buildings in order to save them. Two American photographers present their two year stay in Romania in an exhibition about Romanian traditions and peasants.
What the newspapers say: April 6, 2011 Most newspapers on Wednesday read about a cold blooded murder committed by a Romanian in Spain who after the murder showed the body of the pregnant woman he killed online to his father. Another newspaper makes the profile of the young man who worked illegally in Spain. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi conducts an official visit to France, but can he patch things up again? Last but not least, Romania, a heaven for Lebanese hunters precisely because it lacks a perfect infrastructure.
What the newspapers say: April 5, 2011 The judge ruling on media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu’s trial was changed for fast forwarding the trial, on reasons that are not in the penal law. The Higher Court decided to release under judicial control Senator Catalin Voicu and businessman Costel Casuneanu is allowed to leave the country. One newspaper reveals the counties across Romania most affected by the crisis or even avoided by it. Environment Minister reveals Renault’s intentions to produce electric cars in Romania. Last but not least, Bucharest hosts the seventh edition of the International Film Festival.
What the newspapers say: April 4, 2011 All newspapers on Monday read about Romanian Filaret Motco, a UN employee, who was killed in a violent clash of religions in Afghanistan. A group of companies producing alcohol suspected of a 250 million euro fiscal evasion, benefited from the help of Democratic Liberal deputies. Fearing discrimination, only a third of Romanians admit their Roma origin in an act of courage, Romanian actress Alina Serban reveals her Roma origin in a one woman show.
What the newspapers say: April 1, 2011 Millions of people around the globe celebrate April Fools’ Day on April 1st, trying to fool their friends today. New dilemma’s at Brussels around which institution is to investigate the case involving the three MEPs including Romanian MEP Severin in the “laws for money” scandal. The government decided to cap salaries in education. Romania’s National Public Television decided not to attend the tender organized by the Football League.
What the newspapers say: March 31, 2011 Democratic Liberal counter candidates for the highest position in the party decided to announce their candidacies in the same time, on April 12 in an attempt to reveal a civilized competition in the party and not a tough struggle for power. Democrat Liberals received membership fees and donations worth 9 million lei in 2010. The new IMF agreement with Romania enters into effect today. Each year in Bucharest flowers worth 7.5 million euro are selling, in a market controlled by ten families with no VAT reaching the state.
What the newspapers say: March 30, 2011 The court’s decision to release union leader Marius Petcu, caught red handed taking bribe by anti graft prosecutors is questioned by one newspaper today. In politics, Liberals and Social Democrats promise places in Parliament for Democrat Liberal members who flee PDL. Elsewhere in the news, all newspapers note Romania’s national football team win against Luxembourg, the first in one year. Last but not least, 800 married couples will benefit in 2011 by subsidized in vitro fertilization.
What the newspapers say: March 29, 2011 One newspaper reveals interesting connections with politicians in the case involving CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu, investigated for bribe taking by anti-graft prosecutors. Hungary will support Romania’s adhesion to Schengen. Seven Brits own the biggest oxen farm in Romania and produce mozzarella cheese. Romania’s Spring Tourism Fair offer up to 20% discount on holiday bookings. Romanian movie When I want to whistle, I whistle won the Gopo award for best movie. Romanians can enjoy eco-tourism in the Macin Mountains South East Romania, where the EU offered a financing of over 4 million euro for the conservation of species and habitats.
What the newspapers say: March 28, 2011  Romania will manage to exit the recession at the end of March but the population will feel the improvement of the situation by half of this year, the IMF estimates. Union leader Marius Petcu, caught red handed taking bribe by anti graft prosecutors, was negotiating firmly the bribe he would receive and the installments as tape recordings reveal. The Sunday Times reveals the fourth MEP who accepted money for laws and PSD will decide tomorrow whether to exclude MEP Severin from the party. A Romanian is part of the anti-Qaddafi resistance movement.
What the newspapers say: March 25, 2011 All newspapers on Friday read about the accusations brought to CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu who was caught red handed taking bribe by anti graft prosecutors. Elsewhere in the news, the case involving Romanian MEP Adrian Severin might trigger a change in EP’s internal rules. Also in the news, one newspaper presents the invoice Severin sent to undercover journalists for his rendered services. An Austrian foundation finances a class on a taboo theme in Romania at the Conservator. Last but not least, H&M opens its first store in Romania today.
