A survey conducted by the public opinion polling company CURS reveals that Romanians watch TV for the news, movies, sports and soap operas shows.

The survey, designed to reveal the way media influences the electoral behavior of the Romanians shows that 24% of them watch TV programs for 2 to 3 hours a day while 22% of the population watch TV 4 hours a day.

According to the survey, 73% of the Romanians never use the internet while 8% of them use it rarely.

When asked what information they are interested in, 28% of the respondents declare they prefer political declarations while 22% of them prefer information on social issues.

The survey reveals that Romanians trust the news broadcast by PRO TV, Antena 1 and the public television station, TVR.

Some 13% of the respondents consider that the Public Television and Pro TV are most objective. On the other hand, the most subjective to political influence is Antena 1 and Realitatea TV with 7%.