The Pope decorated one of Romania's most controversial politicians, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, leader of the far-right party Great Romania. Of course, not for recognizing any of Vadim's merits, but because he was the only one left from a group of Romanian parliamentarians who planned to visit Rome and discuss the problems Romanians have (or cause) in Italy.

The leader of the Liberal Parliamentarian group, Relu Fenechiu, recently suggested the delegation of a special commission, deigned to visit Rome and discuss the problems related to Romanians with the local authorities.

The members of the "Italian - Romanian Friendship" group quit participating in the visit one after another, so the extremist leader was the only one left to visit Rome and the Vatican. Once arrived in front of Pope Benedict XVI, Vadim received the same medal offered to Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu only days ago, Cotidianul reads.

The paper reminds that several public figures demanded president Basescu to withdraw one of the national decorations, offered to Vadim by the former president, Ion Iliescu.

Also about Rome: President Traian Basescu blundered on Wednesday when, trying to draw the attention towards the serious situation in Italy, he claimed that nine Romanians were killed "only in November". In fact, according to the Italian Police, the crimes took place since August, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Remembering that PM Tariceanu demanded the European Union for funds, designed for Roma people education, Jurnalul National shows that some 200 million euro were already spent for this, but mainly in conferences, trainings and evaluations.

The money spent for each Roma individual was 10 euro per year. To compare the sum: the subsidies for growing a cow add up to 32 euro per year.

And the cherry on top of the Italian situation: Romanian actress Laura Vasiliu, the star of a movie that was recently awarded with the "Palm d'or", saw Italian Police busting into her hotel room at 2:00 AM and searching through her things. Laura Vasiliu was "mistaken for a child trafficking suspect", Gandul informs.