The Italian Government's decision to expel immigrants who pose a threat towards its citizens will be debated on Monday by the European Parliament, NewsIn informs, quoting the Italian news agency APCOM. The decision to open the debates, after a first reserved position towards the expelling decree, was taken on Thursday by the leaders of EP groups.

European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security Franco Frattini will participate in the debates. Sources in The European Parliament say that a resolution will be tabled on Wednesday in Strasbourg.

The European Commission spokesman, Johannes Laitenberger, said on Thursday that the Commission is "open for collaboration with all member states, regarding any clear demand".

The statement came as a response to the letter sent by the Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu and the Italian PM Romano Prodi to the EC president Juan Manuel Barroso, asking the EC to involve in solving the problems related to the Roma ethnics.

"I can't anticipate the answer Barroso will send to Prodi and Tariceanu, but I can tell you that the fastest way to deal with these problems is to use the possibilities already available in the current EU legislation", said Laitenberger.

Franco Frattini encouraged Romania and Italy on Thursday in finding common strategy for Roma ethnics' integration, saying that Brussels is ready to support such a plan through the European social fund.