Discovery reshuffles its operations in the region / Three Romanians in the South East European management  Ada Roseti, Andrei Grigorescu and Gabriela Stoian are part of the South East European Discovery Networks as Discovery reshuffled its organization at the regional level, an official press release reads. This shows that the Bucharest office becomes the most important in the region which included Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia.
Russia accuses EU, US and Romania for pressuring Moldova  EU, US and Romania pressure Moldova’s political processes in an attempt to draw the state towards their area of influence, Russia’s Ambassador to Chisinau, Valeri Kuzmin declared. During the electoral campaign, Russia adopted a politically correct attitude, as the practice of international relations requests it, the Russian diplomat said.
Wired: how Ramnicu Valcea transformed into Hackerville With only 120,000 people, Ramnicu Valcea is known to security experts across the world as Hackerville because the town is full of online hackers that haunt the city’s streets in expensive European cars, an article in the prestigious American IT magazine Wired reads about Ramnicu Valcea.
Bulgarian press: Bulgaria’s technical report postponed due to Slovenia Some problems raised by Slovenia caused the adoption of Bulgaria’s technical report for Schengen to be postponed, Bulgarian deputy Interior minister Dimitar Georgiev declared, SofiaEcho reads quoting the Bulgarian news agency BTA.
EPP group demands Germany and France to give a “powerful political signal” to Romania and Bulgaria regarding Schengen adhesion  EPP Conservative group in the European Parliament, demanded France and Germany to give a “powerful political signal” to Romania and Bulgaria regarding their perspectives to adhere to Schengen, AFP informs.
Experts adopted Romania's technical report for Schengen. Sources: Bulgaria's reports postponed Members of the Schengen evaluation group adopted on Friday the technical report on the implementation in Romania of necessary systems to join Schengen, Marian Tutilescu, head of the Schengen Department in Romania's Interior and Administration Ministry, has told Sources in Brussels said that Bulgaria's two technical reports have been postponed as Sofia is "surprisingly" late in providing answers to experts' requests.
Dutch gipsy, survivor of Holocaust criticizes Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and France for undignified treatment towards the gipsy  Zoni Weisz, a Dutch gipsy, survivor of the Holocaust held on Thursday, in Berlin the first speech on behalf of the community as Germany marks the commemoration of Nazi victims, according to AFP. At over 65 years since the Holocaust, Zoni Weisz held a speech in front of the Bundestag, accusing Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and France that it treats the Roma community undignified.
Two Romanians sentenced in Great Britain for traffic of persons and prostitution A British court sentenced Marius Nejloveanu and his father, Bogdan to 21 and 6 years of prison for traffic of persons and prostitution, CNN reads. The two brought to Great Britain at least 5 women aged between 15 to 23 years old whom they obliged to prostitute in Manchester, Birmingham and other cities.
Romanian Ioana Visan: “I am a lucky girl; Meeting PM Berlusconi is like touching the sky” Italian daily La Repubblica released in its 23rd of January edition an interview with Romanian Ioana Visan, the young Romanian girl involved in the Rubygate scandal which targets PM Berlusconi. In the interview the 32 year old Romanian, known as Annina, brings new details related to her relationship with Berlusconi, which she met several years ago at the theater.
UPDATE Suicide bomber kills 35 and injured 130 on Domodedovo international airport in Moscow / Authorities are looking for three suspects A new toll announce 31 dead and over 130 injured in the explosion that took place on Monday on the Russian international airport Domodedovo, RIA Novosti informs. From the first information, it seems to have been a suicide bomber. 6:30 PM A spokesperson of the airport declares the toll is 35 deaths. 6:15 PM Several police sources said it was a suicide bomber and the bomb’s power is the equivalent of 5 kg of TNT. The attacker was in the middle of the crowd that was waiting for travelers to arrive when the bomb went off.
The French are pleased by the competences of nurses from Romania / There are only advantages with their arrival, a French surgeon says  12 Romanian nurses started working, as of December 18, at the Les Chenes hospital, from Aire sur L Ádour in the Landes region in France. They gain 1,500 euro/monthly and everybody is satisfied with their work. The nurses chose to leave the country mainly because in Romania they earn somewhere between 150 to 300 euro/month, publication reads.
Bulgarian customs officers arrested for requesting money from foreigners  Bulgarian authorities arrested 14 customs officers working at the bridge across the Danube with Romania, accused of requesting money from foreigners who were outside the EU, Novinite informs. The National Bulgarian Radio declared that some of the customs officers requested different sums in dollars.
Cuba: New blows and misfortunes If thousands of Cubans think of the 12 months of 2010 as a period of sustained beating, they will not find 2011 any better. The year is going to thrust them into a much deeper suffering and a lot more is to be expected. The predictions made at the start of the year 2011 are not better in the sense that Cuba would finally leave behind the air of doom and anxiety. Quite the opposite.
Transcripts in the sexgate scandal in Italy: Two Romanians attended Berlusconi’s parties  In early January prosecutors in Milan launched a penal investigation targeting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, suspected of traffic of influence and sexual relations with an underage girl, of Moroccan origin, Ruby El Mahroug.
Serbians want to create a hologram of the former bridge built by Apolodor of Damascus across the Danube Serbian authorities plan to create by 2012 a hologram which would replicate the bridge built by Apolodor of Damascus across the Danube 1,900 years ago before the Roman invasion in Dacia, AFP reads. Serbia’s project is sustained by the European Investment Bank and other European banks. Authorities also plan to rehabilitate Roman sites and modernized for tourism with investments of 13 million euro. Miomir Korac, the project’s director said that by 2012 a holographic projection of the bridge will be ready that would represent a replica after the famous bridge. The hologram will have 150-200 meters, a lot shorter than the actual bridge that had 1.6 km.
Polish investigation on the Smolensk tragedy: Russian air traffic controllers mislead the pilots of the Presidential plane  Russian air traffic controllers from the Smolensk airport, where the plane of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed, mislead the Polish pilots with the position of the airplane, the Polish committee investigating the crush announced on Thursday, AFP reads.
Republic of Moldova: Vlad Filat II government installed  The Chisinau parliament approved on Friday the government and the governing program presented by Vlad Filat. Therefore, the Filat II government received the vote of trust of the parliament. 59 deputies, members of the Alliance for European Integration voted for the government. Communists did not attend the vote, reads.
Romania, part of the European semester  Starting this year, Romania will join the European Semester, which means that the 2012 budget will be first presented to the EU Finance ministers before it will be sent to the Parliament for approval. The European Semester was launched yesterday, as EU President Jose Manuel Barroso presented the Annual Growth Survey. The European Semester is a common coordination instrument of the economic and fiscal policies of EU member states through which the EU monitors budgetary disciplines, macro-economic stability and growth policies.
Romanian drug dealer, arrested in Venezuela A Romanian drug dealer was arrested in Venezuela. The announcement was made by the Interior minister of the country, quoted by France Presse.
Bodo Hombach: Mass media in Romania, mostly controlled by oligarchs  Bodo Hombach, chief of WAZ media group announces at Deutsclandradio Kultur a new withdrawal from South Eastern Europe and talks about the press in Romania, following the group’s decision this summer to sell its shares at the Romanian daily Romania libera. Mass media in Romania is mostly in the hand of some oligarchs, more precisely in the hand of several businessmen who won their money in other sectors, Bodo Hombach said, quoted by RFI radio.


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