Far-right leader Tudor changes mind on leaving Romania Parliament The leader of the far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM), Corneliu Vadim Tudor, announced on Tuesday he reconsidered his decision to withdraw from the Parliament, as announced on Sunday night. Tudor had made the announcement after exit polls at the first European elections that took place in Romania on Sunday showed his party failed to win enough votes in order to enter the European Parliament.
Democrats threaten party branch leaders over voter apathy in Sunday elections The failure of the main party supporting Romania President Traian Basescu, the Democrats (PD), to lure a majority of voters to a referendum called last Sunday by the head of state is now being transferred to PD party branch leaders. PD secretary general Vasile Blaga declared on Monday after a party meeting that the central leadership of the group would reshuffle several party branches. Blaga also admitted he was dissatisfied with the elections results of the PD in the first EU elections that took place in the country also on Sunday.
Romania far-right leader C.V. Tudor announces resignation from Parliament The leader of the far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM), Corneliu Vadim Tudor, announced on Sunday evening that he would resign from the Romanian Parliament on Monday morning following the announcement of the results for the first European elections that took place in Romania. PRM received only 3.4% of the votes, well below the necessary threshold to enter the European Parliament.
Chronology of recent election turnout in Romania, new member states The low turnout reported in the first European elections that took place in Romania on Sunday was nothing exceptional among other EU countries and follows a trend that has been visible back home for years. As long as the EP elections are concerned, Romania falls in the lower ranks among EU member states in terms of turnout.
Romania governing Liberals, opposition faction boycotting referendum on uninominal vote Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and several other leaders of the governing Liberals (PNL) said that they did not vote in a referendum on the introduction of uninominal voting on Sunday as they saw it as a futile poll. They said they only voted in the first European Parliament elections in Romania, a poll that also takes place today. The same stand was adopted by a faction of the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD).
Romania PM Tariceanu attacks President Basescu over road constructors Romanian prime-minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu launched a fierce attack on Thursday against what he called “the kings of asphalt - businessmen who he says are winning tenders for infrastructure works because of their close links to the Presidency, despite their not having the capacity to complete the projects. Tariceanu accused that road traffic in Bucharest was completely blocked because of the companies run by these businessmen.
President last speech before the uninominal vote referendum In a press conference on Friday evening, president Traian Basescu once again called Romanians to participate in the referendum this weekend, organized in order to change the electoral system from voting party lists to two-ballots uninominal voting. The referendum is organized during the same day as the elections for the European Parliament.
President Basescu: "In case referendum is not validated and government's law is constitutional, I will promulgate the project" President Traian Basescu announced on Thursday night, while participating in a talk-show at Realitatea TV, that he decided not to participate in the final debate round organized by the Public TV station, TVR, on Friday. "The Social Democrats, the Liberals and the Hungarian Democrats put up the menu. TVR is controlled", said Basescu.
Referendum poll: 52% participation, 71% support presidential version According to a recent poll by the Social Research Office (BCS), 52% of the Romanian respondents will participate in the referendum called by president Basescu on November 25. The referendum was organized in order to change the current electoral system (politically-decided party lists) with the uninominal system. Meanwhile, PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and his cabinet assumed responsibility for an uninominal voting system described by president Traian Basescu as “incomplete”.
"To listen to president Basescu, dial 031.620.62.00"
President Traian Basescu appeals, as promised, to unconventional communication means, chosen from the non-conventional media to promote the uninominal voting system he has submitted for a referendum due to take place later in November. He has opened an information hot-line with his own voice recorded.
President Basescu: "Uninominal vote will decrease number of MPs by 30%" Participating in the „Ziua si Evenimentul” (Day’s event) show at the public radio station, Romania president Traian Basescu declared that the participation in the referendum for adopting a uninominal vote system will lead to a turn of tables in the electoral system: Romanians will make the law for politicians, not the other way round.
Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu goes blogging Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu is the latest of Romanian politicians to have a blog, which can be accessed at ioniliescu.wordpress.com. The honorary president of the Social Democratic Party, the main opposition party in Romania, who also serves as Senator already posted three articles on his blog.
Main opposition party to call for Romania Foreign minister Cioroianu to resign
The Social Democratic Party (PSD), the main opposition party in Romania, would urge the current Liberal Foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu to resign on Monday over his recent statements that Romanian criminals abroad should be sent for re-education in a desert camp, PSD sources told HotNews.ro prior to a party meeting.
Survey: traffic police seen as most corrupt institution within Romanian Ministry The traffic police is perceived as the most corrupt department of the Romanian Interior, closely followed by the Customs Police, shows an INSOMAR survey quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn.


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