The Romanian secret services - the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Romanian Foreign Service (SIE) - are blocking the access to the names of former secret police officers who coordinated with terrorist Carlos the Jackal several killings in the 80's, says Richard Cummings, former security head of Radio Free Europe.

He argues in an interview for that the former officers involved in such criminal acts should be judged accordingly. He thinks that these might be still active.

He says that Romania's communist-era secret police, the Securitate, planned the killing of former Romanian spy chief Ioan Mihai Pacepa, who fled to the US. The structures tried to hire Carlos the Jackal to kill Pacepa for 10,000 dollars, Cummings claims.

Cummings argues that the sum eventually given to Carlos might have amounted to 1 million dollars, plus logistics, fake IDs and other materials.