Bad weather warning for half of Romania Meteorologists have issued an orange code flood warning for three counties in South Romania while other 20 are under yellow code warning for bad weather. By Sunday night, dozens of houses were isolated and electricity networks affected in 45 villages. While floods threaten the southern part of Romania, the North of the country faces heavy snow.
Ceausescu's secret police tried to kill ex-head Pacepa with 10,000 dollars The Romanian secret services - the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Romanian Foreign Service (SIE) - are blocking the access to the names of former secret police officers who coordinated with terrorist Carlos the Jackal several killings in the 80's, says Richard Cummings, former security head of Radio Free Europe.
The Economist: “A dissertation on Romanian pork: Sometimes it is better not to apply the full rigour of European rules” In a wide article dedicated to the way Romanian people will spend their Christmas, The Economist writes about the two major concerns: it costs a lot and the way Romanian sacrifice their pigs is not accepted by the European regulations. Of course, the main source of discontent refers to the European rules. Speaking of money, the European Commission threatens to freeze a 180 million Euro financing in case Romania doesn’t abide the term to instate the anti-fraud control authorities.
Romania - 13th worst polluter in Europe. US lead globally Romania ranks 13th among the top pollution producers in Europe, with 34.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Red alerts were recorded for Germany (356 million tons), the United Kingdom (212 million tons) and Poland (166 million tons). On a global level, Romania ranks 33rd.
Head of British Petroleum Romania suspect of involvement in Carlos the Jackal's terrorist bombing Five Romanian diplomats who worked in Bonn during the Communist regime were recently accused by the Institute for Researching Communist Crimes in Romania (IICCR) of involvement in the placing of explosive devices in packages sent to Romanian anti-Communist dissidents. One of the five diplomats listed in the criminal complaint tabled at the Military Court of Justice is Dan Mihoc, currently general manager of the company representing British Petroleum in Romania.


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