Comedian turned businessman elected head of Romania's Green Party Romania's Green Party has announced that Mugur Mihaescu, a well known member of comedy group Vacanta Mare who has turned to business over the past several years, has been elected executive president of the political group. The Greens announced the launch of a Manifesto called "Enough! It can be different!". The actor is expected to hold a press conference this week to provide details about the Green manifesto.
UDMR Senator says party should leave government and sign protocol with opposition Social Liberal Union Romanian Hungarian Democratic (UDMR) Senator Gyorgy Frunda said in an online talk with HotNews.ro readers on Monday that he considered himself as a representative of the opposition within UDMR, a political group which elected a new leader in a congress this weekend. UDMR's newly elected president Kelemen Hunor wants his party to remain a part of the coalition government led by Democratic Liberals (PDL). But Gyorgy Frunda said he would rather have UDMR withdraw from the coalition and sign a protocol with the opposition USL - the union of Social Democrats (PSD) and National Liberals (PNL).
Democratic Liberal deputy resigns from party Democratic Liberal (PDL) MP Clement Negrut announced in a press conference on Friday that he resigned from the party two weeks after he announced his resignation from political positions he held in the Alba county, Romanian news agency Agerpres reports.
Who are the candidates for party leadership at Hungarian Democratic congress The Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), a political group which is part of the governing coalition, elects its new leadership this weekend after 18 years in which UDMR president Marko Bela stood at the helm of the group. Three candidates are trying to take his place, with Kelemen Hunor, Marko Bela's protege, a favorite to take over.
Social Democratic leader: Opposition parties to submit censure motion should government assume responsibility over Labor Code Romania's Social Democratic Party (PSD, opposition leader) Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that his party and fellow National Liberals (PNL) would submit a censure motion, should the Government assume responsibility in Parliament over a changed Labor Code, news agency Mediafax reports.
Romania PM Boc: Collective working contracts to be approved by special law Collective working contracts will be approved by a special law, Romanian PM Emil Boc has announced. He made the announcement as he holds consultations with parliamentary groups from the governing coalition on Tuesday on the content of the future Labor code and the possibility to adopt the bill by assumption of responsibility before the Parliament.
Romania President Basescu: Failure in advancing high level corruption files would certainly lead to negative report this summer Romania President Traian Basescu said on Monday that a failure in advancing high level corruption files would lead to a negative European report on Romania. He said in a press statement linked to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism that he would not have his words taken for meddling with justice affairs but that he had the duty to overview the good functioning of state institutions.
Sources: Romania President visited Central Bank on Monday in attempt to have governor Isarescu accept PM position Romanian President Traian Basescu visited the National Central Bank (BNR) headquarters on Monday afternoon in an attempt to convince BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu accept the seat of prime minister, according to sources close to the Presidency. They said the president arrived at the BNR HQ at about 4 p.m.. "It's not the first time the President tries to convince Isarescu, the question is - will he succeed?", sources said. On the other hand, BNR sources told HotNews.ro the talks between Basescu and Isarescu focused on late payments in the economy and that no political issue was discussed.
Romanian President Basescu says governing party has credibility issues speaks on border points corruption Romanian President Traian Basescu said in an interview published by Romania libera newspaper on Monday that the governing Democratic Liberal Party that he is linked to should exclude controversial members who are subject of corruption charges. In the same interview he spoke about the recent inquiries on corruption at Romania's border points.
PSD – PNL alliance will be decided on February 5th Social Democrats and Liberals will vote in the first half of February whether there will be an alliance between the two parties, leaders Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta announced in a common press conference. Antonescu said that representation on electoral lists will be fifty - fifty.
Liberals and Conservatives to sign the protocol for the Center Right Alliance  National Liberal Party President Crin Antonescu and Conservative Party leader Daniel Constantin will sign, on Monday the protocol for the creation of the Center Right Alliance and all odds are that the alliance will be registered in court as well in the same day.
Marko Bela endorses Kelemen Hunor as head of the Hungarian Democratic Party Incumbent Hungarian Democratic Party President, Marko Bela declared on Friday that he endorses the candidacy of Kelemen Hunor for President of the party at the party’s congress in February but said that there are also other people who can occupy this position.
