What the newspapers say: February 11, 2011 In the last three years, Romania lost annually from the budget somewhere from 500 to 1 billion euro because of the illegal cigarettes smuggling. In politics, National Fiscal Administration chief Blejnar accuses PSD leader Victor Ponta of receiving hundreds of thousands of euro in donations which he did not declare. Liberal leader Antonescu announces their plans to submit a motion of censure against the government in mid March.
What the newspapers say: February 10, 2011  All newspapers on Thursday read about the latest indictment of the chief of national customs, Radu Margineanu in a scandal that starts to have political connections as well. After the President’s tough reaction to the protection of PDL deputy Dan Pasat from anti-graft prosecutors, Democratic Liberals call for their colleagues’ resignation. Also in politics today, Foreign Affairs minister Baconschi has plans to receive a position in the Democratic Liberal Party leadership.
What the newspapers say: February 9, 2011 President Basescu threatened to break the bridge with the Democratic Liberal Party, after the lack of mobilization in the PDL deputy Pasat case. Corruptions at customs across Romania became a show on TV but no sentencing has been given yet. Nonetheless, bribe taking at the customs is profitable, as some paid their way to better positions with even 400,000 euro. Another newspaper wonders what the IMF leaves behind.
What the newspapers say: February 8, 2011 Tens of police and customs officers were detained by anti-graft prosecutors at customs in West Romania, as part of a cleansing process at Romanian borders. Romania’s Central Bank will withdraw money from the IMF only in emergency cases but for 2011 the state needs current loans of 4 billion euro. Where will the state get the money, one newspaper wonders. When will Romania get rid of operations on surgery tables worth 3 million euro that fall apart is another key question on today’s press.
What the newspapers say: February 7, 2011 Most newspapers on Monday read about the new union of the opposition, the Social Liberal Union but few newspapers note the great absentees or the shadow financial supporters. Romanian Parliamentarians doubled their businesses with the state in 2010 as businesses are given to the governing coalition and taken from the opposition. Elsewhere in the news, the recent arrests at the Siret customs in North Romania obliged smugglers to find alternatives. Romanian artist Ion Grigorescu will attend at the Tate Modern in London at the group exhibition Out of Place.
What the newspapers say: February 4, 2011 All eyes are upon the Democrat Liberal party as it prepares for internal elections in May. In an interview, former PDL Economy minister Adriean Videanu talks about the elections within the party and reveals that the President of the party will no longer be Prime Minister. Elsewhere in the news, 200 customs officers are targeted by anti-graft prosecutors and might be retained in the following days on top of the other 70 customs officers who were arrested. Last but not least, one newspaper reveals the four reasons that keep us out of Schengen.
What the newspapers say: February 3, 2011 Another surprise candidate to run for PDL President is announced by sources in the party who claim that former Interior minister Blaga might announced his intentions soon. Democrat Liberals did not manage yesterday to mobilize enough at the vote on the arrest proposal of their colleague, Dan Pasat recently nominated by President Basescu as bad example for the party’s image. About 19,000 counterfeit products were discovered in containers from China in Constanta’s port.
What the newspapers read: February 2, 2011 Romania might pretend, with a certain justification that it is treated as a second rank EU member state, one newspaper reads on Wednesday quoting an editorial in the Financial Times. Elsewhere in the news, PM Boc might have a counter candidate in the internal Democrat Liberal Party elections scheduled for May. In the same vein, PDL Vice President Videanu declared that the party registered a 8% increase in the last two months, thus proving Romanians believe this is the only real alternative. Last but not least, Romanian Roma in Finland have access to medical services.
What the newspapers say: February 1, 2011 President Basescu urged the governing party to fight with the opposition in the media and complained that members of the party have a real problem with corruption. New information in the case of Constantin Nicolescu, Arges County Council recently arrested links his business with a company that appeared in files of former PM Adrian Nastase. Last but not least, another newspaper wonders about the real value of the shares of the Proprietatea Fund.
