Lib Dems decide today what to do with MPs who voted the censorship motion The Main Romanian governing party, PDL, is meeting on Monday, June 21, starting with 6pm, in an extraordinary session to decide what to do with their own MPs who voted in favour of the censorship motion last week.​
Sources: Head of Democratic Liberals' Bucharest branch interested in withdrawing Sources have told HotNews.ro that Liviu Negoita, the head of the Bucharest branch of the Democratic Liberal party (PDL), was interested in withdrawing as head of the branch. The same sources claimed his place might be taken by top PDL official Elena Udrea, who has dismissed the information, however.
Democratic Liberal Party leader: Government reshuffling may come after a possible new censure motion, restructuring is excluded A possible government reshuffling would be applied only after the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) submits a second censure motion as it has announced, while a government restructuring was not an option, Ioan Oltean, deputy head of the governing Democratic Liberals (PDL) said on Friday, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.
Finance minister: Public sector salaries and pensions to be cut in August The 25% axe in public sector salary and 15% cut in pensions are going to come into force starting July, so that the reduced incomes will be delivered staring with August, Romanian Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax. Vladescu told reporters from Antena 3 TV channel that "minimum 100,000" more staff working in the public sector need to be dismissed, so that the other employees of the sector could enjoy decent salaries.
Deputies give PM ultimatum: Restructure the Government or lose parliamentary support Deputies met PM Emil Boc on Wednesday and asked for solid measures to restructure and reshuffle the Government. PDL vice-president Ioan Olteanu told the PM that should these measures not be applied, he was going to lose the support of the deputies. Both the senators and the deputies press the PM to restructure and reshuffle the Government. The Lib Dem MPs are to meet on Sunday, in Snagov, with the Boc Cabinet ministers, with regional leaders and President Traian Basescu.
"You've got no idea of the world you're living in" PM accuses censorship motion undersigned Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc notified the opposition MPs that they have misedited the censorship motion, elaborating a text which refers to the pensions' law, already approved by the Parliament, and accused them of plagiarism, namely that they copy-pasted solid paragraphs from an article published in the Romanian press.
International press in the Romanian censorship motion The debate on the censorship motion in the Parliament in Bucharest is closely followed by the international press, analysing the political situation in Romania through the perspective of foreign investors. It is noted that the investors' uncertainty over Romania's capacity to implement the reforms have led to an increase in price for the guarantees of the Romanian state debts - the highest in Europe, after Greece.
The Opposition plans to vote for the motion against the governing coalition Social Democrats announced that they will vote the motion against the government without hiding the voting balls. PSD leader Victor Ponta warned that those who will vote against the motion will be kicked out of the party.
Social Democratic leader excludes possibility his party may join government before elections The leader of Romania's opposition Social Democrats (PSD) Victor Ponta excludes the possibility that his party might join the government before elections. And he says that in case a censure motion initiated by its party would be passed in Parliament - which would lead to the fall of the current Democratic Liberal (PDL) government - PSD would not support a National Liberal (PNL, opposition) minority government, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax.
President Basescu says Romania must take measures similar to those of former Polish deputy PM Balcerowicz Romania's President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday that the country must take measures similar to those taken by former Polish deputy PM Leszek Balcerowicz, according to Romanian news agency Agerpres. A former governor of the Polish central bank and a former deputy PM, Balcerowicz is seen as the architect of the Polish post-communist market economy and enforcer of the shock therapy of the 90s which led to the transformation of the Polish economy.
EP President: I support PM Boc's brave programme "I salute and support Prime-Minister's Emil Boc very brave programme, European parliament president Jerzy Buzek declared after meeting the Romanian PM. "It is a painful programme, but i can assure you it will be very useful. In moments of crisis, one needs to take the necessary measures, not the convenient ones. Many other European states take similar measures", Buzek added.
Ministers must reorganise back yard, including cutting 25% of the staff All ministers in the Romanian Boc Cabinet needs to present a scheme to reorganise the institutions they head. Their measures, which they have to present in one week, must include the cut in number of state secretaries and agencies and to cut 25% of the number of employees in each ministry.
Laszlo Tokes - proposed by EPP for European Parliament vice-presidency Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes (EPP / UDMR- the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) was proposed by the European Popular Party group for the role of European Parliament vice-president, to replace Hungarian MEP Pal Schmitt, on Wednesday, June 8, Agerpres informs.
EC: Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Romanian and Bulgarian Justice to be maintained "for as long as necessary" The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Justice and internal affairs will be maintained in Romania and Bulgaria "for as long as necessary", general manager of the European Commission for Justice, Freedom and Security department Jonathan Faull said yesterday, June 8.
Romanian Finance and Interior ministers held press conference on combating fiscal fraud and cigarette trafficking Romanian Interior minister Vasile Blaga and Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu held a joint press conference on fighting against fiscal fraud and the tobacco traffic. Vladescu said there issues with the "minor" fraud: "The difficult aspect is related to the small fraud, in the markets, where small quantities of products are sold. These are issues connected with education and poverty".
EP President Jerzy Buzek to visit Romania on June 9 European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek will come to an official visit to Romania on Wednesday, June 9, an EP communiqué informs. His visit's programme includes meetings with President Traian Basescu, PM Emil Boc, Deputies' Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase, Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana and Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi.
Education minister asked for personal advisor to be dismissed Romanian minister for Education, Daniel Funeriu, requested to have his personal councillor Melania Mandas Vergu released from her role on the evening of June 3, shows an announcement from the Education Ministry's website. Funeriu's decision comes after his personal adviser and spokesperson was accused for incompatibility with her roles and abuse of power. 
EC launched infringement procedure against Romania on payment services The European Commission has launched the infringement procedure against Romania and other five European states although it failed to fully implement in the national legislations the payment services directive, which paves the way for the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA). Authorities in Brussels will send reasoned opinion letters to the six countries, requesting the complete implementation of the Directive.
Date was set for Romania government to assume responsibility for austerity measures: June 7 Romania's prime minister Emil Boc will face Parliament on Monday, June 7 to announce his government assumes responsibility for a set o austerity measures aimed at helping overcome the economic crisis, including pension cuts and cuts in the salaries of state employees. Amendments to two bills including the government measures may be submitted until Friday. The announcement was made by Senate speaker Mircea Geoana on Wednesday.
Governing Democratic Liberals facing uphill struggle in fight for seats in Romania's Constitutional Court The governing Democratic Liberals (PDL) face major troubles in their efforts to have their candidates take over seats in the Constitutional Court, a body that has a major role to say  in the economic and political reforms in Romania and which sparked many controversies recently in key fronts in the fight against corruption.


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