Final results for first European elections in Romania The Central Electoral Office (BEC) announce don Tuesday the final results and data for the first European elections and a referendum on changes to the voting system that took place in Romania on Sunday. According to BEC, 26.49% of Romanian voters attended the referendum, 81.35% of which said they agreed with the changes proposed by President Basescu that a two-round uninominal voting system be introduced in Romania. Final results for the EP elections did not change the order set by exit polls on Sunday evening.
Ex-Foreign Minister proposed for Romanian Foreign Intelligence Romanian President Traian Basescu put forward the name of former Foreign minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu to lead the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) of the country. Last week several newspapers informed that the President planned to nominate Ungureanu for SIE. Sources argue that Ungureanu accepted the proposal on the grounds that Romania has no coherent foreign representation.
Romania: Political reactions to Sunday EP poll, referendum Political leaders in Romania and the European Parliament reacted promptly on Sunday evening to the exit-polls of the first EP elections that took place in Romania today and to the referendum organized simultaneously for the introduction of uninominal voting but which which failed due to low turnout.
Democrats come best placed in first EP elections in Romania. Apathy mars referendum Only a fourth of Romanian voters showed up on Sunday at the first European Parliament elections that took place in Romania after it joined the EU in January this year, according to the first data announced on closing polls. A referendum called by President Basescu for today, on the introduction of uninominal voting in Romania, was reported to have registered similar turnout numbers, well under the 50 percent plus one vote needed to pass, thus invalidating the support of some 90 percent of people who cast a vote.
 Voters turnout: Uninominal vote referendum - 12.88% (14:00h), 11.67% (13.00h) The Central Electoral Office announced that the voters turnout at the referendum for changing the electoral law to an uninominal vote system was 12.88% at 14:00h, with average rates of 10.95% in urban areas and 15.54% in rural areas.An average rate of 11.67% was reported for the turnout in the first elections for the European Parliament, with a presence of 10.11% in urban areas and 13.84% in rural areas. The participation rate is at its lowest in Bucharest - 9.79% present at the referendum and 9.12% at the European Parliament elections.
Romania holds first European Parliament elections, referendum on Sunday Some 18 million Romanians are invited to cast their vote on Sunday in the first European Parliament elections taking place in the country after Romania joined the EU in January 1. The EP poll takes place simultaneously with a referendum called by President Traian Basescu on the introduction of a radical uninominal voting system in Romania.
Romania EP election campaign: porn stars, pickles, air fresheners and bear shows Candidates and parties used some of the most weird and ingenious methods to compel voters to choose them in Romania European Parliament elections due to take place on Sunday, November 25. Several weeks of campaign saw them on skating rinks, tasting pickles, courting porn stars and beginning a new life as bloggers. This is the first European poll in the country since joining the EU in January this year.
Only two TV stations allowed to present exit polls on Sunday The Realitatea TV and the Antena 1 TV stations, both specialized in news broadcasting, are the only stations which will present exit poll results on Sunday, when the elections for the European Parliament and the uninominal vote referendum take place. Specialists from several social science institutes explained for that there were no demands for polls, given the low interest of the populace towards the elections on Sunday.
German paper: Romanian businessman-politician Becali is "most bizarre politician" "The savior of Romania sits in his 500,000 euro car, a Mercedes Maybach, and enjoys karaoke", German Die Tageszeitung writes about George Becali. "He sings loudly 'God is with us". Still, he fails when it comes to the high notes, but the music covers his falsetto: the CD player is at its maximum power", the paper continues, quoted by Romanian monitoring agency Rador.
National Integrity Council presidency candidates validated The National Integrity Council (CNI) validated on Friday all 10 candidates who run for the presidency of the National Integrity Agency, after the session on Thursday was closed for lack of quorum. The Integrity Agency (ANI) will be the institution enabled to check on the dignitaries' wealth.
Economy Minister: Romania will benefit from European funds of at least 2.5 billion euro Economy and Finance Minister Varujan Vosganian declared on Friday that he expects Romania to absorb in 2008 some 3.5 - 3 billion euro worth of European funds, after benefiting from only 1.5 billions in 2007, NewsIn informs. "From the point of view of institutions, the thing are prepared. We introduced in the 2008 budget draft an absorption rate between 2.5 and 3 billion euro", said Vosganian.
Central Bank against Govt. salary policy Central Bank Governor Mugur Isarescu drew the attention towards the fact that the monetary policy of the institution he leads must be helped and supported by the wage and fiscal policies of the Romanian Government. "It is impossible to have a long term inflation rate under 10% when the salaries grow with rates well above 10%”, said Isarescu in an interview for the Market News International (MNI) news agency.
Romania qualifies to Euro 2008 football championship In the last game, played against Albania, Romania’s national football team took advantage on the fact that Albanians chose an opened game and paid their dues towards supporters after a poor game against Bulgaria. With a final score showing an incredible 6:1. Dica (x2), Tamas, Daniel Niculae (x2) and Marica offered a game with no reply.
Romanian President Basescu challenges constitutionality of Government's uninominal voting system Romanian President Traian Basescu challenged the uninominal voting system proposed by a Government-supported bill at the Constitutional Court on Wednesday. According to Romanian law, Basescu was expected to have his say on the bill put forward by the government by November 26, a day after a referendum on the introduction of uninominal voting in Romania, in a different formula proposed by Basescu. But it is highly unlikely the Court will have an answer to Basescu's challenge by then.
US Ambassador to Romania says new Transilvania highway is strategic advancement for the US The highway project linking the center of Romania with its Western borders might put to NATO and US military use. American Ambassador to Romania Nicholas Taubman said during a visit to the city of Cluj that besides any economic advantages a highway may presume, it is also a strategic point for the armed forces.
Bad weather warning for half of Romania Meteorologists have issued an orange code flood warning for three counties in South Romania while other 20 are under yellow code warning for bad weather. By Sunday night, dozens of houses were isolated and electricity networks affected in 45 villages. While floods threaten the southern part of Romania, the North of the country faces heavy snow.
Ceausescu's secret police tried to kill ex-head Pacepa with 10,000 dollars The Romanian secret services - the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Romanian Foreign Service (SIE) - are blocking the access to the names of former secret police officers who coordinated with terrorist Carlos the Jackal several killings in the 80's, says Richard Cummings, former security head of Radio Free Europe.
The Economist: “A dissertation on Romanian pork: Sometimes it is better not to apply the full rigour of European rules” In a wide article dedicated to the way Romanian people will spend their Christmas, The Economist writes about the two major concerns: it costs a lot and the way Romanian sacrifice their pigs is not accepted by the European regulations. Of course, the main source of discontent refers to the European rules. Speaking of money, the European Commission threatens to freeze a 180 million Euro financing in case Romania doesn’t abide the term to instate the anti-fraud control authorities.
Romania - 13th worst polluter in Europe. US lead globally Romania ranks 13th among the top pollution producers in Europe, with 34.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Red alerts were recorded for Germany (356 million tons), the United Kingdom (212 million tons) and Poland (166 million tons). On a global level, Romania ranks 33rd.
Head of British Petroleum Romania suspect of involvement in Carlos the Jackal's terrorist bombing Five Romanian diplomats who worked in Bonn during the Communist regime were recently accused by the Institute for Researching Communist Crimes in Romania (IICCR) of involvement in the placing of explosive devices in packages sent to Romanian anti-Communist dissidents. One of the five diplomats listed in the criminal complaint tabled at the Military Court of Justice is Dan Mihoc, currently general manager of the company representing British Petroleum in Romania.


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