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Romania may be first European country to host small, neighborhood nuclear mini-plant

de A.C.
Luni, 10 noiembrie 2008, 11:04 English | Top News

A small nuclear plant, able to cover the necessary energy needs of some 20,000 households could be for sale in five years' time and Romania would be the first country to install such a plant, the British daily The Guardian informs, quoted by NewsIn. 

The plant was made by Los Alamos scientists, the American governmental labs that made the first atomic bomb. The miniature plants will be sealed and their parts are non-detachable and impossible to steal because they will be fixed with concrete and buried underground.

Such a plant will cost about 25 million dollars. For 10,000 households, the price will be 2,500 dollars for every household which is affordable, considering that the energy will cost 10 cents/watt. The reactors are small and will be delivered by truck and recharged every 7-10 years.

The American government offered the license to Hyperion, a company located in New Mexico. Hyperion executive director John Deal declared that he already received serious offers and will start production in five years time. Deal said he has more than 100 orders.

Romania's National Committee for Nuclear Control's officials declared that they did not receive any notification regarding the authorization of the mini nuclear plant and has no idea of the project, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

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