State Secretary Nicolae Ivaschescu will ensure the interim of the Labour Ministry after Ioan Botis’s resignation State Secretary Nicolae Ivaschescu will ensure the interim of the Labour ministry until a new minister will be named, PM Boc announced on Wednesday after Ioan Botis announced his resignation following a scandal involving himself and his wife in an association that received 500,000 million euro EU funds from an institution under the subordination of the ministry.
Vasile Blaga submits candidacy for PDL President: my objective is to maintain PDL in the government after 2012. This is the only way Romanians can have the guarantee of better living standards  Vasile Blaga is the second Democrat Liberal after PM Emil Boc who submitted on Monday his candidacy for Democratic Liberal President. He said his objective is to have the party in the government after 2012 to continue reforms started. It is the only way Romanians can have the guarantee of better living conditions, he said.
Emil Boc submitted his candidacy for PDL President: my objectives – to win local and Parliamentary elections in 2012 / I believe in a Romania that would reach the EU living standard  PM Emil Boc submitted his candidacy for a new mandate as head of the Democratic Liberal Party. His main counter candidate is Vasile Blaga and Teodor Paleologu. PM Emil Boc made his announcement on the steps of the party HQ where “I announced all my victories”.
Opposition official claims Romanian President Basescu was a communist-era political police informer Radu Mazare, influential leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, opposition) branch in Constanta county, claimed on Thursday that President Traian Basescu was an informer of the Ceausescu-era political police, the Securitate, Romanian news agency Mediafax reports. Mazare statement comes as the Supreme Court rejected an appeal of Dan Voiculescu, leader of the Conservative Party (PC, allied with PSD), against a previous verdict that Voiculescu collaborated with the Securitate.
Social Democratic leader says Romanian opposition would support incumbent Sorin Oprescu for Bucharest Mayor The Romanian opposition Social Liberal Union (USL), comprised of Social Democrats and Liberals, would support independent candidate Sorin Oprescu - the current Bucharest Mayor - should he prove to be the solution for an opposition victory in Bucharest local elections, Social Democratic leader Victor Ponta said in an interview with news agency Agerpres on Wednesday. For his part, Oprescu said he was honored by the USL support but that he remained an independent.
Government assumed responsibility over new Labor Code The Emil Boc Government assumed responsibility for a series of changes to the Labor Code before the Romanian Parliament on Tuesday, with the prime minister arguing the new legislation was aimed at making Romania attractive to investors and allow employers to provide jobs more easily. "It's a code for a competitive Romania" he said. Opposition parties were due to submit a censure motion today in order to discuss it in mid-March.UPDATE The opposition submitted the censure motion against the Boc Government. The motion will be debated March 16.
Romania government assumes responsibility before Parliament over new Labor Code. Opposition submits censure motion The Romanian Government was due to assume responsibility before Parliament over a series of changes to the Labor Code during a joint session of the two houses on Tuesday. The opposition has announced that once the government assumes responsibility it will submit a censure motion against it.
Romanian President Basescu: Finance Ministry to push for idea of uniting Financial Guard, Customs within fiscal authority ANAF Tax evasion has become a vulnerability of the national security as over 30% of the resources bound for the state are subject of tax evasion or suspicions of tax evasion, Romanian President Traian Basescu said at an event on Monday. And he said the Finance Ministry will soon start work on the idea of uniting the Financial Guard and the Customs Office within fiscal authority ANAF.
Verdict postponed in Romanian businessman-politician Dan Voiculescu's political police case The Romanian High Court of Justice postponed until March 10 on Thursday a verdict for the case in which influential businessman-politician Dan Voiculescu challenged a previous court decision that he collaborated with the Ceausescu-era political police, the Securitate, news agency Agerpres reports.
Confidential report says General Secretariat of the Government must be restructured The General Secretariat of the Romanian Government (SGG) must be restructured as it has too many functions and a more consolidated structure should be considered, shows a confidential report of the World Bank, obtained by HotNews.ro. According to the document, the number of agencies which report directly to the prime minister or the SGG is too high and should be cut.
Parties supporting Romania governing coalition have signed collaboration protocol The political groups supporting the governing coalition signed on Wednesday a protocol of partnership between the Democratic Liberals (PDL), Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), the National Union for the Progress of Romania and the group of national minorities other than Hungarians.
Liberal leader: President's suspension is a realistic objective National Liberal Party (PNL, opposition) president Crin Antonescu said on Monday that the replacement of President Traian Basescu and of the Government was not "unrealistic" and that it is the target of the Social Liberal Union - the alliance of PNL with fellow opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD).
Governing coalition protocol may be signed on Wednesday The protocol of the governing coalition of Democratic Liberals (PDL) and Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) will most probably signed at the Parliament Palace at noon on Wednesday, PM Emil Boc said on Monday.
Comedian turned businessman elected head of Romania's Green Party Romania's Green Party has announced that Mugur Mihaescu, a well known member of comedy group Vacanta Mare who has turned to business over the past several years, has been elected executive president of the political group. The Greens announced the launch of a Manifesto called "Enough! It can be different!". The actor is expected to hold a press conference this week to provide details about the Green manifesto.
UDMR Senator says party should leave government and sign protocol with opposition Social Liberal Union Romanian Hungarian Democratic (UDMR) Senator Gyorgy Frunda said in an online talk with HotNews.ro readers on Monday that he considered himself as a representative of the opposition within UDMR, a political group which elected a new leader in a congress this weekend. UDMR's newly elected president Kelemen Hunor wants his party to remain a part of the coalition government led by Democratic Liberals (PDL). But Gyorgy Frunda said he would rather have UDMR withdraw from the coalition and sign a protocol with the opposition USL - the union of Social Democrats (PSD) and National Liberals (PNL).
Democratic Liberal deputy resigns from party Democratic Liberal (PDL) MP Clement Negrut announced in a press conference on Friday that he resigned from the party two weeks after he announced his resignation from political positions he held in the Alba county, Romanian news agency Agerpres reports.
Who are the candidates for party leadership at Hungarian Democratic congress The Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), a political group which is part of the governing coalition, elects its new leadership this weekend after 18 years in which UDMR president Marko Bela stood at the helm of the group. Three candidates are trying to take his place, with Kelemen Hunor, Marko Bela's protege, a favorite to take over.
Social Democratic leader: Opposition parties to submit censure motion should government assume responsibility over Labor Code Romania's Social Democratic Party (PSD, opposition leader) Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that his party and fellow National Liberals (PNL) would submit a censure motion, should the Government assume responsibility in Parliament over a changed Labor Code, news agency Mediafax reports.
Romania PM Boc: Collective working contracts to be approved by special law Collective working contracts will be approved by a special law, Romanian PM Emil Boc has announced. He made the announcement as he holds consultations with parliamentary groups from the governing coalition on Tuesday on the content of the future Labor code and the possibility to adopt the bill by assumption of responsibility before the Parliament.
Romania President Basescu: Failure in advancing high level corruption files would certainly lead to negative report this summer Romania President Traian Basescu said on Monday that a failure in advancing high level corruption files would lead to a negative European report on Romania. He said in a press statement linked to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism that he would not have his words taken for meddling with justice affairs but that he had the duty to overview the good functioning of state institutions.


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