Several thousands of Romanian gypsies from Italy prepare to flee to Spain, fearing expelling, several Romanians' associations in Spain warn, according to the ABC webpage.

Romanians in Spain believe that the gypsies will head mainly for the cities of Madrid and Castellon, where the Romanian communities are quite well represents. The Romanians' associations warn on the consequences of the potential Roma arrival: "Some of them have loaded criminal records and will continue their crime-related activities in Spain".

ABC claims that the Roma's relatives and friends in Spain - most of them living in improvised camps near big cities - will help the new immigrants.

The relaxed Spanish legislation, the geographical proximity and the resemblance of the two languages - Italian and Spanish - make Spain the second choice in gypsies' migration, after Italy, the Spanish journalists say.

Angela Placsintar, president of the Eastern Europe Immigrants' Association, recommended the Spanish government to intensify its border controls, in order to avoid the massive arrival of gypsies. Placsintar, who also has a Romanian citizenship, says that "this form of immigration is not in favor of the Spanish citizens, nor of the immigrants already established in Spain".

On his turn, Miguel Fonda, president of the Romanian Associations' Federation in Spain, warns on the "complexity" of the situation and on the risk to "stigmatize the entire Roma population, which is formed by both bad and good people".