Claudiu Ghiurluc
Photo: Deloitte Romania

webPR: Deloitte Romania leadership strengthens through the appointment of Claudiu Ghiurluc as Audit Partner

de Deloitte Romania
Marţi, 6 Iul 2021 English | Business
Deloitte Romania announces the appointment of Claudiu Ghiurluc, a senior professional with outstanding contributions in serving clients and developing teams, in the role of partner within the audit and assurance practice.
Alexandra Smedoiu, Partner, Deloitte Romania, and Real Estate Industry Leader
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: after a year of uncertainty, optimism returns to the real estate market in Central Europe

de Deloitte Romania
Vineri, 2 Iul 2021 English | Business
The real estate market professionals in Central Europe returned to the level of optimism registered before the pandemic. Almost 40% of them expect an improvement in the general economic climate this year, 46% have positive expectations regarding real estate activity, and 48% rely on increasing the volume of transactions, according to the Deloitte Real Estate Confidence Survey for Central Europe 2021, conducted in the first quarter of this year in four countries in the region – Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. At the same time, 58% of the respondents expect the availability of investment products to increase in countries where they operate.
Sorin Elisei - director Deloitte România
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: 90% of institutional investors consider climate change risks before deciding to invest in a company

de Deloitte Romania
Marţi, 29 Iun 2021 English | Business
Climate change risk is an increasingly significant driver in investment models and has been cited by almost 90% of institutional investors as the most significant ESG (environmental, social, governance) factor influencing their decisions to invest in a company, according to Deloitte’s report “Building credible climate commitments - a roadmap to earning stakeholder trust”.
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 EC
Photo: Deloitte Romania

webPR: Deloitte Romania opens applications for the 22nd edition of Technology Fast 50 Central Europe competition

de Deloitte Romania
Miercuri, 23 Iun 2021 English | Business
Deloitte Romania opens application for the 22nd edition of Technology Fast 50 Central Europe competition, addressed to large and small local companies in the technology sector, public and private, which register accelerated growth. Providing both established and emerging technology companies the platform to highlight their leading position in their field of activity, the competition is held simultaneously in other 17 Central European countries, namely Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.
John Ploem, Partener, Delivery Center Enabling Services, Deloitte România
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: Almost 90% of organizations investing in shared services centers are focusing on expanding remote working capabilities and 61% intend to accelerate digital agenda

Marţi, 22 Iun 2021 English | Business
Shared services centers (SSCs) are increasingly investing in strategic capabilities to create value for parent organizations, as most of them (87%) are focusing on expanding remote working capabilities to ensure business process continuity, 61% are working on accelerating digital agenda, and 59% intend to increase virtual practices, due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, according to the 2021 Deloitte Global Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey conducted on over 600 leaders in 45 countries, including Romania, with shared services locations across nearly 75 countries.
Ciprian Gavriliu, Partener Deloitte Romania
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: the pandemic postponed only partially consumers’ plans to buy a new car and temporarily decreased their interest in electric cars

de Deloitte Romania
Joi, 29 Apr 2021 English | Business
The COVID-19 pandemic has partially changed the behavior of consumers in the car market. Some of them have postponed their plans to buy a new car, and their interest in engines with alternative propulsion systems is temporarily declining. Although the trend towards electric cars seems to be consolidating on the long term, consumers tend to look for the comfort of a known, tested and accessible technology, in the current context dominated by uncertainty, according to Deloitte 2021 GlobalAutomotive Consumer Study, conducted in 23 countries around the world.
Dimitrios Goranitis, Deloitte Romania
Photo: Deloitte Romania

From 2010 to 2020 – this time the bank is the good guy

de Dimitrios Goranitis Deloitte Romania
Miercuri, 7 Apr 2021 English | Business
Romania is performing better than most European peers in managing the pandemic, hence it avoided the lockdown for the first quarter of 2021. The National Institute for Statistics announced that the economy contracted in 2020 by only -3.9%, a much better result than World Bank or IMF predictions. In 2019, Romania was classified as a high-income country and the local exchange entered emerging market status. However, the renowned European Recovery Fund is still on paper, Romania has been traditionally weak in absorbing EU funds and the global market trust in Romania is significantly impaired. The dynamic of the local economy is there, but will it materialize?
Andreea Smedoiu, Andrei Burz Pinzaru, Radu Dumitrescu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: the COVID-19 crisis will accelerate the CEE banking sector consolidation; Romania had one of the largest number of banking transactions in the region

