Netherlands postpones for 2012 Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen. It is imperative for judicial reforms to be effective and irreversible  The Dutch government will pronounce in 2012 on the adhesion requests of Romania and Bulgaria to Schengen after a trial period, Dutch Immigration Minister Gerd Leers said quoted by AFP. It is too early to take a decision and it will take some time until we will be ready to make it, he said a day after the EP voted for Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen.
Eurostat: Romania’s population will drop considerably in the next 50 years to 17 million in 2060  Romania’s population will drop to 19.857 million people in 2035 from 21.462 million at the beginning of the year and by 2060 it will decrease to 17.308 million, representing one of the biggest declines in the EU, the European Statistics Institute Eurostat reveals quoted by news agency Mediafax.
Pornography and online violence across children in Romania: 25.7% of children questioned received sexual images online  In the last year, 25.7% of the children in Romania questioned by the EU Kids Online II declared that they received messages or messages with a sexual content online. 12.2% of the kids were bothered/ harassed online and 11.4% of them met offline with a person they met online. The result are part of a European investigation, EU Kids Online II, financed by the European Commission and started in 2010. A part of the conclusions of the study were presented on Wednesday in the European Parliament.
Local elections at Chisinau: 99.6% of the processed votes: Igor Dodon 48.06%, Dorin Chirtoaca 46.52% The Communists’ candidate to the local elections in the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon got 48.06% followed by incumbent Dorin Chirtoaca with 46.52% after counting 99.6% of the votes, the latest partial official results released by the Central Electoral Committee show. In these conditions, a second round of elections will be organized in two weeks, reads.
Dutch Ambassador to the EU: I do not believe Romania has a rule of law Netherlands does not believe Romania is governed by the rule of law because there are still problem related to the reform of the judiciary in our country, Dutch Ambassador said at the EU. According to a coverage made by RFI radio quoting EU sources, Romania’s rule of law was contested last week at Brussels during a meeting of Ambassadors to the EU.
Bloomberg: Romania’s loan costs reached the lowest level in November  Romania’s loan costs dropped to their smallest level in November after spending cuts increased the trust of investors, Bloomberg informs. IMF chief of mission in Romania, Jeffrey Franks declared last week in an interview for the news agency that the government should take advantage of the low cost on financial markets to cut debt on short term.
UPDATE Communist Igor Dodon leads by 52.62% after counting 60% of the votes / Chirtoaca is on second, with 43.10% UPDATE 4:15 PM Igor Dodon, the candidate of the Communists for the city hall chair leads by 52.62% followed by incumbent mayor with 43.10% after counting 60% of the votes, the latest results released by the Central Electoral Committee read. Dodon increased its advance compared to the previous results announced earlier this morning.
Protest rally at Helsinki against Roma beggars  A protest rally was organized on Sunday in front of the Romanian Embassy to Helsinki against Roma beggars from Romania that spread in Finland. Two Finnish citizens decided to live for 12 days in a trailer and beg each day.
Spiegel: Romanians and Bulgarians become the problematic group in Germany Spiegel dedicates eight pages of its last but one number to Romania and one article in particular, signed by Ozlem Gezer reads that Bulgarians and Romanians become the problematic group in Germany. According to the journalist, Turks and Arabs are out of the spotlight in the theme regarding Germany’s integration policy failure. Poor, exploited, with illiterate children, they are EU citizens that do not fit any standard, the article reads.
E.Coli hysteria: Germany and Czech Republic do not import cucumbers from Romania German and the Czech Republic decided to block all contracts and not purchase cucumbers from Romanian producers and from those in the EU until the source of the contamination is established. Romanians export 160 tons of cucumbers each day, Agriculture Ministry state secretary Adrian Radulescu said for a news television.
Unemployment rate in the EU dropped in April to 9.4%  Unemployment rate in the EU dropped in April to 9.4% from 9.5% in the previous month and the one in the euro zone was 9.9% to a similar level to the one registered in March according to Eurostat data. In the similar period of 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.7% in the EU and of 10.2% in the euro zone.
EPP group is not involved in the organization of the Representation of the Romanian region dominated by the Hungarian minority at Brussels   EPP President of the European Parliament, Joseph Daul said that his party is not involved in any way in the organization of the reception on May 31 at the opening of the Representation of the Romanian region dominated by the Hungarian minority at Brussels.
Romanian Bogdan Ota, a pianist amazed the jury of a contest in Norway: You are so talented, Romania should be so proud of you  Romanian 32 year old pianist, Bogdan Ota amazed Norway with his talent. He won the second place in the Norwegians have talent show but the reactions of the jury seemed to have mattered most. One member of the jury said that his music is wonderful and that he is so talented that Romania should be proud of him.
DailyMail: the dress wore by the Duchess of Cambridge at a meeting with US first lady Michelle Obama was made in Romania by workers who receive 1 euro/hour The dress wore by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge at the meeting she had with the US First Lady Michelle Obama was made in Romania by workers who receive 1.15 euro/hour, British daily DailyMail reads. The dress was bought at a Reiss shop, with about 201 euro.
Lech Walesa refuses meeting with Barack Obama  Lech Walesa, former leader of the Solidarity union, former President of Poland and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1983 declared on Friday that he will not accept the invitation to meet with President Barack Obama, AFP reads. Walesa was due to meet the US President on Saturday.
500 year old lime tree in Leliceni Romania named Europe’s tree of the year, awarded at Brussels  A 500 year old lime tree in Leliceni, Romania was awarded at Brussels after winning the European contest of “European Tree of the year”, Romania’s Foreign Affairs ministry informs. The lime tree received over 20,000 votes. The tree is 500 years old, is 20 meters high and 390 cm thick.
Austria reintroduces temporary controls at borders on June 4-9 Austria will reintroduce temporary controls at its borders started June 4 to June 9 2011, Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry informs in a press release. Austrian authorities took the measure to organize the World Economic Forum held this year in Vienna on June 8-9.
MEPs invited to a launching reception of the representation of the Romanian region dominated by Hungarian minority at Brussels  Members of the European Parliament received an invitation from MEPs Laszlo Tokes, Csaba Sogor and Iuliu Wingler to a reception launching the representation of the Romanian region dominated by the Hungarian minority (Tinutul Secuiesc) at Brussels, news agency Agerpres reads.
UPDATE Christine Lagarde announced her candidacy to the IMF French Finance minister Christine Lagarde announced officially her plans to run for director of the IMF, AFP informs. Lagarde is considered favored to occupy the position previously held by Dominique Strauss Kahn and is sustained by France, Germany and Great Britain.
Serbia Presidency confirms Boris Tadic's decision not to attend CEE summit due to Kosovo A decision by Serbia President Boris Tadic not to attend the summit of Central and Eastern European countries, due to take place in Warsaw on May 27-28, has been confirmed in a press release of the the Serbian Presidency, quoted by news agency Tanjug. The reason is that Kosovo would not be presented asymmetrically compared to other participants at the summit, which is necessary at such high level reunions.


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