What the newspapers say: January 31, 2011 Romanian authorities need to pay up over 77 million euro to the IMF in interest rates for the loan contracted in 2009. Over 22,000 acres of agricultural land in Tulcea, South East Romania is in the property or administration of foreign businessmen who attract EU funds to modernize farms for ecological agriculture. In politics today, PDL will not form an electoral alliance before 2012 elections, but they might consider a post-electoral one.
What the newspapers say: January 28, 2011 Social Democratic leaders reacted tough after the court decided to temporary arrest Arges County President Constantin Niculescu, president of the Social Democratic Party branch in Arges, suspected of favoring some companies to access public money. The biggest SPA in Europe will be built in Snagov, nearby Bucharest. Luxury items, more expensive in Romania than in Germany in general.
What the newspapers say: January 27, 2011 Price of petrol increased without justification, a government report says but the industry contradicts the government, on grounds that it fails to do the math correctly. In politics today, Democrat Liberals started strategies to obtain majority in the Permanent Offices of the Parliament’s Chambers, as President Basescu calls for mobilization. Last but not least, activity in the justice sector is blocked after the Court’s decision to declare the Senate’s validation of the new Council of Magistracy members unconstitutional.
What the newspapers say: January 26, 2011 Romanian newspapers on Wednesday look way back into the past of late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who would have turned 93 today. Major shifts in the Superior Council of Magistrates, erroneous statistics on cancer in Romania and a situation of Romanian highways also feature in the papers today.
What the newspapers say: January 25, 2011 Inspired by the ceremonies at Iasi dedicated to the day the Romanian principalities first united, Social Democratic and Liberal leaders announced their electoral alliance. Four suspects were captured at the border in the 1 million euro robbery in Ploiesti, nearby Bucharest, one newspaper reads. Elsewhere in the news, another AH1N1 confirmed case in Prahova county.
What the newspapers say: January 24, 2011 This year, the state will spend 1.07 – 1.2 billion euro to pay pensions for over 170,000 pensioners paid by the Defense, Interior ministries and for those who were part of the secret services, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, find out how Romania lost investments worth 10 billion euro in energy. Last but not least, Bucharest is one of the cheapest European city capitals for tourists.
What the newspapers say: January 21, 2011 Democrat Liberals count on the Romanian diaspora in the upcoming 2012 elections as they want to introduce voting by mail, one newspaper reads on Friday. French European Affairs minister warned that Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen will threaten the security of the EU. The famous annual hunting party organized by Romanian businessman Ion Tiriac will be held this weekend. Romanian “manele” singer Florin Salam was broadcast on BBC Radio One.
What the newspapers say: January 20, 2011 For West European countries, Romania and Bulgaria are the most attractive countries to extend their production on the average term in the world, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Rich Romanians pay hundreds of thousands of euro for a car to keep it in the garage and because of the lack of roads, they travel in the country with the car on a trailer. In politics, the Democrat Liberals plan an electoral alliance with UNPR, a recently formed party in the Parliament. Last but not least, Romanian shoe brand Clujana plans exports to Russia.
What the newspapers say: January 19, 2011  One newspaper on Wednesday counts how much will cost the state to implement the President’s idea to offer 11,600 euro from the budget for all local candidates and Parliamentarians. IMF is willing to negotiate with Romanian authorities the period of the new agreement after the first one expires. Romania’s song for Eurovision will be on stage at the second semi-final in Dusseldorf for Eurovision 2011 on May 12. Last but not least, a pregnant woman who died due to A/H1N1 in Prahova County, nearby Bucharest was not suffering from other chronic diseases.
What the newspapers say: January 18, 2011 More and more Democrat Liberals have problems with the judicial system despite the fact that the party took upon itself to fight corruption, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, 136,000 Romanians hold gun permits and guns. European Commissioner for customs union, taxing, audit and anti-fraud Algirdas Semeta calls for an efficient collaboration between the EU and Romania in the anti-fraud fight. On a lighter tone, a Romanian received American citizenship at 72 years old.
What the newspapers say: January 17, 2011 There are three Romanian institutions that attempt to improve Romania’s image abroad, but do they succeed in any way, one newspaper wonders on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper gives out the reasons why Hungarian Democrats would not leave the governing party to join the opposition. Last but not least, Romanian organized crime networks compel children to beg in Great Britain.


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