What the newspapers say: March 11, 2011 New development plans nearby Bucharest spring up: this time, an investor plans to build a Disneyland replica worth 140 million euro. Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister to open a new general consulate at Vancouver in an official visit to Canada. About 50 Romanian exhibitors attend this week the International Tourism Fair at Berlin in attempt to attract more German tourists. Last but not least, a French photographer reveals Bucharest through its graffiti hearts.
What the newspapers say: March 10, 2011 
After a visit in Beijing and Shanghai, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu is optimistic that the Chinese will invest in Romania about 8 billion euro. An Austrian businessman plans to build in Bucegi a five star complex worth 1 billion dollars. In politics today, one newspaper reads that while the opposition criticizes the new Labour Code submitted by the governing coalition, they use the same version in a project submitted to the Parliament. 
What the newspapers say: March 9, 2011 
Gasoline prices increase once more in Romania and politicians blame each other instead of taking some measures. Elsewhere in the news, Romania attends its fifth negotiation round with the US to regulate the bilateral cooperation in the anti-missile defense shield. Officially, Romanians represent the biggest community in Spain, with 840, 682 residents. 
What the newspapers say: March 8, 2011 
Old correspondence between former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his Lybian counterpart reveals the obsessions of the two leaders. In Romania, public tenders worth 9.5 billion euro in 2010 did not have correct paperwork. In politics today, Social Democrats and Liberals decided to submit a motion of censure against the Boc government as it will take responsibility for the Labour Code. Yahoo! launches a Romanian version after rumours last year predicted the move. 
What the newspapers say: March 7, 2011 
Democratic Liberals rejected any integrity criteria as they adopted a new statute which according to PDL member and one of the reformers, Cristian Preda will send a negative message abroad. One of the biggest Romanian exporters, Dacia Renault might consider moving the production of some car models to Morocco. The government is also facing a social threat as 10,000 people threaten to protest at Cluj, central Romania dissatisfied with the new Labour Code. Last but not least, a Romanian stole money from 132 German cards and the main suspects are former employees of the secret services in Romania. 
What the newspapers say: March 4, 2011 One newspaper digs deeper intro the case of an Italian businessman who turned in top officials from Romania's fiscal authority ANAF to anti-graft prosecutors. Another tells how a woman is about to block the accounts of the fiscal authority in the city of Timisoara. The story of a man who cannot be buried because of a legislative hole and earthquake-related inventions also feature in the papers today.
What the newspapers say: March 3, 2011 ​The case behind the arrest of a top fiscal authority ANAF official, involving an Italian businessman, figures prominently in Romanian newspapers on Thursday. They also discuss record gasoline prices. One paper tells the history of a court decision expected today in a case where influential businessman and politician Dan Voiculescu tried to get rid of the stamp that he collaborated with the Ceausescu-era political police, the Securitate. And another paper reads that realtor is a job close to extinction in Romania.
What the newspapers say: March 2, 2011 The chance of reform within the governing Democratic Liberal Party, the car model to be produced by Ford in Craiova, Romania, claims over one of Brancusi's Miss Pogany copies, the fate of ethnic Romanians in Serbia and Romanian citizens at the hand of Somali pirates are some issues discussed by Romanian newspapers on Wednesday.
What the newspapers say: March 1, 2011 The fate of the new Labor Code for which the Romanian government is due to assume responsibility, a Council of Europe official's warning about the fight against corruption and revelations of Mafia sword-and-knife threats, as well as the 2011 budget approved by the Bucharest council feature prominently in Romanian newspapers on Tuesday.
What the newspapers say: February 28, 2011 ​Romanian newspapers on Monday discuss the results of key elections within the Hungarian Democratic Union (UDMR), which is part of the governing coalition. One newspaper follows the leads of an inquiry that led to the arrest of a top customs official, another tells where in Romania people are living longer, and yet another interviews Oscar star Colin Firth. The record breaking audiences of Romania got talent TV show also feature in today's papers.
