What the newspapers say: December 16, 2010 
All newspapers today read about the bomber's wife, Mona Thawny and about her relatives back in Romania. Elsewhere in the news, the 50/2010 ordinance for credits apply only for new loans which is a close version of what IF and EU officials demanded. Japanese Ambassador to Romania escapes each weekend in the Carpathians. 
What the newspapers say: December 14, 2010 
In Bucharest, the crisis had a positive effect as 1 billion euro investments in real estate were abandoned, leaving Bucharest greener. 50 years since he left Romania, composer Vladimir Cosma makes a first step towards the country, with a concert at the Romanian Embassy to Paris. Elsewhere in the news, the attitude of the gypsy community seems to improve. 
What the newspapers say: December 13, 2010 
Hungarian Democrats are in the loop as their leader Marko Bela announced he will not run for another mandate, after 17 years. His decision leaves the party astray. Elsewhere in the news, American actor Nicolas Cage was the main lead in a scandal downtown Bucharest. Two homeless Romanians were set on fire in France. 
What the newspapers say: December 10, 2010 
Romanian will build the biggest laser in the world with an investment of 280 million euro and IBM could build a regional research center at Targu Mures, central Romania. On the political scene, Social Democrats agreed to form an alliance with the Liberals, but the Liberals did not make a decision yet. Those who stay in Bucharest over the week end can enjoy various Christmas fairs to choose gifts from. 

What the newspapers say: December 12, 2010 

Romanians are one of the most wanted guinea pigs for the health sector where American companies test their products. In politics these days, ex-PSD leader Mircea Geoana needs to explain his gesture from the past Presidential elections when he visited media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu before the debate with incumbent Basescu. Last but not least, the foreign press points out that the use of gypsie denomination instead of Rroma will damage Romania's plans to join Schengen. 
What the newspapers say: December 8, 2010 
Romania could win 90,000 jobs if foreign investors get what they want from the Romanian market. Surprisingly, 2010 was a good year for Forza Rossa the company that sells Ferrari in Romania as all Ferrari cars allocated for Romania were sold. Talking about success, some Romanian brands seek it abroad. 
What the newspapers say: December 7, 2010 
Mothers giving birth after January 1, 2011 will benefit from a 1 year maternal leave. Also, the government approved the 2011 state budget, the budget for social state insurances and health budget. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's tourism brand launched in Germany. 
What the newspapers say: December 6, 2010 
Romania's capital city has plans to become a weekend destination for tourists with a 20 million investments while Romania's Foreign Affairs minister meets his Egyptian counterpart to mark 105 years since bilateral relations were established between the two countries. Last but not least, a Romanian in Germany seeks two of her children which she left for adoption in the 90's. 
What the newspapers say: December 3, 2010 
The cablegate scandal related to the information revealed by Wikileaks colaterally involves Romania also: Clinton demanded biometrical information, the vulnerabilities of Romanian leaders. In politics today, the governing party, PDL started testing the market to rebrand their party's image. Last but not least, one newspaper reads about the renowned Romanian chess champion Dieter Nisipeanu. 
What the newspapers say: December 2, 2010 
​Most newspapers today read about yesterday's official ceremony celebrating the national day of Romania. Winter installed in Romania and claims its victims: air traffic, roads were affected by the weather. Elsewhere in the news, NASA announces new discoveries tonight.
What the newspapers say: December 1, 2010 
Romania celebrates its national day today and all newspapers focus on the events organized with this occasion, in Romania and abroad. Find out what activities politicians planed for citizens and how Romanians who leave abroad celebrate this day. Last but not least, Romania and Bulgaria signed an agreement to interconnect gas networks. 
What the newspapers say: November 11, 2010 
One newspaper reveals more connections of the US Embassy to Bucharest with Romania's internal affairs, from the cablegate scandal. In politics today, find out what the coalition plans with the law on education. Elsewhere in the news, the NY subway is in the hands of a Romanian. 
What the newspapers say: November 29, 2010 
Romania in cablegate, the secret files of the US leaked by Wikileaks:  775 secret telegrams were sent from Bucharest. Now that elections are over in Moldova, the struggle begins as parties need to ally to get majority in the Parliament. Wealthy Romanians seek Spain or France to settle for good. 
What the newspapers say: November 26, 2010
​A new world record in Bucharest, a 449,658 lights Christmas decoration. 62% of the Romanians will pay when going to see a doctor, 8 million are exempt. Romanian painter Andreea Radu impressed American actor Nicolas Cage.
What the newspapers say: November 25, 2010 
City halls sketch their budgets for Christmas decorations but it does not seem that they consider the crisis. Elsewhere in the news, IMF chief said Romania is on the verge of a cliff while the government sees the positive side, yet again. In Moldova, citizens are summoned to vote their Parliament. 
What the newspapers say: November 11, 2010 
All newspapers on Wednesday focus on the Interior ministry changes and the new persons to replace those dismissed in an attempt to improve things in the ministry, but newspapers believe the contrary. Romanian businessmen can thrive in times of crisis, in Bulgaria. 
What the newspapers say: November 23, 2010 
Romanians pay up to 500,000 euro monthly to receive treatment in Vienna, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian documentary Lumea vazut de Ion B. received an Emmy Award. Six Romanians were arrested at Lyon, accused of stealing. 
What the newspapers say: November 22, 2010 
A new scandal makes the first page of most newspapers on Monday, that splits the Interior ministry while after years of talks, tensions and various accusations, Romania enters the European map of wind energy producers with about 600 mw. In Eastern Europe, Germany takes up a new role. 
What the newspapers say: November 19, 2010 
In politics today, one newspaper reads about the power struggle in PDL, the governing party now that Development and Tourism minister Elena Udrea takes over the leadership of the Bucharest local organization. Most newspapers read about the four mob groups that disputed their supremacy in Iasi and Neamt counties, North Romania. Romania hesitates to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremony won by a Chinese anti-Communist dissident, fearing diplomatic and economic consequences. 
What the newspapers say: November 18, 2010 
The government to set up a fiscal police starting with January 1, 2011 to control any person with a living higher that the revenues it declares. PM Emil Boc will address the Constitutional Court on the judicial conflict of, constitutional nature, between the government and the Parliament on the law on education. Tourism minister Elena Udrea will contribute financially to organize a boxing game with Lucian Bute in Romania. Low cost company Pegasus might enter the Romanian market in January with a flight to Istanbul. 


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