"The savior of Romania sits in his 500,000 euro car, a Mercedes Maybach, and enjoys karaoke", German Die Tageszeitung writes about George Becali. "He sings loudly 'God is with us'. Still, he fails when it comes to the high notes, but the music covers his falsetto: the CD player is at its maximum power", the article continues, quoted by Rador.

"Becali, a filthy rich land speculator, owner of a football club and one of Romania's most influential politicians, is on the road towards his 'office', a 1,500 square meters palace in the Bucharest's district reserved for diplomacy".

The cars block the sidewalk. Except for the Maybach, there are other 3 limousines and a strident-yellow Hummer, which seems a hybrid between a tank and a garbage car", the German journalists comment.

After describing how Becali refuses to help an old lady who needs money for an operation and mention a few things about the luxurious palace, the article deals with Becali's personal history: "He is one of the most bizarre politicians after Ceausescu. Before 1989, he was a shepherd, employed by his father, who - some say - left him several thousands of dollars, obtained from cheese and wool.

After Ceausescu's fall, Becali obtained a miraculous wealth through dealing terrains in Bucharest. According to his own statements, he is now a billionaire.

He is also investigated by the National Anti-Graft Prosecution Office for a dubious land exchange he made with the Defense Ministry.

Four years ago, he became the majority shareholder of the Steaua football team. The TV appearances made him popular among football lovers. The wealth and the football elite were not enough, so that he decided to enter politics in 2004, when ho took over the New Generation Party. Next Sunday, he wants to conquer the international politics as well, running for the European Parliament.

Becali's mission consists in the 'spiritual awakening of the Romanian people. His party serves the Cross and the People", the article reads. Following this introduction, Becali is presented as a politicians who claims to be the most charitable of all politicians.

"He does throw money around, but with one condition: to have a TV station filming him", the journalists note. "He finances the building of Orthodox churches, he gave new houses to people who saw theirs flooded, he paid electricity bills for those who didn't afford it.

He pathetically claims that he may return to being a shepherd in case politics doesn't work. In fact, he still has 30 sheep in his yard. To watch them and remember they made him strong.