Romania 2011 Baccalaureate shocks nation as less than half students pass exam Some 44.47% of Romanian high school students passed the 2011 Baccalaureate last week - the lowest graduation rate in the history of the country. According to data provided by education authorities on Sunday, the extremes were reported in the counties of Caras Severin (24.82% graduation rate) and Suceava (65.03% graduation rate, as compared to 87.39% in 2010).
President Basescu: seems like some are sensitive when talking about history as well… where is the problem? It seems that some are sensitive even when talking about history, Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Thursday, commenting the statements made by the Russian Foreign Affairs ministry who criticized the Romanian chief of state for his insolence related to the statements related to the attack of the USSR in 1941.
Russia’s Foreign Affairs ministry criticizes Basescu for a shameful insolence regarding his statements, attacking the USSR   Romanian President Traian Basescu raised a wave of dissatisfaction in the Russian Foreign Affairs ministry following his statements according to which he would have done like Ion Antonescu back in 1941 and sent Romanian soldiers to cross the Prut river against Russia. A spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister said that Basescu made a shameful insolent statement that stain the memory of millions of victims and need to receive an adequate appreciation from civilized Europe.
IT&C Forum Romania – China: Romania became China’s fourth commercial partner in the European area The volume of commerce between the two countries exceeds 3.7 billion dollars last year which makes Romania the fourth important commercial partner in the European area, China’s Industry Ministry Guo Jiangbing and chief of the Chinese delegation in Romania said at an economic IT&C forum.
Government’s intent letter to the IMF: the selection of new state company manages will start in August  The government committed to cease any extension of management contracts at state owned companies after January 1, 2012 and the selection will be international, as exclusively wrote. The intent letter of the government reads that not just CEO positions will be out on the market but also the positions of financial directors. The new managers will have the liberty to operate the modifications they will see fit.
Bucharest government to request the EC an updated study on the impact of labour market liberalization over EU member state economies / Restrictions for Romanians might be extended Authorities in Bucharest will demand that European Commission to conduct an updated study on the impact of labour market liberalization over EU member state economies in an attempt to push for a lift of restrictions for Romanian workers, a document of the executive reads quoted by news agency Mediafax.
Romania’s national football team on 53 in a world top / Romanians, after Burkina Faso, Jamaica and Panama  Romania’s national football team was classed on 53 in the FIFA top. The Romanian national team fell 11 positions compared to the last top in May 2011 when Romania was on the 42nd position. Just a month away, Romania made it after Burkina Faso (on 37).
EU funds worth 86 million euro for broadband internet for Romania might be unlocked in November 2011  Romanian authorities and EC officials agreed on the way to use some EU funds worth 86 million euro for the creation of an internet broadband infrastructure in the so called white areas in Romania, the areas without internet possibilities), Communications minister Valerian Vreme said. He expressed his hope that the contract will be signed around November and the project implemented in 24 months. The EC has been waiting since 2007 a project from Romania for the money and in 2010 it decided to block the money following an attempt to redirect the money on other projects.
Romania loses billions of euro for not selling the surplus of CO2 certificates  Romania owns a surplus of 300 millions of CO2 certificates that were of great value three years ago when Romania could have easily obtained 3 billion euro if sold then. Meanwhile, they lost their value and the state could only get 1.2 billion euro. However, the government did not manage to sell the certificates as the necessary legislation was adopted last year only. A year after its adoption, the government realized that the legislation needs to be changed. The excuse of the authorities was that it lacked experience regarding procedural aspects. tried to obtain some information from the Economy ministry related to the status of the certificates but the answers have nothing to do with the subject at hand.
Christine Lagarde is the IMF director French Economy minister Christine Lagarde was named director of the IMF, becoming the first woman to occupy the position, AFP reads. The IMF board chose Lagarde as general director and president of the board for a 5 year mandate starting July 5, 2011 a press release of the IMF reads quoted by Reuters.
Jeffrey Franks: there are signs that Romania’s economy slowed down its growth in Q2 The advance of the exports and industrial production decreased in the second quarter according to preliminary data which will lead to an economic growth below the level of the first quarter, IMF chief of Romania Jeffrey Franks said in an interview for news agency Mediafax.
Agriculture Ministry: Romanian vegetable producers demand 1.46 million euro compensation from the EU Romanian vegetable producers requested compensation worth 1.46 million euro from the European Commission following the losses incurred due to the E.coli cases in several European countries Romanian Agriculture minister Valeriu Tabara declared on Tuesday quoted by news agency Mediafax. Each producer needs to recover his losses from that period, Tabara said.
Daniel Daianu the first Romanian invited to be part of the European Foreign Relations Council  Professor Daniel Daianu was invited in the last days to be part of the European Foreign Relations Councils, a European think tank that reunites about 140 prominent persons from politics and business. The European organization is the equivalent of the Council for European Relations in New York.
Traian Basescu: Greek banks had an important say in Romania’s recovery from the crisis President Traian Basescu declared on Tuesday after a meeting with the Greek President that Greece is the fifth investor in Romania in the banking sector, food sector, telecommunications and others. All the seven banks that operate on the Romanian market have a good behavior and do well and honest, Basescu said. He said that the Greek banks own 27% of the Romanian market which is why they had an important contribution in helping Romania pull from the crisis.
Google launched in Romania advanced GPS navigation on Android cells  Google launched on Monday in Romania the Map Navigation service, a free application that works on all cells with a GPS chip and Android operating system. The new service will be available on all cells that have versions from 1.6 to 2.3 and will use the internet connection of smartphones to download the latest maps.
Teodor Baconschi: the abdication of King Michael needs to be treated as a tragic episode in our history The abdication of King Michael was a tragic episode in our history, Romania’s Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi said in a – RFI talk show with Dan Tapalaga. Baconschi said that any historical evaluation should normally be done in an urban climate. President Basescu said on Wednesday, June 22nd at the public television that the abdication of King Michael was a betrayal of Romania’s national interest and that the former sovereign was the slave of the Russians.
President Basescu’s address to the Parliament: I believe it would be a great mistake not to accept the limitations to immunity President Basescu addresses the Parliament on matters of internal politics, news agency Agerpres informs. The chief of state said that he believed it was necessary to address the Parliament to underline some o the elements proposed for the revision of the Constitution. During his speech, opposition leaders Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta talk to journalists in another chamber of the Parliament. News television Realitatea TV airs images without sound with the two leaders of the opposition talking to journalists.
IMF board holds the first meeting of the evaluation of the new agreement with Romania  IMF board will hold on Monday the first evaluation meeting of the new stand by agreement with Romania according to the program released by the institution, news agency Agerpres reads.
President Basescu to address the Parliament at 3 PM  President Basescu will address the Parliament on Monday, at 3 PM on issues like internal politics, news agency Agerpres informs. The chief of state previously said that he will call the Parliamentarians to find a formula to introduce in the project revising the fundamental law the mention that work is the main prosperity supplier for every citizen.
Unemployment rate increased to 7.6% in Q1 / 741,000 people were jobless Unemployment rate, according to the International Labour Office was 7.6% in the first quarter of the year compared to the 7.3% registered in the previous quarter but it registered a decrease compared to the 2010 first quarter when unemployment was 8.1%, the National Statistics Institute reads. The highest unemployment rate, of 23.6% was registered among young people ages 15 to 24.


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