​The latest list of Liberal leader's picks for future Romanian government The leader of Romania's Liberal party PNL is heading into the latest round of negotiations with other parties for parliamentary support for a new government, in the wake of the censure motion earlier this month that led to the dismissal of the Social Democratic (PSD) government. PNL leader Ludovic Orban is expected to submit a list of ministers and a governing program in Parliament after talks due Tuesday and Wednesday.
Romania President says EC President-elect worried of situation surrounding Romanian commissioner Romanian president Klaus Iohannis on Friday said that the president-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen shared with him her concern about the situation of the future Romanian commissioner. "She really wants to designate a woman as Transport commissioner", Iohannis said, quoted by Mediafax news agency.
​Romania's Nominated PM Orban eyes single-party government Ludovic Orban, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) whom President Iohannis tasked with forming a new government earlier this week, said after talks with other opposition parties on Thursday that the PNL option was to form a single-party government.
​Who's on Liberals' shortlist for ministerial seats in future Romanian Government Romania's National Liberal Party PNL start negotiations on Wednesday to garner support for a new government headed by the leader Ludovic Orban. Negotiations start a day after President Klaus Iohannis picked Orban to form a new government, to replace the Social Democratic executive of Viorica Dancila, dismissed in a censure motion last week. See who's considered for key positions in a future PNL-based government.
President Iohannis expected to nominate new Romania prime minister on Tuesday ​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is expected to announce on Tuesday the person he sees best to take over as prime minister following the fall of the Viorica Dancila Government. Favorite for the seat is Ludovic Orban, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL). The announcement is expected to be made after a new round of talks between the president and the leaders of parliamentary parties.
President Iohannis, Liberals push for creation of new executive after fall of Dancila Govt ​Romania's president Klaus Iohannis was pushing for the quick creation of a new government after the dismissal of the Social Democratic government of Viorica Dancila last week, with a new round of talks on Monday. Both he and the National Liberal Party (PNL), which has been the biggest opposition party, said they favored a PNL-based government, with PNL leader Ludovic Orban as prime minister.
​What to expect as Romania President Iohannis consults with parties as Dancila government leaves office Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Friday starts consultations for the formation of a new government after the Social Democratic (PSD) executive of Viorica Dancila fell in a censure motion on Thursday. Dancila herself said shw would not attend consultations, while other parties have different plans.
Political pressure spirals as Romania govt braces for censure motion As Romania's Social Democratic Government gets ready to face a censure motion on Thursday, political pressure has been rising with prime minister's attempts to lure back defectors and opposition clashing over governing prospects.
Clash between Romanian PM, President over ministers goes despite troubles Romanian PM Viorica Dancila sent a new set of proposals to President Klaus Iohannis to fill in the empty seats in her government, as the disputes over her Social Democratic government are escalating. But the head of state answered by claiming that she was pushing him to breach the Constitution and again sent her to get approval in Parliament.
Motion censure against Dancila Government read in Romanian Parliament, vote expected next week A censure motion tabled by the opposition Liberals against the Social Democratic (PSD) government of Viorica Dancila was read in the Parliament on Thursday morning, with a vote due next Thursday. The reading took place a day after the opposition manage to outmaneuver the PSD in scheduling of the procedures, a move seen as proof that the government has lost support in Parliament.
Romanian opposition Liberals submit censure motion against Government, vote date to be established The opposition Liberals (PNL) submitted their censure motion against the Social Democratic (PSD) government led by Viorica Dancila on late on Tuesday. The motion is supported by all opposition parties and was signed by 237 MPs - several more than the necessary number of votes for the motion to pass. But a vote date is yet to be established, with the opposition claiming the PSD was making things hard.
​President Iohannis leads the pack, seconded by surprise candidate, in new opinion poll on presidential hopefuls Romanian President Klaus Iohannis holds a major lead over all other candidates in presidential elections due to take place in November, according to a new opinion poll. The study shows a surprise second candidate, far behind the incumbent.
Plans for censure motion against SocDem government: Liberals say they have necessary votes The leader of Romania's opposition Liberals (PNL) has said that his party managed to collect more signatures in support of a censure motion against the Social Democratic (PSD) government of Viorica Dancila than than the necessary threshold needed for the motion to pass. Ludovic Orban said his party managed to gather 237 signatures for the motion and talks were ongoing with another 10 MPs.
Wealth of controversial presidential candidate Cumpanasu raises eyebrows in Romania Romanian media reacted in furore on Wednesday to news of the wealth of a controversial candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. Alexandru Cumpanasu, the head of an NGO with strong links to state institutions and closely associated with the governing PSD, has accumulated quite a fortune.
UPDATE Romanian Constitutional court splits justice in Government-President dispute over reshuffle Romania's Constitutional Court on Wednesday admitted a Government complaint about a constitutional conflict between it and President Klaus Iohannis over a government reshuffle request. It also ruled that the president should have accepted the change of a key minister, initially included in the reshuffle plan but openly supported by United States officials.UPDATE President Iohannis reacted by saying that the Court decision did not change the political situation at all and that the Government was compelled to go before the Parliament to pass a vote of confidence. For her part, PM Dancila said that she would go before the Parliament with a new government proposal, expecting the president to pass the revocation of reshuffled ministers immediately.
Romania opposition group USR chooses leadership A key party of the Romanian opposition, the Save Romania Union, chose their leadership in a congress this weekend where party leader Dan Barna was validated as president of the group.
New Romanian Senate speaker, other members excluded from ALDE party following clash with governing Social Democrats - sources say The newly named speaker of the Romanian Senate, ex-Foreign minister Teodor Melescanu, as well as three deputies picked by PM Viorica Dancila to be part of her Social Democratic (PSD) government have been ousted from their political group, ALDE, party sources told HotNews.ro on Friday. This comes as clashes intensified this week between the PSD and their former ally, ALDE, which in August chose to leave the governing coalition.
​Pressure up as Romania government tries to overcome split with key partner, disputed election of new Senate speaker Romanian PM Viorica Dancila and her former partners in the government have been clashing hard over moves by the governing Social Democrats (PSD) to strengthen support in the Parliament, including through a controversial election of a new Senate speaker. The future of the government is at stake as the president of the country has also shown opposition to Dancila's attempts to fill in vacancies in her team.
Governing Social Democrats consider government restructuring with Parliament move - PM Dancila Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) consider turning to parliamentary procedures to restructure the Government, PM Dancila said on Monday. She has been struggling to obtain a presidential approval for a series of changes to the government, but to no avail.
Romanian President rejects interim ministers submitted by PM, sends government to face parliamentary vote Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said he rejected a series of interim ministers which PM Viorica Dancila has selected and urged the government to go face the vote of the Parliament to find legitimacy. Iohannis, who had delayed this decision, made the announcement a day after the prime minister said she was turning to the Constitutional Court because the head of state was blocking the interim members of government.


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