Cardinal Leonardo SANDRI asks other countries in the region to respect the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic clergy and their work “for the freedom of a sovereign country in Europe”

de GT
Luni, 1 Sept 2014 English | Regional Europe
In an interview with the Romanian public TV station, Cardinal Sandri, the Vatican’s Prefect for Oriental Churches, has praised he Ukrainian Greek-Catholic clergy for “working for progress and freedom of a sovereign country in Europe”.

Works at US missile shield base in Deveselu, South Romania launch officially on Monday

de V.O.
Luni, 28 Oct 2013 English | Regional Europe
The official ceremony due to mark the start of works at the Deveselu installation, the Romanian leg of the US missile shield, takes place on Monday. It is due to be attended by President Traian Basescu, Defense minister Mircea Dusa, Foreign Ministry state secretary Bogdan Aurescu, NATO deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow and US Deputy Secretary of Defense James Miller.

The unpredictable event that may change Greece's destiny

de R.H.
Luni, 30 Sept 2013 English | Regional Europe
Tuesday, 17.09.2013. Olympiakos vs Paris Saint Germain in football for Champions League. After the game, somewhere in the metropolitan area of Athens - Attica, at Amfiali, people start quarreling. Soon some tens of them start chasing 4. All of a sudden, a car arrives, driving opposite through a one way direction street. One of its passengers catches one of the 4 and after a fight he stabs him 3 times. The poor man died in few minutes' time, in the hands of his girlfriend, waiting for the ambulance to pick him up.

UPDATE EU Summit: Van Rompuy's new proposal - more radical than before, pushes for EU budget cut by E200 bln. President Basescu calls for significant rise of direct payments to Romania farmers

de Cristian Pantazi, adapt. V.O.
Romanian President Traian Basescu has demanded "imperatively" a significant rise in allocations for direct payments to Romanian farmers, during his talks with European Council president Herman Van Rompuy on Thursday, European sources told The talks come as EU leaders start marathon talks in an attempt to reach a compromise on the EU's 2014-2020 budget, with Germany and others saying they would not dismiss the possibility of failure.
UPDATE A new proposal pushed by Herman Van Rompuy is even more radical than the previous one, which called for an E80 billion cut. European sources told that the head of the European Council has now proposed a EU budget cut of E200 billion - the amount demanded by Britain. The reduction would be applied to European Commission proposed budget of E1,047 billion.

Romanian PM Ponta: Van Rompuy's proposal to reduce CAP and cohesion funds in 2014-2020 budget is unacceptable. Romania may use veto​

de V.O.
Romania's prime minister Victor Ponta said in a press conference on Thursday that European Council president Herman Van Rompuy's proposal to reduce the money allocated for Europe's common agricultural policy and cohesion funds in the EU 2014-2020 budget was unacceptable. He said Romania may go as far as to use its veto right in the case.

UK Ambassador to Romania Martin Harris: Romania needs to build on this record of success / The Parliament needs to put its own house in order

de V.O.
"Romania needs to build on this record of success, to implement the remaining reforms under the benchmarks and to establish a clear, sustainable and irreversible track record of tackling corruption", UK Ambassador to Romania Martin Harris writes on his blog. "Romania's politicians, of all parties, have a particular responsibility. The Parliament needs to put its own house in order. It is extraordinary that convicted felons can still sit as MPs", he writes.
Lordul Watson de Richmond
Photo: Hotnews

VIDEO Lord Watson of Richmond: I do not think all European states are heading in one single direction, for exemple to become a United States of Europe

de Andra Alexandru
Marţi, 3 Apr 2012 English | Regional Europe
Europe is essential to every Member State's position in the modern world, "but I do not think we are heading in one single direction, for example to become a United States of Europe", says Lord Alan Watson, a member of the House of Lords.

Bulgaria negotiates with ExxonMobil over area disputed with Romania for possible hydrocarbon deposits - diplomatic sources

de V.O.
Miercuri, 21 Mar 2012 English | Regional Europe
A litigation between Romania and Bulgaria over a Black Sea area, announced by Romania Foreign minister Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday evening, relates to an area of about 400 square kilometers. What is the stake of bringing the issue back to light, as diplomatic negotiations about it started as early as 1994? Bulgaria is negotiating with ExxonMobil to leave the area for ExxonMobil attempts to discover hydrocarbon deposits, diplomatic sources have told

Schengen issue included on European Council agenda as Romania flexes muscle on Serbia

de V.O.
Miercuri, 29 Feb 2012 English | Regional Europe
The Schengen enlargement has been included on the agenda of the European summit on March 1-2, according to a letter of the European Council president published in Brussels on Wednesday. The issue - which practically means the Dutch opposition to the Schengen accession of Romania and Bulgaria - was introduced unexpectedly on the agenda of a summit which was to focus mainly on the Fiscal Treaty. The change comes a day after Romania flexed its muscle on Serbia at negotiations over giving the Balkan country the statute of a EU candidate country. The only Romanian official to connect the two issues, Schengen and Serbia, was Romanian Environment minister Laszlo Borbely.

