Romanian arrested on Malta airport with 2 kg of cocaine  A Romanian citizen was arrested on the international airport in Malta, following a 2 kg cocaine capture, the local police announced. Drugs were hidden in the luggage of a 62 year old Romania coming from Zurich, reports.
Judo: Alina Dumitru, European Champion at Istanbul  Romanian Alina Dumitru won the golden medal at the European Judo Championship at Istanbul. This is the seventh title won by the Romanian sportswoman after she beat Hungarian Eva Csernoviczki in the final.
Vladimir Voronin accuses Moldovan Defense ministry of forging secret deals with Bucharest  PCRM leader, Vladimir Voronin accused the Moldovan Defense ministry that it forget secret deals with Bucharest, pleading for Moldova’s complete neutrality, Romanian news agency Mediafax reads quoting Timpul daily. Former Moldovan President organized a press conference to present a draft law on the country’s neutrality statute.
Italian press: President Traian Basescu offered to host Tunisian immigrants  Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was called by Romanian President Traian Basescu who offered to host 200 Tunisian immigrants, a press release of the Italian government reads quoted by the Italian press.
Schengen: Romania and Bulgaria are ready to implement the acquis Romania and Bulgaria proved that they are as ready as they can be to implement all Schengen acquis in a satisfying manner, the report set up by MEP Carlos Coelho on Schengen extension reads. The report will be presented on Tuesday morning in the EP Commission for Civil Liberties (LIBE), Romanian news agency Agerpres reads.
Romanian astronaut Dumitru Prunariu will be decorated by Dmitri Medvedev at the 50 years anniversary of the first man to fly into space  Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will decorate on Tuesday, the astronauts that contributed to the space exploration including Romanian Dumitru Prunariu, Romanian news agency Agerpres reports quoting the Kremlin’s press service. The ceremony marks 50 years since the first man flew into space, on April 12, 1961 by Yuri Gagarin who remains a national hero and a symbol of Russian domination in space explorations. The event is marked in Moscow and across Russia through exhibits, conferences and concerts.
Financial Times: Romania threatened by stagflation Stagflation, reflected in a stagnation of the economic activity and continuation of an inflationist process is being felt in Europe including Romania, Stefan Wagstyl Financial Times editor for emerging markets writes in his blog, beyondbrics. He notes that the annual inflation increased in March at 8% while the economy is struggling to grow after two years of recession.
Geneva’s inventions expo: 24 gold medals, 18 silver medals, 7 bronze medals and 20 special prizes for Romania  Romania’s delegation at the Geneva inventions exhibition obtained 24 gold medals, 18 silver medals, 7 bronze medals, 20 special prizes, Romania’s National Authority for Scientific Research informs quoted by Agerpres.
Topoloveni jam on the European quality food products list The famous Romanian Topoloveni jam joins over 1,000 food and other products protected by the European quality food system. Romania has local traditions with an extraordinary potential and the European recognition of the Topoloveni jam is just one step in the rpomotion and protection of the quality of Romanian products, EC Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos said.
EC formally requests Romania to eliminate regulated prices in natural gas and electric energy  The European Commission made an official request to Romania, Poland and Italy to comply with EU regulations and align their regulated prices for natural gas and energy, a press release of the EC reads. According to it, the Commission decided to send motivated requests to the three member states. If they do not respect the obligations in two months, the Commission can address the Court of Justice.
Number of suicidal Romanians in Italian prisons alarmingly high / Romanian Justice ministry said it is worried 15 detainees killed themselves this year in Italian prisons of which 4 were Romanian citizens. Justice minister Predoiu sent an official letter to his Italian counterpart, declaring that Romania is worried by the cases registered in the last weeks.
AUDIO INTERVIEW Hannes Swoboda, deputy head of EP Socialist Group: MEP Adrian Severin has all reasons to resign and leave European Parliament Hannes Swoboda, the deputy head of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, has said in an interview with that Romanian MEP Adrian Severin had all the reasons to resign following the recent Sunday Times-sparked scandal in which he and other members of the European body became suspect of corruption. Swoboda said that "our principle is zero tolerance in relation to corruption and bribes", but that he did not think Severin could be forced in any way to resign from the European Parliament.
Romanian chosen by Google to receive one of the ten scholarships awarded to students with disabilities A Romania, who is pursuing her Phd at a British university, was among the ten names chosen by Google to receive a scholarship for the most valuable students with disabilities at universities across EU, Switzerland and Israel. Romanian Aurora Constantain taught physics for two decades at a high school in Slatina and currently she is pursuing her Phd at Edinburgh University and participates in a project that uses technology to help autism children interact with the world.
Romanians in Hungary want to get Romanian citizenship A list of persons from Hungary, Romanian ethnics wishing to receive Romanian citizenship is currently prepare, Eva Iova, Romanian from Hungary and director of the Romanian publication in Hungary Foaia Romaneasca declared in a teleconference organized by Cristian Diaconescu.
US: A Romanian who tried to blackmail an American millionaire he worked for as a butler was arrested  A Romanian who worked as a butler in the family of the American millionaire Anne Bass, age 68, was arrested by police officers accused that in 2007 he held hostage his former mistress and her boyfriend, and injected them with a liquid that he claimed it was a deadly virus, DailyNews reads. Emanuel Nicolescu, aged 32 was accused on Thursday by a federal court in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
A 51 year old Romanians killed himself in the square where Italy’s unification was being celebrated A 51 year old Romanian died on Thursday, in Rome, after throwing himself off the Vittoriano monument, as Italians were celebrating 150 years since Italy’s unification, correspondent reports.
European Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger about the nuclear accident in Japan: it’s the apocalypse, I do not exclude the worst  European Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger qualified on Tuesday, the nuclear accident in Japan as an apocalypse, saying that local authorities practically lost control of the situation at the Fukushima plant, AFP informs.
 President Basescu’s statements at the EU Summit on Libya triggered a new nervous breakdown of Nicolas Sarkozy – EUObserver  President Traian Basescu’s statements at the recent EU Summit on Libya triggered a new nervous breakdown of Nicolas Sarkozy, determining Angela Merkel to call for calmness, EUObserver reads, quoting unidentified sources.
Romanian President in Brussels for European Council meeting Romanian President Traian Basescu was in Brussels on Friday to attend the extraordinary meeting of the European Council, the agenda of which includes the political situation in Libya and countries in the region, news agency Agerpres reports. The Friday meeting was called by European Council president Herman Van Rompuy because of the political situation in European Union's neighboring countries in the south.
VIDEO Sonja Kreibich, economic attache at German Embassy: investors complain of difficulty to find qualified work force in Romania One of the problems of the Romanian economy that German investors complain about is the difficulty to find skilled workers here, says Sonja Kreibich, economic attache at the German Embassy to Romania, in an interview with She said Romania remains an interesting market to invest as it has very significant strengths and says the country really needed to implement structural reforms.


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