The database containing information about the companies participating in bids referring to public funds already listed 3,000 companies, out of which 70 are "on the black list", receiving a negative evaluation, said Marius Gogescu, president of the Public Procurement National Agency (ANRMAP) for

The database, which may be completed before the end of January 2008, is the first condition necessary in order to prevent companies that caused problems from participating in public procurement bids. Until the database is completed, all those interested may demand information about the companies.

Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared on Thursday that the laws will be changes so that some companies wouldn't be able to participate in bids involving public funds anymore.

Marius Gogescu, head of ANRMAP, declared for that the rule already exists in a recently adopted ordinance.

"The ordinance says that a certain company may be eliminated from public procurement procedures in case it didn't fulfill its obligations during the past two years", Gogescu says. In order to monitor these companies, ANRMAP has been working at building the mentioned database for a few months already.

There are 3,00 recorded companies but "in order to make the database public and for the number to be relevant, there should be at least twice as many", Gogescu believes.