What the newspapers say: February 25, 2011 
The latest anti graft prosecutors' arrest targeted the chief of the Ploiesti customs, Cornel Costea but newspapers reveal his career track that lead him to this position and his unaccounted for wealth. In the same vein, one newspaper wonders why prosecutors did not raid the Constanta port customs since the President made it a top priority. Elsewhere n the news, a Romanian was sentenced to 14 years of jail for the murder of a Norwegian stewardess. 
What the newspapers say: February 24, 2011 
Romania is on the verge of a European sanction as protected areas became targets for real estate investors. Gas stations will increase their prices again in several days and PM Boc continues his fight against their price increases. According to a survey 51% of Romanians want to keep Boc as PM. 
What the newspapers say: February 23, 2011 The construction of one of the most important highways linking Arad to Timisoara in West Romania is blocked by an avalanche of trials from land owners who ask huge sums of money for their lands that are about to be paid off by the state. Elsewhere in the news, Romania’s Foreign Affairs ministry counts on big Libyan companies to attend the evacuation of their Romanian employees. One newspaper wonder how the Interior minister can be reformed as the President declared yesterday that sticking out one’s finger hits corruption elements.
What the newspapers say: February 22, 2011 All newspapers on Tuesday read about the President’s announcement that authorities will continue their fight against fiscal evasion and warned those breaking the law that they will face serious consequences. British daily The Sun reports that British jails host 880 Romanians in 2009 registering a staggering increase compared to 2004. Famous singer Lady Gaga recently chose to wear a costume created by Romanian designed Dinu Bodiciu.
What the newspapers say: February 21, 2011 What are the odds for an anti-smoking law to pass in Romania, one newspaper wonders on Monday while another reads about the richest man in the customs scandal, billionaire in euro, Iulian Teseleanu chief of the Kogalniceanu customs in Constanta whose past wealth declarations contradicts his revenues. A Romanian pleaded guilty in a court in Chicago, US admitting his participation in an internet fraud.
What the newspapers say: February 18, 2011 All newspapers on Friday read about the meeting President Basescu seems to have had with Central Bank deputy governor Cristian Popa to have him accept the PM position. Meanwhile, the scandal at Romania’s customs continues as union leaders blame each other on taking bribes. A government’s project plans to financially attract Romanian researchers working abroad.
What the newspapers say: February 17, 2011 Internal struggles within the Democratic Liberal party are the focus of most newspapers on Thursday as well. One thing is certain though, PM Boc will be replaced since after days of negotiations and rumours, most PDL members see PM Boc stepping down. Another party expected to make important changes is the Hungarian Democratic Party where a new party president will be elected. Culture minister Kelemen Hunor is one of the favorites to the highest position and he talks in an interview about his visions.
What the newspapers say: February 16, 2011 All newspapers on Wednesday read about the political turmoil in the Democratic Liberal Party and President Basescu’s plans to convince the party that their only solution is an independent Prime Minister which so far, did not succeed. Other newspapers read that PM Boc tricked Basescu into believing that he agrees to be replaced but apparently he changed his mind. Meanwhile, a decision has been postponed until the Hungarian Democrats hold their congress in ten days’ time.
What the newspapers say: February 15, 2011 Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the plans of the President to separate the position of Prime Minister from that of President of the Party. Elsewhere in the news, Justice minister Catalin Predoiu sees the Senate’s validation of the eight new members of the Superior Council of Magistracy as a legal and a normal decision. Last but not least, a 17 year old Romania was executed in a parking lot in Germany.
What the newspapers say: February 14, 2011 There’s no love story between prosecutors and customs and police officers arrested in the corruption scandal across Romania’s customs. Romania’s General Prosecutor Kovesi explains the procedure followed by prosecutors in cases in which those investigated gained tremendous wealth from bribes. Budgetaries’ union leader Vasile Marica presumably received 20,000 dollars from a customs officer. Last but not least, in an interview for one newspaper President Basescu says that union leaders of customs and police officers know more than they say but that those retained can prove that “the queen is among union leaders”.


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