The Romanian Government prepares a strategy to support the return of Romanians who left for work abroad, Labor minister Paul Pacuraru has announced. He added that the program iss due to be finished by December.

Pacuraru said in a TV talk-show that he was cooperating with the ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs to identify the best strategies related to the subject. Moreover, they plan to offer employees in Romania some benefits for hiring former migrants.

The official said that Romanian immigrants returning home might be exempted from paying income taxes.

Pacuraru said that the strategy was expected to contribute to boosting the labor force on the market, since currently many people have left for work abroad, leaving some Romanian sectors deserted.

The lack of labor force is deepening in almost all sectors and the government’s solution might solve the issue, he said.

Moreover, Pacuraru announced that his Ministry would set up crisis groups to monitor the situation of Romanians abroad and the way their needs are catered in the foreign countries.