The national Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD) decided on Thursday to abstain from offering any solution to the petition tabled by gypsy association Romani Criss. The petition referred to Adrian Cioroianu's statement: "I was thinking about buying a piece of Egyptian desert to send there all criminals".

CNCD announced its abstention explaining that it already pronounced on the case when it publicly condemned the statement. Cioroianu said in his pleading that he shouldn't be sanctioned in any way, since he presented official and public apologies.

CNCD heard Foreign Minister Adrian Cioroianu on Thursday morning, asking him about the statements on the expelling to desert or to "disciplinary army bases" of Romanian citizens who commit crimes.

Cioroianu apologized for the statements, but blundered again on Monday, when he said that "the sending to the desert of outlaws will not happen any time soon".

Civil society and political parties demanded Cioroianu's resignation, but PM Tariceanu decided to keep him in office.