INTERVIEW Bulgarian minister Tomislav Donchev: Bulgaria absorbed five times more funds in 2010 than in 2007-2009 Bulgaria created a ministry in 2010 to deal exclusively with the seven operational programs funded by the EU. In an interview with, Bulgarian minister Tomislav Donchev, 38, tells how his ministry managed to absorb five times more European funds in one year than in the period of 2007-2009. He says European Commission officials need to know that there is a strong political personality in the country to be responsible with European money.
President Basescu says Romania adopted crisis measures one year before other countries Romanian President Traian Basescu received European Commissioner Neelie Kroes in Bucharest on Monday. He used the occasion to note that Romania adopted necessary measures to combat the economic crisis a year before other countries but that fact was not acknowledged by anybody for the time being.
Romania is renegotiating 1996 natual gas delivery convention with Russia Romania is renegotiating its convention with the Russian Federation signed in Moscow in 1996, according to data provided by the Economy Ministry in Romania at request. The convention is important as it reffers to the quantity of Russian natural gas delivered to Romania and the transit to third countries. A major change to the convention would be the introduction of the right to resell gas delivered by Russia for Romanian consumers to other states. Also subject of renegotiation are the quantities of gas Gazprom will export to Romania, which may reach 10 billion cubic meters by 2020.
A Romanian was sentenced to 4 years of prison in the US for being part of a network that cheated users of the biggest websites of auctions and ads A 33 year old Romanian was sentenced to four years of prison by a court in Illinois for being part of a network convincing users of some websites like eBay or Craiglist to send money in exchange of fictive products. The Romanian pleaded guilty in February but prosecutors said that he admitted he opened accounts in five different American states to submit the money obtained by fraud.
Greece adopts the austerity plan The Greek Parliament voted on Wednesday the austerity budget for five years, in the context of the violent outbreak on the streets of the capital city, Reuters informs. PM George Papandreou committed before the vote to do anything to avoid a default.
EU gives green light for Croatia to become the 28th member of the EU in July 2013 The EU gave Croatia a green light to join the European Union, as it approved the end of adhesion negotiations with Zagreb that started five years ago, AFP informs. The adhesion treaty will be signed by the end of this year according to the text of the document adopted on Friday at Brussels and Croatia will become a member on July 1, 2013.
Killers of Romanian handball player Marian Cozma were sentenced to prison for life  Two of the killers of the Romanian handball player Marian Cozma, violently stabbed to death in Veszprem, Sandor Raffael and Gyozo Nemeth were sentenced to prison for life and third accused, Ivan Sztojka was sentenced to 20 years of prison, Hungarian press reports.
The richest citizen in Ruse, Bulgaria is a Romanian  The richest citizen of the Bulgarian city Ruse who won last year about 1.6 million euro is a Romanian citizen, the Bulgarian fiscal administration announced quoted by Novinite. The man, whose name has not been revealed, would have been attracted to Bulgaria by the low level of taxes maintained by the government at the level before the crisis.
Dorin Chirtoaca obtains a new mandate as Mayor of Chisinau, preliminary results show  Dorin Chirtoaca obtained a new mandate as Mayor of Chisinau according to the official data released by the Central Electoral Committee. Thus, after counting 100% of the votes, the Liberal candidate Dorin Chirtoaca received 50.6% of the cast votes while his opponent Igor Dodon receive 49.4% of the votes. According to, Dodon won over 50% of the votes in the capital city but Chirtoaca was favored among the suburbs. The victory will be officially confirmed today in a press conference at the Central Electoral Committee
Hungarian top journalist: in Hungary 90% of the people have no idea about Romania’s plans to reorganize its territory  From Hungary, the territorial reorganization of Romania are plans that will never be implemented, Hungarian journalist Istvan Pataky, senior editor at Magyar Nemzet newspaper said in a meeting with Romanian journalists. He said that 90% of the people have no idea about what is going on because this is not a problem in Hungary.
Hungary’s deputy PM: Romania’s territorial reorganization a planned and unacceptable change of the ethnic map  The project of territorial reorganization of Romania could be a planned and unacceptable change of the ethnic map and threatens the Hungarian minority in Romania deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.
Romania registered the biggest annual inflation rate in the EU of 8.5% Romania registered in May the biggest annual inflation rate among EU member states with an increase of prices of 8.5% compared to the same month in 2010 according to Eurostat, the European statistics institute. Inflation increased compared to the previous month when the indicator was 8.4%.
EC demands the National Sports Authority to give back over 1 million euro spent illegally in 2003 -2005 / Anti graft prosecutors started investigating the penal case involving PSD Deputy Cristian Rizea  The European Commission notified the National Sports Authority on April 5 to give back 1,091,150.82 euro in 20 days because they illegally spent the sum back in 2003-2005 which was at the time headed by Cristian Rizea from 2002 to 2006, the Romanian national authority informed. According to the authority, anti graft prosecutors started investigating the case in a file which involved former director at the time and current Deputy, Social Democratic Cristian Rizea.
Europol: Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen risks encouraging illegal immigration The expansion of Schengen with Romania and Bulgaria risks encouraging illegal immigration through the Greek – Turkish border, an official of Europol, the EU’s police office said at Sofia. He said that the Bulgarian coast at the Black Sea risks of becoming a new target of illegal immigration.
French Interior minister: at Paris, 80% of the petty thefts are committed by Romanian underaged  French Interior minister Claude Gueant plans to increase the number of repatriations of illegal immigrants, cut illegal immigration and makes new tough statements related to Romania felons. He announces in an interview for Journal du Dimanche 28,000 new repatriations of illegal immigrants in 2011.
Timis customs: a Congo Embassy to Serbia diplomat involved in traffic smuggling / His wife has been retained Anti graft prosecutors are conducting nine house searches in West Romania targeting an organized crime group of 14 people, Romania and Serbian citizens specialized in smuggling cigarettes a press release reads.
Benjamin Netanyahu in an official visit in Romania in the upcoming weeks Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Romania and Bulgaria in the upcoming weeks but the precise dates were not released yet, The Jerusalem Post reads. His visit is part of a diplomatic plan against the UN’s plans to acknowledge a Palestinian state.
Netherlands postpones for 2012 Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen. It is imperative for judicial reforms to be effective and irreversible  The Dutch government will pronounce in 2012 on the adhesion requests of Romania and Bulgaria to Schengen after a trial period, Dutch Immigration Minister Gerd Leers said quoted by AFP. It is too early to take a decision and it will take some time until we will be ready to make it, he said a day after the EP voted for Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen.
Eurostat: Romania’s population will drop considerably in the next 50 years to 17 million in 2060  Romania’s population will drop to 19.857 million people in 2035 from 21.462 million at the beginning of the year and by 2060 it will decrease to 17.308 million, representing one of the biggest declines in the EU, the European Statistics Institute Eurostat reveals quoted by news agency Mediafax.
Pornography and online violence across children in Romania: 25.7% of children questioned received sexual images online  In the last year, 25.7% of the children in Romania questioned by the EU Kids Online II declared that they received messages or messages with a sexual content online. 12.2% of the kids were bothered/ harassed online and 11.4% of them met offline with a person they met online. The result are part of a European investigation, EU Kids Online II, financed by the European Commission and started in 2010. A part of the conclusions of the study were presented on Wednesday in the European Parliament.


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