What the newspapers say: March 24, 2011 Earlier this year, one by one, Romanian customs were “conquered” by anti-graft prosecutors but how many of them are still under arrest, how many are free already and why? The radioactive cloud from France, is inoffensive, if it reaches Romania. In a first interview for Realitatea TV news television, after a long period of boycott against it, President Basescu reproached the incorrectness of journalists from the news channel. Romanian Cristian Gheorghiu aged 34 aka Smear is the number one graffiti vandal in Los Angeles.
What the newspapers say: March 23, 2011 Romania will join NATO forces in Libya through the frigate King Ferdinand that will patrol the Mediterranean Sea to supervise that the embargo imposed to the Tripoli regime is respected. Elsewhere in the news, fugitive Nicolae Popa, which was helped financially by Romanian mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu will be brought in the country in a few weeks. In politics, Democratic Liberal vice president Valeriu Stoica said that Blaga might even join Boc’s team before elections which would put an end to the internal turmoil in the party.
What the newspapers say: March 22, 2011 Romanian MEP Adrian Severin withdraws from the Socialists group but remains in the European Parliament, following a meeting with Socialists leader Schultz on the recent scandal involving Severin and two other MEPs in attempts to sell their services (to pass amendments) to some presumed lobbyists. In an interview, Google Romania chief talks about the Romanian market and his challenges here. Romania’s public television launches the video of Hotel FM who will represent Romania at Eurovision in May.
What the newspapers say: March 21, 2011 All newspapers today read about the President’s address on the situation in Libya, making it clear that not only that Romania does not need to take an official stand until NATO takes a decision but also that Romania does not have military capacities to intervene in Libya. Elsewhere in the news, 30 Romanians returned in the country after the Japanese quake with the commercial Tarom airliner. Italian ethnics in Arad, West Romania want dedicated classes teaching in their native language in some schools.
What the newspapers say: March 18, 2011  World leaders describe the situation in Japan in dramatic terms and their conclusion is that things are out of control. The wind of wealth blows through Romania, this is how a small village in Romania is portrayed in the Financial Times. In politics today, it’s total war in the Democratic Liberal Party as the party is about to elect its president in May.
What the newspapers say: March 17, 2011 All newspapers on Thursday read about the failure of the motion of censure initiated by the opposition and the quarrels in the Parliament yesterday during the debate of the motion. Elsewhere in the news, gas prices under pressure as the government can no longer sustain the low prices. The state plans to sell some shares at the biggest oil company. Last but not least, Romanian alpinist Alex Gavan will attempt to conquer Kangchenjunga peak in Himalaya.
What the newspapers say: March 16, 2011 At least 50,000 people are expected today in Constitutiei Square at the protest organized by unions as the Parliament will debate the motion of censure against the government’s decision to take responsibility for the new labor code. Find out why former Romanian Communist dictator rejected the Soviet nuclear technology. One newspaper puts forward the main reasons for which Romania’s press did not make a smooth transition to the online yet.
What the newspapers say: March 15, 2011 Tight fight in the Democratic Liberal Party, between incumbent Boc and Vasile Blaga, for the highest position in the party. One newspaper wonders if money will make a difference as PM Boc allocated about 90 million euro to city halls across country for infrastructure and sports facilities. In business, foreign direct investments in January amounted to 240 million euro, eight times more than in 2010. Romanian supersonic plane, ready for takeoff in 2013. Elsewhere in the news, Romanians might enjoy in five years time of a new luxury balneary resort in Turda, central Romania.
What the newspapers say: March 14, 2011  Most newspapers on Monday read about the Democratic Liberal meeting on Sunday announcing that PM Boc will run for president of the party with the President announcing his support for Boc. Elsewhere in the news, over 120 investors or representatives of authorities visited Bucharest last week to attend a Romanian – Arab forum ready to invest in Romania. Last but not least, Haggard to perform in Romania on May 8th.


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