US-Romania negotiations on missile shields start on Thursday in Bucharest The US-Romanian negotiations on the missile shield set-up in Romania start today, June 17, in Bucharest and will last for two days. The American delegation is headed by state undersecretary for arms control and international security Ellen Tauscher. Romania is represented by a delegation led by state secretary for strategic affairs from the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu, a MAE communiqué informs.
Bob Dylan in Bucharest: Music for pareidolia affected In a world of images, people are condemned to pareidolia. It's that human brain feature to see clouds in the shape of dinosaurs, the face of Jesus in a tree trunk or to hear hidden messages when a play is sung backwards. A mass pareidolia phenomenon could be identified on Wednesday, June 2, during the Bob Dylan concert in Zone Arena in Bucharest, when 10,000 Romanians saw a god on the stage, a poet, a veritable harmonica player, even a promoter of satanic signs.
Bucharest subway employees were on strike until noon on Tuesday. Public transport trade union members did not join protest Employees of Metrorex, the state-controlled company that runs the Bucharest subway, were in general strike on Tuesday morning in a solidarity with employees in the public sector, who are in general strike to protest a government decision to cut salaries by 25%. The Metrorex strike ended at 12.00. Another, partial strike announced by employees of the Bucharest public transport company RATB was annulled and trams, trolleys and buses kept to schedule.
Bucharest subway strike to take place on Tuesday morning A solidarity strike announced for Tuesday, June 1, by trade unions in the public transport services in Bucharest - the subway and the tram/bus services - would take place between 4.00 a.m. and 12 p.m., according to an announcement made on Monday and quoted by news agency Rompres. The strike was previously scheduled to take place between 4.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m..
The teachings of an episcope, lesbian mother about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or cross-dresser during crisis Representatives of sexual minorities in Romania took part in the diversity march in Bucharest on Saturday, May 22. Homosexuals, lesbians, transgender, cross-dressers and mere supporters of diversity spent two hours at Gayfest 2010. Among them, Diane Fisher, lesbian mother and priest, says God loves all, no matter the sexual orientation. Talks at GayFest 2010 revolved around the financial crisis as well, with Diane Fisher claiming it only strengthens discrimination against sexual minorities. 
Victoria passageway downtown Bucharest restricted to traffic from Thursday night to Sunday Traffic in Victoria passageway will be restricted on Thursday night to Sunday morning, Bucharest Streets Administration informs, quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax. The measure was taken to wash the walls of the passageway.
AC/DC in Romania: Between the Gaia Hypothesis and the Tesla Effect The thunderstorm god, by his mortal name Angus Young, and his colleagues have confirmed the Gaia Hypothesis, have supplied wireless energy through the Tesla Effect and have created a particular Burnout Syndrome on Sunday, May 16, in Piata Constitutiei in Bucharest. 
Cantacuzino Institute can restart producing the seasonal flu vaccine The Cantacuzino National Institute for Research-Development in Bucharest can restart producing the seasonal flue vaccine. The Health Ministry was informed on Thursday evening by an official notice sent by The Medicine National Agency (ANM) that following checks from May 7 and 13, the investigation commissions decided to authorise the Cantacuzino Institute to produce the seasonal flu vaccine, Romanian agency Agerpres reads.
Protest against stray dog euthanasia in Bucharest Over 200 people are protesting today, April 29, against the law draft launched by Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaiei, which wants to see the stray dogs in Bucharest's centres put to sleep within seven days, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.
Stray dogs in Bucharest, euthanized after seven days in shelters - draft law of the Prefect Stray dogs hosted in Bucharest shelters will be euthanized if they are not adopted in seven days, a draft law of the Bucharest Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaie submitted last week to the Public Administration Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. Sick or aggressive dogs will be euthanized immediately after reaching the shelters, after a check up by vet doctors. Currently, NGOs claim that there are 40,000 stray dogs in Bucharest while the city hall claims there are 100,000.
Police Officer arrested in Bucharest after he was caught selling heroine in Gara de Nord train station Anti-graft prosecutors arrested Bogdan Butnariu, police officer in Bucharest, accused of drug trafficking. According to judicial sources quoted by Agerpres, the police office is part of a drug traffic group formed by 22 people of which 13 were arrested.
Massive Attack to perform in Romania Two years after their first visit in Romania, Massive Attack comes back in Bucharest on June 27, One Event informs. The event will take place in the Zone Arena in Floreasca neighbourhood.
Romanian jazz artists Aura Urziceanu and Johnny Raducanu will perform with Duke Ellington Orchestra Aura Urziceanu, one of the few Romanian jazz artists appreciated overseas will join Duke Ellington Orchestra on stage during the event taking place on Sunday, April 25, in Bucharest. Another Romanian to perform alongside Duke Ellington Orchestra on the same evening is Johnny Raducanu, nicknamed by the American critics "Mr. Jazz of Romania". This is the first time Raducanu will perform alongside the band that wrote jazz history. 
EU funds for infrastructure and social services: preparing and starting up projects The Bucharest Ilfov Regional development Agency is organising a seminar regarding European-funded projects for the "Rehabilitation/ modernisation/ equipping social services' infrastructure".
Rammstein, Metallica, Slayer, Manowar, Megadeth and Anthrax to perform in Bucharest on June 25-27 Rammstein, Metallica, Slayer, Manowar, Megadeth and Anthrax will perform in Bucharest at the Sonisphere Festival in 2010. The event will take place on June 25-27 at Romexpo. It is for the first time when Rammstein comes to Romania. Also for the first time are Slayer and Anthrax, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.
Dianne Reeves, winner of 4 Grammys to perform in Romania After a concert in Romania two years ago, at the first edition of the Bucharest Masters of Jazz Festival, jazz singer Dianne Reeves will perform another concert in Romania on May 9, at Sala Palatului, Kompas Events reads.
Bob Dylan to perform in Romania on June 2 American singer Bob Dylan will perform in Romania, on June 2, the official website of the singer announces. His Bucharest concert is part of his European tour. Dylan will sing in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic.
Aerosmith to perform in Romania Aerosmith will perform in Romania on June 18, part of their European tour, Cocked, Loaded, Ready to Rock Tour, the band's website reads. However, the location of the concert was not yet decided.
Jean Michel Jarre will perform in Bucharest Jean Michel Jarre will perofrm in Romania, Bucharest, on June 3. Although the concert was initially planned to take part at Sala Palatului, it was moved to Sala Polivalenta due to the grandiose production, concert organiser Phoenix Foundation announced.  
Rod Stewart will perform in Romania British singer Rod Stewart will perform in Romania on the Iolanda Balas-Soter stadium in June 29, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. Tickets will be sold starting with January 26.


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