Joi, 28 Ian 2021 English | Business
The COVID-19 crisis is expected to accelerate the consolidation of the banking sector in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the following years, as smaller players might not be able to weather the profitability and capital challenges, according to the latest edition of Deloitte CEE banking M&A study, conducted in 16 countries, including Romania. Robustness is paramount amid economic shocks and the CEE banking sector is still very fragmented, with a number of players with marginal market share, the study explains.
Radu Plop
Photo: TMF Romania
Article supported by TMF Romania

Ready-made companies after recent legislative changes –Still an attractive solution?

de Smile Media
Marţi, 8 Dec 2020 English | Business
When it comes to extending the network of companies held under a specific structure in Western Europe, ready-made companies are a popular alternative to incorporating a company from scratch. In fact, the rule is to acquire a ready-made company from a specialized provider and the exception is to incorporate one. Ready-made companies, also named “shelf companies” or more accurately, “off-the-shelf companies” are companies incorporated by specialized providers with the purpose of being sold to investors who need a new company in a respective jurisdiction. The name describes them quite accurately – such companies are a simple set of documents and do not hold any assets, do not have any employees, they leave all of this to the decision of the buyer and, according to the local legislation of each jurisdiction.
Georges Durdilly
Photo: Airbus Helicopters

Georges Durdilly, Airbus Head of Country Romania: “As for every industrial company, business viability is essential”

de Raúl Sánchez Costa
Joi, 3 Dec 2020 English | Business
“As for every industrial company, business viability is essential. This explains the 16 helicopters order needed to move forward”, affirms to Georges Durdilly, Airbus Head of Country Romania, who remarks “it would also be an important message that Romania, as a host country, is the launching customer and has trust in a product that will be, after all, produced locally – made in Romania”.
Deloitte Romania Team/ Transaction CEZ-Macquarie
Photo: Deloitte Romania

webPR Deloitte Romania advised CEZ Group in the sale of seven of its Romanian subsidiaries to the infrastructure investor Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

de Deloitte Romania
Joi, 12 Nov 2020 English | Business
Deloitte Romania advised the Czech energy group CEZ in the sale of seven of its Romanian subsidiaries, active in electricity distribution, supply and renewables, to the infrastructure investor Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers, owned by the Australian group Macquarie. The assets included in the transaction are CEZ Romania’s electricity distribution network, the electricity and gas supply business, with 1.4 million clients, and the largest onshore wind park in Europe, located in Fantanele–Cogealac. This is considered a landmark deal in the Romanian mergers and acquisitions market and the largest transaction in the energy sector in the last years. The agreement was signed at the end of October 2020 for an undisclosed amount and is subject to approval from the European Antitrust Authority and the Romanian Supreme Council of Defence.
Vladimir Aninoiu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

webPR: Deloitte Romania launches Digital DNA, a solution for assessing companies’ level of digital maturity

Joi, 5 Nov 2020 English | Business
Deloitte Romania launches Digital DNA, a solution for assessing companies’ level of digital maturity based on 23 characteristics that define their structure, operations and behavior. Digital DNA addresses mainly SMEs and can be a starting point in setting the digital transformation strategy. The solution is based on a methodology created by Deloitte’s global network of experts based on extensive research conducted by analysing hundreds of studies and articles in the field.
Vlad Boeriu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

The post-Brexit agreement appears to be work-in-progress, even though the transition period will soon come to an end. What will be different in 2021?

Luni, 2 Nov 2020 English | Business
The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, even though seems closer and closer to completion, continues to create confusion regarding the terms under which the relationship between the two entities will be performed on all levels, from those affecting the citizens of countries involved, to the commercial and administrative ones, starting from January 1, 2021. The post-Brexit agreement, which has to bring clarity to some aspects, it is still being negotiated, even if the deadline is very close. Considering this, at least from a commercial relationships’ point of view, it is essential for all the companies to prepare for substantial changes and to finalize all the necessary administrative measures before December 31, 2020.
Oana Buhaescu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: Europeans' concerns regarding financial and employment problems diminished in the first four months since COVID-19 restrictions have eased