Party leader calls for long term alliance with fellow opposition groups Dan Voiculescu, leader of the small but influential Conservative Party (PC), said in an interview for Romanian news agency Agerpres on Tuesday that he wanted a "three-way political alliance of Social Democrats [PSD], National Liberals [PNL] and PC, a long term, 5-10 year alliance to cover several electoral cycles".
UPDATE Education Law constitutional, court decides. President Basescu signs the bill Romania's Constitutional Court decided on Tuesday that a recently adopted Education Law was constitutional, thus rejecting claims against its constitutionality submitted by Senate speaker Mircea Geoana and opposition MPs, news agency Agerpres reports.UPDATE President Traian Basescu signed the Education Law on Tuesday and is expected to hold a press statement later today.
UDMR leader Marko Bela will not run for another mandate 
Hungarian Democratic Party leader Marko Bela announced on Saturday that he will not run for another mandate as head of the party, underlying that his gesture does not mean he will withdraw from politics. 
Romanian party accuses MEP of collaboration with Ceausescu-era secret police, calls for his resignation The Conservative Party (PC) calls for Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes to resign, for his exclusion from the Hungarian Democratic movement (UDMR), as a leader of the PC showed documents on Thursday showing that Ladislau Tokes collaborated with the Securitate - the Ceausescu-era dreaded political police. PC vice-president Bogdan Diaconu, quoted by news agency Agerpres, claimed Ladislau Tokes was the name Laszlo Tokes was known with the Securitate structures. For his part, Tokes provided an answer about the claims to HotNews.ro, saying PC proves to be "in a crisis of ideas".
President Basescu to address the Parliament on internal affairs 
President Traian Basescu requested to address the Parliament on internal affairs, parliamentary sources declared. The chief of state sent an official address to the Speakers of the two Chambers and the Presidency confirmed it for HotNews.ro. 
Radu Berceanu loses again in the Senate / Cristian Radulescu the new leader of PDL Senators 
Democrat Liberal Senators designated a new group leader to replace Traian Igas, named Interior Minister. Therefore, Senator Cristian Radulescu was voted, in the detriment of PDL informal leader Radu Berceanu. This is the second battle lost by Berceanu who, lost not only the Transports ministry but also the function of deputy President of the Senate. Sources within the party declared for HotNews.ro that Radulescu is a close friend with Vasile Blaga, former Interior minister. 
New ministers sworn in on Friday following Romania government reshuffling ​All six new ministers selected in government reshuffling talks on Thursday were sworn in at noon on Friday: Ion Ariton (Economy minister), Gheorghe Ialomitianu (Finance minister), Ioan Botis (Labor minister), Anca Boagiu (Transport minister), Valeriu Tabara (Agriculture minister) and Valerian Vreme (Communications ministers). The ceremony took place at the presidential palace, where President Traian Basescu urged them to prove the capacity to explain Romanians another year of austerity lays ahead.
Sources: Democratic Liberal MPs voted for the government reshuffling with Emil Boc as Prime Minister  A group of MPs from the governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) were planning on Thursday to call for the resignation of prime minister Emil Boc during a party leadership meeting during the afternoon, political sources told HotNews.ro. They said that the push was led by minister Elena Udrea and their stand was decided following PM Boc's decision to reshuffle top PDL leaders now serving as ministers, such as Sebastian Vladescu (Finance minister) and Mihail Dumitru (Agriculture minister). That is seen as a soft reshuffling of the government, while many call for a strong reshuffle which should include top PDL ministers including Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu and Gabriel Sandu. Later in the afteroon, Boc is said to have give in to pressure by accepting to replace ministers Videanu, Berceanu and Sandu, thus saving his position as prime minister.UPDATE 20:23 Those who asked for PM Boc's resignation: Elena Udrea, Raluca Turcan, Sever Voinescu, William Branza, Sulfina Barbu and Roberta Anastase. Raluca Turcan admitted that she requested the resignation of the Boc government. UPDATE 20:35 The College voted for the government re-shuffle with Emil Boc as Prime Minister: 40 votes for re-shuffling, 9 against and 10 abstains.


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