Meteorologists have issued an orange code flood warning for three counties in South Romania while other 20 are under yellow code warning for bad weather. By Sunday night, dozens of houses were isolated and electricity networks affected in 45 villages.

UPDATE:Hydrologists issued an unprecedented red code flood warning for the river Jiu on Monday as the risk of floods threatens several villages.

Also on Monday, traffic and shipping operations in the port city of Constanta as well as other ports along the Romanian Black Sea coast were halted because of strong winds.

In Bucharest, the wind brought down trees and at least five cars were damaged. Several street ads and stop lights were severely damaged.

While floods threaten the southern part of Romania, the North of the country faces heavy snow. The traffic has been delayed on the national road between mountain resort Predeal and Brasov in central Romania.

For Monday meteorologists announce heavy snow throughout the country while in the south heavy rain is expected.