Marţi, 27 Oct 2020 English | Business
Europeans' concerns regarding their financial and employment problems diminished in the first four months since the first COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities have eased, according to Deloitte State of Consumer Tracker survey, with two-thirds of respondents being more open to the idea of making large purchases and more relaxed about the stability of their job. Nevertheless, Europeans are still as concerned about their physical well-being as they were during the lockdown (47% at the end of August, compared to 48% in May). European trends are in line with the global ones. The survey was conducted on 18,000 respondents from 18 countries, including nine European states - Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Ciprian Gavriliu, Partener Deloitte Romania
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: The pandemic speeds up big cities’ decisions to limit traffic and expand space for cyclists and pedestrians

Joi, 22 Oct 2020 English | Business
The lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic seems to accelerate the changes already analyzed before by local authorities, such as transformation of city centers into more friendly areas for pedestrians and cyclists, according to Deloitte 2020 City Mobility Index. Cities that have reclaimed street space from cars to enable physical distancing for cycling and walking are looking to cement those changes in a post-coronavirus world, shows the study, which measures mobility performance in 21 cities around the world, including seven European cities - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Manchester, Rome and Stockholm.
Alexandru Reff, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Social Progress Index analyzing the quality of life and social wellbeing: Romania maintains its position on the 45 th place in the global ranking

Miercuri, 7 Oct 2020 English | Business
Romania ranks again 45 th out of 163 countries and is surpassed by all the other EU member states, according to the 2020 Social Progress Index, which analyzes the quality of life and social wellbeing and is conducted by the non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative with the support of Deloitte. Romania registers a score of 78.35 points out of 100, slightly higher than last year, which places it among the ranking’s third category countries, after Barbados, Bulgaria and Mauritius.
Dimitrios Goranitis
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Why Romania should enter the Banking Union even without adopting the Euro

Luni, 5 Oct 2020 English | Business
The Banking Union was Eurozone’s response to the financial crisis of 2010. It became apparent to the Eurozone countries that the stability of the banking sector is paramount to the well-being of the economy and the society, and that national supervision was often inadequate and lacking in independence. As a result, the sector was developing systemic risks and distortions in competition, while preventing the flow of lending to the rightful recipients and distorting the local economy.
Radu Dumitrescu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte survey: New loan disbursements can rebound in 2021, supported by regulatory measures to sustain the lending activity of banks

Joi, 1 Oct 2020 English | Business
Banks in Central and Eastern Europe expect new loan disbursements to rebound in 2021, supported by regulatory measures aiming to sustain the lending activity, after a significant year-on-year decrease in 2020, according to COVID-19 CEE banking sector impact survey, conducted by Deloitte in 12 countries in the region, including Romania. The loan demand decreased in the second quarter of 2020 in sectors such as hospitality, transport and storage, real estate and construction, as well as manufacturing. On the other hand, sectors such as wholesale and retail trade and agriculture saw an increase in the demand for loans, according to the survey.
Cristina Cojocaru, Larisa Popoviciu, Maria Nitulescu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates assisted Haier Tech in the EUR 53 million project for building a household appliances factory in Prahova county

Joi, 3 Sept 2020 English | Business
Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates, the law firm representing Deloitte Legal global network in Romania, provided assistance to Haier Tech, a Romanian company belonging to the Haier Group, in the project for building in Prahova county the first Haier’s refrigeration factory in the European Union. After assisting Haier Tech in obtaining the financing agreement for state aid in December 2019, Deloitte’s Management Consulting practice is now advising Haier Tech in the implementation of the large investment project that exceeds EUR 53 million, for which the state will provide aid of EUR 25 million.
Vladimir Aninoiu
Photo: Deloitte Romania

Deloitte survey: organizations spend less than 5% of revenues on technology

Joi, 27 Aug 2020 English | Business
Organizations around the world spend less than 5% of their revenues on technology, even so-called tech vanguards - companies with a well-defined vision and strategy and a mature tech function -, according to the 2020 Deloitte Global Technology Leadership Study, conducted on 1,300 technology and business leaders across 69 countries, including Romania. The study also reveals that only 11% of organizations are tech vanguards and that almost a third of leaders in such companies (29%) are likely to play a visionary role, twice more than leaders in baseline organizations (14%).


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