The European parliament will issue on Thursday a resolution on the Italian decree allowing the expelling of EU citizens that committed crimes on Italian soil. The decree came after the alleged crime of Romanian Romulus Mailat rendered most of the public opinion hostile towards Romanians.

The document expected to be issued today has higher expectations and may refer to the general problems of the integration of Roma ethnics in EU states, along with the right to free circulation within EU.

The vote comes after the passionate debates on Monday, where the Justice commissioner Franco Frattini was severely criticized. Frattini is a member of the European Popular Party, the largest group in the EP.

There were two resolution drafts submitted on Monday, given the fact that the EPP and the Socialist groups failed to reach an agreement.

The Socialists, supported by Liberals, suggest significant modifications to the Iitalian decree. The two groups add up to 405 votes out of 785.

The PPE text signals the "explosive situation" Romanians face in Italy, but grants the Italian state the right to take measures for re-establishing the public order. The document equally condemns the violence acts committed by immigrants and the racist and xenophobic acts of Italians.