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Romania's public debt increased by 32.3% to 108.9 billion Romanian Ron last year

de A.C.
Marţi, 10 februarie 2009, 15:18 English | Business

Romania's overall public debt increased by 32.26% to almost 108.9 billion Romanian Ron last year, accounting for 21.21% of the estimated GDP for 2008, according to Romanian news agency NewsIn, quoting data from the Finance ministry. At the end of 2007, Romania's overall public debt amounted to 82.3 billion Romanian Ron, accounting for 19.94% of GDP.

On December 31, 2008, more than half of the public debt was in Romanian Ron (59.6%), 27.68% in euro and 9.57% in dollars. In terms of instruments, almost a third of the governmental debt was represented by state loans, 9.42% in state bonds and 8.49% in euro-bonds, 8.3% in treasury certificates and 1.81% in cash management instruments.

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