What the newspapers say: January 14, 2011 Schengen experts discuss on Friday the final report which contains the conclusions of the last evaluation missions in Romania and Bulgaria, one newspaper reads on Friday. Elsewhere in the news, Romania will have to start paying back the IMF starting August 6, 2012. Last but not least, the International Handball Federation announced on Thursday that Romanian Cristina Neagu is one of the best handball players of 2010.
What the newspapers say: January 13, 2011 Five police officers and nine auto trainers in Bucharest were detained for selling the practical test skill of the driver license exam for 200-300 euro. Elsewhere in the news, the first severe AH1N1 case in Iasi almost killed one man. Last but not least, famous Romanian actor, Florin Piersic will receive a special gift this year from authorities in Cluj, central Romania.
What the newspapers say: January 12, 2011 Most prefects, mayors, county council presidents and their deputies moved their businesses on the names of their relatives to avoid being accused of conflict of interests but they continue to do business with the state. Salaries of Romanians increased n November, for the first time in the last 8 months. Hungarian Ambassador in Romania Oskar Fuzes declared that if the EU will not expand Schengen, it will be a failure.
What the newspapers say: January 11, 2010 Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the new center right alliance of the Liberals and Conservatives. Find out what the price of the two parties is and how they will share power. Elsewhere in the news, taxi drivers announced their plans to boycott gas stations due to the uncontrolled price increases in the last months.
What the newspapers say: January 10, 2011 French Ambassador to Bucharest talks in an interview about France’s position in the Schengen file and about the next steps Romania and Bulgaria could take, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, IMF demands Romania to make supplementary efforts to control spending in health and public enterprises. Last but not least, Bucharest’s mayor Sorin Oprescu ordered a 10 minute movie to change tourists’ perceptions about Bucharest.
What the newspapers say: January 7, 2011 President Basescu declared he was disappointed by the lack of solidarity from colleagues Merkel and Sarkozy, most newspapers read on Friday. Elsewhere in the news, the new draft law on control allows heads of budgetary institutions to financially award its employees without an evaluation. Last but not least, a Romanian bus was involved in an accident in Bulgaria causing the death of a person.
What the newspapers say: January 6, 2011 The President changes Romania’s strategy in the Schengen file, one newspaper reads on Thursday. In the same vein, Head of the Representation of EC in Romania chief Nicolae Idu talks about the progress Romania undertook since it became a EU member. Last but not least, the number of Romanians who spent New Year’s Eve in the country dropped by 18% and money spent by 40%.
What the newspapers say: January 5, 2011 Another scandal on the political scene broke yesterday as police officers and court officers attempted to evacuate the headquarters of the Greater Romania Party. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian parliamentarians plan a protest against the refusal of Germany and France to accept Romania in Schengen in 2011. Last but not least, Timisoara is promoted by Germans.
What the newspapers say: January 4, 2011 Liberals and Social Democrats have advanced in negotiations for sharing the electoral influence spheres and designating common candidates for 2012 despite divergences manifested between leaders. Elsewhere in the news, Hungarian ethnics in Romania started requesting double citizenship offered by the Budapest government. Last but not least, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in Romania this morning.
What the newspapers say: December 31, 2010 
Most newspapers read about the improvement in the state of the Romanian TV star, severely hurt on a ski slope nearby Innsbruck, Austria. Local Austrian police officers issued a press release, revealing the conditions in which the accident occurred. A Romanian might cause divorce in Monaco's royal family. Moldova has a new European chance with the election of Marian Lupu as Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament. 
What the newspapers say: December 30, 2010 
All newspapers read about a ski accident in which Romanian TV star Serban Huidu was severely wounded, with doctors putting him in an induced coma in a hospital in Austria. Several Romanians were arrested by a SWAT team in Chicago, US as they were trying to do the traditional Christmas rituals, sacrificing a pig, according to one paper. Elsewhere in the news, Bulgaria comes ninth in a CNN list of top global tourist destinations in 2011.
What the newspapers say: December 29, 2010 
Most newspapers on Wednesday read about the Liberals offer for the Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats - an alliance until 2016 and a common candidate for the presidency. Another newspaper reads about the Liberal leader Crin Antonescu's successes in the party. Last but not least, find out what are the most beautiful castles in Transylvania. 
What the newspapers say: December 28, 2010 
2010, the year PM Boc landed on his feet despite the record number of motions submitted by the opposition. Elsewhere in the news, find out how the crisis changed the value of the baksheesh in Bucharest. Also in the capital city, the city hall invested 5 million euro in statues and prepares new projects in 2011. 
What the newspapers say: December 27, 2010 
​The best paid Romanian tennis players this year are short-listed by a newspaper on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's exports are made by foreign companies. A Romanian was found decapitated in South Italy. 
What the newspapers say: December 24, 2010 
​Bucharest boulevards were deserted last night while December 23rd is considered in Europe as the busiest shopping day across Europe. Unemployed Romanians in 2011 will receive a smaller state aid and will not have the option to refuse job offers. Spanish police released a teenager held prison by a Romanian. 
What the newspapers say: December 23, 2010 
On the verge of a new year, everybody wonders what to expect for the year to come. There are some heads up not only in terms of economic perspectives but also politically, as joining Schengen in March 2011 does not seem possible at the time. Another newspaper still focuses on past events, reading about the life of the bomber's father in law, his life in Romania and his opinion on his son in law's decisions. 
What the newspapers say: December 22, 2010 
While the salaries of the budgetary personnel dropped this year, the state will allocate in 2011 more money for the priests' salaries according to the 2011 law on budget. Find out who are the winners and the losers of the 2011 budget.  One newspaper points to the negative effects of Romania will not join Schengen like discouraging foreign investors and a bad overall image on the country. 
What the newspapers say: December 21, 2010 
Neither the Social Democrats nor the Liberals are in a hurry to officially register an electoral alliance of the opposition parties, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, a confidential report of the World Bank reads how Romania could have highways. For over a decade now, Romanian Roxana Marcoci is a curator at the most important contemporary art museum in the world - MoMA in New York. 
What the newspapers say: December 20, 2010 
The opposition sold itself cheaper at the debate on the 2011 law on budget: they allowed the budget to be approved after they received their share of the money allocated to rehabilitate county roads in 2011. The first BlackBerry and IPads made in Romania are launched this week. Last but not least, Romania's national handball team conquered the bronze at the European Championship. 
What the newspapers say: December 17, 2010 
PM Boc tacitly accepted the vote Parliamentarians gave in the Ridzi case, to make sure he has no surprises at the 2011 law on budget vote, one newspaper claims on Friday. Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu plans to spend 23 million euro to rehabilitate Dambovita, the river crossing through Bucharest. Last but not least, over 21,000 tourists arrived at the board of cruise ships and over 90 tons of merchandise transited per minute in Constanta port, South East Romania.


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