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Renault group to launch sport version for Logan, hopes to win 4 EuroNCAP stars with Sandero

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 19 iunie 2008, 13:28 English | Business

The Renault group will launch in 2009 a sport version of its Logan model, powered by a 133 horse-power engine, the same with the one on Twingo Renault sport. The group still has to decide whether the Sandero model will benefit from the same treatment in Romania, said the Sandero product manager, Sophie Albertus, for According to Albertus, Sandero may be expected to win four EuroNCAP stars in the passengers safety tests, more than Logan Sedan.

Albertus said that it is not yet cleat whether Sander will have a sport version in Romania or not, since three-volumes cars are preferred here. For the same reason, Sandero is not expected to exceed the Logan sedan sales in Romania anytime soon, although optimistic voices said this may already happen in 2009.

At Sandero, the 1.6 liter version on regular fuel will also benefit from GPL (liquified petroleum gas) installations.

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