The Romanian Foreign Ministry shortlisted Italy in the travel warnings list which holds other countries such as Bulgaria, Iran, Mexico and Costa Rica. Over the past several days, the number of Romanian victims in Italy has grown considerably after the murder allegedly committed by Romulus Mailat, a Rroma man of Romanian citizenship, which raised a wave of indignation in the Peninsula.

The Foreign Ministry site holds information regarding the Italian emergency decree to expel European citizens suspected of illegal deeds.

Ministry spokesperson Ilie Banica told that the measure has an informative character regarding the decree allowing for the expulsion of people considered to represent a threat to public order.

The deputy consul of Italy to the Romanian city of Cluj, Radu Paslaru, declared that the hysterical phenomenon can only be dealt with calm and reason.

The Italian public opinion has been increasingly hostile towards Romanian immigrants.Several Romanian citizens were killed over the past three days, for unknown causes.