What the newspapers say: December 5, 2007 The first registration tax for vehicles continues to make the headlines, especially since official statements are contradictory enough to make the news impossible to understand. In some papers, the tax decreases significantly, in others - it will not change, nor will the money be refunded. Also old news in the headlines - Romanian Roma ethnic Romulus Mailat, accused of killing Giovanna Reggiani in the scandal with the most impact on immigrants this year, brings more and more arguments that seem to exonerate him from the murder charges. 
What the newspapers say: December 4, 2007 All newspapers on Tuesday read about a new party born on the Romanian political stage after the fusion of the Democrats (PD) with the Liberal Democrats. In the same vein, Liberals (PNL) distrust the opposition Social Democrats (PSD), one paper believes, as rumors spread over the past several days of a possible alliance between the two groups just to be dismissed by the PSD. And one newspaper reads about the chaos created on the National Day with the lighting of the biggest Christmas tree in Europe in Bucharest, December 1.
What the newspapers say: December 3, 2007 One newspaper on Monday reads that Romanian civil society organizations are waste money on seminars rather than implemented action oriented projects to help the Gypsy community. Another newspaper reports that Social Democratic opposition leader Mircea Geoana has opened talks with Liberal PM Tariceanu for a possible governing alliance. Elsewhere in the newspapers, the Liberal government builds up social houses to honor their ministers, magistrates or police officers.
What the newspapers say: November 30, 2007 Only days after the European Commission announced the opening of infringement procedures against Romania because its non-functioning 112 emergency call service, the head of the Special Telecomm Service (STS) announces that the 112 number may be closed for good, because the institution lacks the funds for paying employed operators. And this is just another of the already classic Romanian blunders. The controversial car first registration tax is now about to be refunded, in a time when all budget income is utterly important. 
What the newspapers say: November 28, 2007 President Basescu is enabled to approve any criminal investigation aimed at dignitaries and embers of the Government - this is the news that tours all headlines on Wednesday, after the Constitutional Court decided that a governmental ordinance dismantling the special anti-corruption presidential commission is not constitutional. Instead of having a commission formed by judges, which should have replaced the former commission, named by himself, the president will approve alone the demands coming from anti-corruption prosecutors, when the investigations target officials.
What the newspapers say: November 27, 2007 Newspapers on Tuesday read about the effects of the exit polls announced on Sunday night upon the political scene in Romania. A newspaper reads that President Basescu asked Democrats to reshuffle their leadership. The mayor of Verona mayor plans to free the city of Romanians. 
What the newspapers say: November 26, 2007 All newspapers on Monday read about a turnout as low as 29% for the first European Parliament elections that took place in Romania and 23% for the referendum organized this Sunday. 
What the newspapers say: November 26, 2007 All newspapers on Monday read about a turnout as low as 29% for the first European Parliament elections that took place in Romania and 23% for the teferendum organized this Sunday.
What the newspapers say: November 23, 2007 The last working day before the uninominal vote referendum and the European Parliament (EP) elections, newspapers are taking a breather off politics on Friday, allowing readers to open their eyes towards new issues. One is that the Romanian currency, leu (RON), is free-falling, but the Central Bank hasn't been this happy in quite a while. The second is that Romanian politics isn't, after all, as bad as it seems: Russian president Putin campaigns for a political party while, in Hungary, the opposition towards prime minister Gyurcsany turned into a street fight.
What the newspapers say: November 22, 2007 The uninominal vote seems to have an uncertain future. Days before being forced by the law to either promulgate or return to the Parliament the Uninominal vote law, president Basescu sent the draft to the Constitutional Law, claiming it comes against basic constitutional principles.With a referendum on the uninominal voting system scheduled for November 25, about which everyone knows that it won't gather enough electors to be validated, the new system is close to becoming a classified subject.
What the newspapers say: November 19, 2007 Romanian newspapers on Monday read how the Italian media splits on issues related to the large Romanian community in the country: while some TV channels and newspapers depict Romanian Gypsy beggars on the streets, others portray the life and achievements of successfully integrated Romanians. Also in the papers today, the leader of Romania's most important opposition party urges Romanians to vote in favor of an uninominal voting system supported by President Basescu in a referendum this coming weekend.
What the newspapers say: November 16, 2007 The incident in Italy, where a Romanian actress was mistaken for a child trafficking suspect, makes most of the headlines on Friday, along with the scandal burst between the US ambassador in Bucharest, Nicholas Taubman, and the speaker in the House of Deputies, Bodgan Olteanu. After the US ambassador drew the attention towards some problematic amendments in the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Law, Olteanu reacted violently, asking him to "stay within the diplomacy statute boundaries". Later in the evening, Nicholas Taubman explained he only spoke as a "friend of Romania".
What the newspapers say: November 15, 2007 The Pope decorated one of Romania's most controversial politicians, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, leader of the far-right party Great Romania. Of course, not for recognizing any of Vadim's merits, but because he was the only one left from a group of Romanian parliamentarians who planned to visit Rome and discuss the problems Romanians have (or cause) in Italy.
What the newspapers say: November 14, 2007 It's all about the money, one way or the other, in most of the headlines. Some echoes of the incidents involving Romanians in Italy are still heard, but things seem to return to domestic problems: the imports of cheap labor force, the minimum wage, the frauds involving European funds - all have returned slowly, but surely, to the front pages of newspapers.


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