Russia will place Iskander rockets in Belarus, as a response to the US plan to install anti-rocket shield in the Central and Eastern Europe countries. The information was made public by the Russian Army's rocket and artillery commandant, general Vladimir Zaritzki, as quoted by the Ria Novosti news agency.

Up to this moment, there aren't any other confirmations on discussions between the two government, except for another similar statement made by a Belarus general, Mikhail Puzikov, who said that Iskander rockets may be soon acquired by the national army.

This is just the latest evolution in a declaration war between the US and Russia, centered on the anti-rocked shield to be installed in Poland and the Czech Republic. Moscow repeatedly demanded that the project is dropped.

Three weeks ago, the US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, announced that the US may postpone the installing procedures in Poland and the Czech Republic, in case Russia cooperates.