No word from Traian Basescu on Bucharest street protests, at his first speech since demonstrations started. President tells Ambassadors Romania is interested in strengthening pragmatic dialogue with Russia

de V.O.
Romanian President Traian Basescu met the heads of diplomatic missions to Bucharest on Thursday. In his first speech since demonstrations against him and the government started in Romania last week, he said nothing about the protests but focused on the country's international affairs priorities. "2011 was a difficult year in which the economic, financial, humanitarian and sometimes political crises challenged governments and the people", he said.

Romanian President Basescu's harsh statements on Netherlands: It wasn't us who legalized prostitution and drugs because we couldn't fight them. Their decision to oppose our joining Schengen is an abuse

de V.O.
Vineri, 9 Dec 2011 English | Regional Europe
Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Friday that a Dutch decision to oppose Romania' and Bulgaria's Schengen accession was an "abuse". "Romania has Albita [Eastern border point], they have Rotterdam. The gate for trafficked cigarettes, alcohol and drugs is not Albita", the Romanian head of state said in Brussels, where he attends the European Council.

Cuba report: Popular Revolution - Theory without Practice

de Jorge Olivera Castillo People in Need
The most important thing in Cuba is still the necessity to find ways to survive, mostly by taking part in illegal activities ranging from corruption through sex trafficking to various kinds of illicit deeds not thought of by even the most experienced observers.

Cuba report: Defenseless Workers

de Frank Correa People in Need
Cuban workers are virtually defenseless. The reason is that the labour law offices in Cuban work centres, which are supposed to defend worker's rights, are but an extended arm of the government and the Communist Party.

Iran, Romania-Israel links and joint projects - key issues at Romanian-Israeli inter-governmental meeting

de V.O.
Romania and Israel are interested in developing joint infrastructure, energy and agricultural projects, Romanian PM Emil Boc said in a press conference with his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, on the margins of an inter-governmental meeting in Jerusalem. Iran, Middle East relations and links between Israel and Romania featured prominently during the talks.

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen: Gap widening between US, allies. President Basescu: Romania never asked or received missile defense guarantees

de V.O.
Luni, 10 Oct 2011 English | Regional Europe
Libya, Afghanistan and the missile defense shield were the key issues covered in top NATO and Romanian officials at the Alliance's Parliamentary Assembly on Monday. While Europe had strong military forces, the gap between the US and its allies has widened for the past years and in Libya, European allies and Canada had most troops contributions but based their activities on US command capacities and essential units, said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. On the missile defense, Romanian President Traian Basescu said for his part that his country has never asked for or received anti-missile guarantees from anybody and had an obligation to obtain them by themselves through partnerships with allies.
Vlad Filat

Moldova PM Vlad Filat in interview: Chisinau interest in AGRI project / No communists in government / 5+2 negotiations on Transdiester

de V.O.
Vineri, 23 Sept 2011 English | Regional Europe
The Republic of Moldova has a strategic interest in the AGRI project due to bring natural gas from Azerbaijan via Georgia to Romania, Moldova prime minister said in an interview with He also said that early elections would be catastrophic for his country, 5+2 negotiations over Transdniester and dismissed the possibility to bring the communists in the Moldovan government.
Dan Tapalaga
Photo: Hotnews

The names of America

de Dan Tapalaga
Luni, 12 Sept 2011 English | Regional Europe
Spoken by spouses, by relatives, by children barely recalling their mother of father who died ten years ago, the names of the thousands of victims of the 9/11 terrorists attacks are the many names of America today. They are the names of America because America has shown again, by remembering the most grievous of tragedies in its recent history, that it knows to honor its dead, average people or heroes with impressive stories. They are the names of America because the force of this nation consists, among others, of the miraculous gift of no-names to give birth to heroes any given time. They are the names of America, those who united a whole nation these days in a very special effort of mindfulness: by properly honoring the past, their eyes on tomorrow.

Romania recognizes National Transitional Council as the sole Libya partner

de V.O.
​Romania recognizes the National Transitional Council in Libya as the sole official contact in relations with Lybia, president Traian Basescu has said at the annual reunion of Romanian diplomats, news agency Agerpres reports.

Russia relates Romanian President's statements on WW2 events to risk of fascism emergence in Europe

de V.O.
Luni, 25 Iul 2011 English | Regional Europe
Romanian news agency Agerpres, quoted by Evenimentul Zilei newspaper, reports that Russia's Ambassador to NATO Dmitri Rogozin warned on Sunday about the risk of fascism emergence in Europe considering the Norway attacks. In this context, he recalled a recent statement made by Romanian president Traian Basescu According to whom he would have sent Romanian troops across Prut river in 1941 just like wartime Romanian leader Marshal Antonescu did at the time.

French Ambassador to Bucharest: French business people told me they were demanded bribes in Romania. End of 2012 - best target for Romania's Schengen admission

de V.O.
Marţi, 12 Iul 2011 English | Regional Europe
The Ambassador of France to Bucharest, Henri Paul, has told in an interview with news agency Mediafax that he had the "same feeling" as the US Ambassador when French business people came to him and told him about corruption in Romania. Asked whether the business people were demanded bribes in Romania, he answered "Yes". He said in the same interview with Mediafax that the end of 2012 was the best Romania can hope for when it comes to a moment for its accession to Schengen.


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