Bucharest: traffic restricted in Unirii area on December 17 - 19 
Traffic will be restricted downtown Bucharest from December 17 at 6PM to December 19, at 9 PM in Unirii square area due to some cultural events dedicated to winter holidays, Bucharest police forces inform, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres. 
Bucharest Baneasa Airport will serve business flights / Low cost flights will move on Otopeni Int'l Airport 
Transports ministry plans to transform the Bucharest Baneasa Airport by 2012-2013 in an airport reserved for business and VIP flights and therefore move the current low cost flights on Otopeni Int'l Airport causing higher costs for low costs, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
Weather hits airline, railway and road transports in Bucharest and across Romania 17 flights to and fro Bucharest international airport Henri Coanda were canceled due to weather conditions by 8 a.m. on Thursday morning. Weather also affected road and railway transports starting Wednesday. This morning, 11 flights due to land on Henri Coanda airport and six flights due to depart for foreign destinations had been canceled.
Lady Gaga, sculpted by a Romanian 
Romanian Giulian Dimitriu made a sculpture in marble of the famous artist that dominates the world of music currently. The statue was included in the Fashion Age collection, together with Mata Hari , Elan and Heshee statues. 
Romanian singer Inna, winner at the European Border Breaker Awards 2011 
Inna is one of the ten winners of the European Border Breaker Awards 2011, EBBA prizes are awarded to singers with best sold albums in the EU, irrespective of the country of origin, a press release remitted to HotNews.ro informs. The Romanian managed to qualify in the NRJ Music Awards final. 
Flase bomb alarm in Bucharest Obor subway station 
The bomb alarm announced on Wednesday morning by a man at 112 emergency call, at Obor subway station in Bucharest proved to be false, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. 
24 January, legal holiday 
The Senate approved on Tuesday, a draft law which enstates 24 January as a legal holiday, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. Thus, it adds on to other legal holidays across the year. 
BCR Open Romania, one month before Roland Garros 
BRC Open Romania tennis tour will be organized, starting 2012, at the end of April, ATP informs. Officials declared that this responds to tennis player requests to have more time to recover after a full season. 
MM Stoica, Steaua's new general manager 
Steaua's owner, renowned businessman Gigi Becali announced on Friday that Mihai Stoica is the new manager at Steaua, one of the biggest football clubs in Romania. Stoica refused to talk about the contract, claiming that it is confidential. 
Roxete to perform in Bucharest in 2011 
Roxette will perform for the first time in Romania next year on May 30th at Zone Arena, Emagic informs. The 2011 show will be included in world tour scheduled for 2011. This will be the tenth world tour of the band that rejoined forces last year after 8 years. 
No Mercy to perform in Romania 
No Mercy will perform again in Romania on November 27 in Le Studio club in Bucharest, bestmusic.ro informs. In 15 years of activity, No Mercy sold over 10 million albums in the world and the most appreciated songs are Where do you go, Please don't go, When I die. 
Intel invests several million euro in a research center in Bucharest 
Intel announced on Monday plans to open a research and software solutions development center in Bucharest where several million euro will be invested. Initially, the center will hire 25 employees but the number might increase to 100, the company announced. For starters, the ceter will develop research development activities for the open source MeeGo platform but activities will diversify in time. 
Sting's daughter to perform in Romania 
���I Blame Coco, Sting's daughter's band will perform in Bucharest on Friday November 5 at the Ark, Emagic informs. The entry will cost 50 lei. Coco's music style is electro pop. The bands that influenced her own style are Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and The Cure. 
Protests start in Bucharest, downtown traffic restricted Protests organised by a major trade union started downtown Bucharest at noon on Tuesday, with some 10,000 people expected to join. Members of the National Trade Union Block (BNS) will march from the Government HQ to several ministries across central Bucharest, promoting a series of claims aiming at clearer measures to relaunch the economy.
Romanian trade union announces Bucharest protests for Thursday, Friday and Monday Romanian major trade union CNS Cartel Alfa has decided to continue union movements launched on September 20 and that it would organize protests in Bucharest Victoria Square on Thursday, Friday and Monday, Romanian news agency Mediafax reads.
Protests start in Bucharest against austerity measures pushed by government Some 1,500 members of the CNSLR-Fratia trade union gathered in the Revolution Square in Bucharest on Wednesday to protest against austerity measures pushed by the Romanian government. Union leaders said they expected some 20,000 people to join meetings and marches scheduled throughout the day, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax.UPDATE Some 9,000 protesters gathered in the Revolution Square in the early afternoon.
Guns N'Roses performs in Bucharest on Tuesday at Romexpo 
Guns N'Roses will perform in Bucharest a concert, part of the tour to promote their newest album, Chinese Democracy. However, the members of the band will also perform the hits that made the band famous. The concert will start at 7PM at Romexpo. Fans are expected starting 5PM. 
Romanian comedy actor Horia Serbanescu passed away 
Comedy actor Horia Serbanescu passed away at the age of 86 in a hospital in Bucharest, news television Realitatea TV informs. The actor's body will be laid at the Constantin Tanase theatre and the funeral is scheduled on Tuesday, the Bellu Cemetery. 
This weekend in Bucharest: old trams and carriage walks downtown Bucharest to mark Bucharest Days 2010 
Flower fights, vintage costumes parade, old trams parade, markets, flashmobs and music shows are just some of the events that will be organized downtown Bucharest this weekend, to mark Bucharest Days 2010, organizers inform. 
Bucharest taxi drivers go on strike on Wednesday 
About 4,000 taxi drivers are expected to attend, on Wednesday a protest,  a press release issued by their association reads. They demand the government to modify the stipulations of law 95/2006 regarding the payment of health contributions for five years back by authorized individuals. Moreover, taxi drivers demand the payment of heath contributions from the time the contracts are signed, and not for previous years like the law rules at this time. 


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