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EXIT POLLS Governing Social Liberal Union gets over 50% of votes in Romania parliamentary elections

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Duminică, 9 decembrie 2012, 21:04 English | Top News

Romania's governing Social Liberal Union (USL), formed of Social Democrats and Liberals, scored over 50% of votes in parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to exit polls presented by TV channels at 9 p.m. today.

  • The exit poll results are "affected" by a large number of voters who notably refused to tell poll operators whom they voted with, as one polling institute director has said.

USL faced the Right Romania Alliance (ARD, formed of groups supportive of President Traian Basescu), the populist Dan Diaconescu Popular Party (PPDD) and the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR). The exit polls show that UDMR is on the brink of losing presence in the parliament, with a score of only 5% in polls that have a 1% margin.

  • CSCI exit poll presented by Romania TV channel: 57% USL, 21% ARD, PPD 11% 5% UDMR
  • Geopol Institute exit poll presented by Realitatea TV channel: USL - 57%, ARD - 18%, PPDD - 14%, UDMR - 5%
  • CSOP poll presented by B1 TV: USL- 54%; ARD- 19% PPDD -10% UDMR -5%
  • CURS poll presented by TVR: USL - 57.58 %, ARD -18.87  %, PPDD -13.09  %, UDMR - 5.16%
  • CCSB poll presented by Antena 3 channel: Senate - USL - 58.3%; ARD - 19.6%; PPDD - 14.1%; UDMR - 5.2% / CCSB poll presented by Antena 3 channel - House of Deputies: USL - 56.8%; ARD - 19%; PPDD - 13.8%; UDMR - 5.1%

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