Romania Agriculture minister: European Commission will not activate safeguard clause for agriculture Romanian Agriculture minister Dacian Ciolos told on Tuesday that EU officials would not activate the safeguard clause for agriculture, a possibility seriously raised this autumn as a series of irregularities on land management had been left unchecked by Romanian authorities. The European Commission released an official press release confirming the information.
Ukraine Parliament approves new PM Yulia Tymoshenko The Ukrainian Parliament approved Yulia Tymoshenko as the new prime minister of the country on Tuesday. Tymoshenko thus returns to the helm of the government two years after she was removed from the same position.
Romanians and Bulgarians - seven times poorer than the Luxembourgese The citizens of Luxembourg citizens are the richest in the European Union, with a level of prosperity seven times higher than that in Romania or Bulgaria, according to a new report by the European statistical office Eurostat.
Spain to host European Las Vegas Spanish authorities intend to transform the Aragon desert in the most attractive European entertainment destination. The wasteland will see some 70 hotels, 32 casinos and 5 entertainment parks built until 2015. Even more, the "spare time resort" will also include museums and conference centers. Some 65,000 people will work in the new born locality. 
Holland labor market still closed for Romanians The Dutch Parliament opposes a Government proposal to open up the labor market for both Romanian and Bulgarian workers after 2009, ANP press agency informs, quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn. Until 2009 Romanians and Bulgarians wishing to work there need to obtain a legal working permit.
Romanian hacker reveals method to rip into Italian bank accounts A 22 year old Romanian, Sorin Pascu, condemned to five and a half years in Italy for ripping into bank accounts of 200 Italian citizens, has revealed his method to the Italian police, the daily Il Giornale reads.
Simultaneous raids in Italy and Romania Italian police together with their Romanian counterparts organized a raid in the outskirts of Milan to dismantle a children trafficking network on Tuesday morning. They entered a camp hosting some 200 Romanian gypsies that brought children from Romania and forced them to beg on Italian streets.
Zimbabwe strongman Mugabe criticizes Romania Robert Mugabe, the strongman who has been ruling Zimbabwe since 1980, has criticized Romania as part of a larger group of EU member states for the isolation policy applied to his country. Mugabe has been harshly criticized by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the EU-Africa summit, while the African leader answered back with criticism of Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Romania and Finland for not jumping in his defense.
Local court calls Romania first car registrarion tax illegal A man from the Western Romanian city of Arad has won a court case against the Romanian state over the controversial first car registration tax applied by the government and harshly criticized by the European Commission. Magistrates at the Arad court declared that collecting the tax, which the man challenged, was illegal as there were no legal tools for collecting it.
Putin announced succession favourite: Dmitri Medvedev Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that he fully supported the candidature of the first deputy prime minister Dmitri Medvedev for the upcoming presidential elections. He made the announcement at a meeting with political party leaders. The announcement echoed on the market as the main index of the Moscow stock exchange reached a historical peak.
British authorities reopen BAE fraud inquiry The British Serious Fraud Office (SFO) will re-launch an investigation on presumed fraud at BAE Systems, the military industry giant. One of the contracts under investigation concerns the purchase of two used frigates by Romania. Authorized sources told The Times, quoted by Romanian monitoring agency Rador, that dozens of BAE directors will face hearings over the next two months regarding alleged bribes in the form of commissions amounting to over 80 million pounds.
Romania ambassador to Belgium may become head of London mission Romanian Ambassador to Belgium Ion Jinga has been proposed to take over the helm of the Romanian Embassy in Britain, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ilie Banica said on Thursday, quoted by Romanian news agency NewIn.
Romania Economy minister Vosganian says tax registration payback would be illegal Romanian Economy minister Varujan Vosganian said on Thursday that the funds collected through the first car registration tax charged so far by the Romanian state would not be returned. Vosganian said that the state charged the tax - which has prompted threats of EU sanctions - on legal grounds and no other law would make possible the return of the tax to the payers, as laws are not retroactively applied.
Yulia Tymoshenko is new Ukrainian PM Ukraian President Viktor Yushchenko has accepted Iulia Tymoshenko as the new Prime Minister. According to an official statement, Yushchenko decided to accept Tymoshenko’s claim for the PM seat. Tymoshenko needs to be approved by the Parliament.
Britain maintains restrictions on Romanian workers The restrictions applied to Romanian workers in Britain will not be lifted for now and are in line with European Union standards, British PM Gordon Brown said after meeting his Romanian counterpart Calin Popescu Tariceanu in London on Wednesday.
Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia recommended destinations for Brits Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovenian winter resorts are highly recommended to British tourists in search for cheap winter holidays, informs. The Bulgarian winter resort Borevet is among the cheapest as the equipment and hotel prices are half the prices paid in the American Colorado state, Post Office Travel Services reads.
Nicolae Idu is European Commission new ambassador to Romania The European Commission announced on Tuesday that Nicolae Idu will lead the Commission Office in Romania. Before his appointment,  Idu lead the European Institute in Romania. The Commission also announced the new head of the EC Representation in Bulgaria - Zinaida Zlatanova.
New Romanian General Consulate inaugurated in Turin, Italy A new General Consulate is officially inaugurated in Turin, Italy on Monday, Romanian monitoring agency Rador informs. Foreign Affairs Minister Adrian Cioroianu, representatives of various organizations and Romanian associations from Piedmont and local authorities will attend the ceremony.
Romanian bus involved in a car crash in Hungary A Romanian bus was involved in a serious car crash in Hungary, Romanian news station Realitatea TV informs. One person died and other seven were injured in the accident. The seven people injured were immediately transported at the hospital in severe condition. According to the first available information, it was the driver of the bus who died.
Bucharest hosts biggest Christmas tree in Europe The National Day of Romania was celebrated, besides the traditional way, with the inauguration of the biggest Christmas tree in Europe on the evening of December 1. The tree is decorated with some 2,300,000 lights in Unirii’s Square. The evening was market by music shows and fireworks by the tree.


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